The Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) is an umbrella organization of all the provincial and territorial securities regulators in the country, such as the OSC in Ontario and the AMF in Quebec. The main goal of its members is to collaborate with one another to harmonize and improve the regulations of the various financial markets in Canada.

In addition to helping with regulation, collaboration, and harmonization, they also look to educate the Canadian public on all aspects of the securities industry, the stock market and more. If the public is more knowledgeable about the stock market, it will lead to less fraudulent activity as people will be more keen to notice scams and shady activities. There are 13 individual regulators (10 provinces and 3 territories) that all are part of the CSA. For a period, it was a fairly informal organization and would operate through a few meetings and the odd conference call. However, it has since evolved and restructured into a more formal organization.

In fact, they have even developed a “passport system”, so to speak. Individuals can have access to markets in various different jurisdictions, but still only have to abide by one set of harmonized laws. This makes it much simpler to access to other markets, without having to go through a ton of different hoops like a circus elephant. Their website is a great place to check out for tools, education, reports, news and more.

Synonym: CSA

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