A chequing account is a bank account that is used on a regular basis. It’s a convenient place to keep money that you plan to use for your daily expenses or to pay short-term bills. Chequing accounts provide many ways to access your funds such as debit cards, ATMs and personal cheques. In order to choose the chequing account that best suits your needs, pay attention to the monthly account maintenance fees, the number of free debit transactions provided, the minimum balance required to waive fees and the various fees incurred per transaction type. Use our Canadian chequing account comparator to find the account that best meets your needs.

Saving account definition

A saving account is a bank account into which you deposit money that you don’t necessarily need to use right now. Generally, interest on this type of account is higher than what you’d get with a chequing account. Read more

Credit card definition

Credit cards are payment cards associated with high interest rates. However, people who pay their credit card balance in full each month don’t pay interest charges, so credit cards can be beneficial to them. Read more

Mortgage definition

Mortgages are loans used to purchase a property such as a house, a condo or a cottage. Read more