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Personal Finance Content

No matter what personal finance question you have, chances are the answer can be found in one of nearly 1,000 articles posted on the Hardbacon blog. Written by our experts, these articles will help you shop for a mortgage, get more out of rewards programs, improve your credit rating, or even build your stock portfolio through an online brokerage. In addition, the Hardbacon encyclopedia provides simple definitions of most financial terms, from the simplest to the most complicated.

Financial Product Comparison Tools

Canadians leave thousands of dollars on the table every year for failing to better shop around for their financial products, whether it's their credit card, insurance, mortgage, or online brokerage. Hardbacon has developed comparison tools which make it possible to determine which products are the most advantageous after having answered a few questions, and to compare them with each other. By getting a credit card that offers more rewards, paying less interest on their mortgage, and investing at a lower cost, our users are able to reach their financial goals faster.

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Hardbacon’s personal finance app, referred to as “The App We Love” by Apple, has been downloaded by more than 30,000 Canadians. The application allows you to better control your expenses thanks to the budget, to better plan your financial future through planning, and to better manage your investments thanks to its portfolio tracking functionality. Finally, the financial product recommendation engine by Hardbacon allows registered users to benefit from more precise recommendations than those obtained by users of our web comparators, who have chosen not to create an account.

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