Saving account

A saving account is a bank account into which you deposit money that you don’t necessarily need to use right now. Generally,…

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Sell side

The “sell side” generally refers to financial analysts employed by brokers and investment banks. The work of analysts employed by these firms…

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Short selling

Short selling is the act of selling stocks that you don’t actually own. As a general rule, an investor would only short…

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Spin-off is the term used to describe the creation of a new company from an existing company. When it occurs, shares of…

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If a company was an apple pie, a stock would be a slice of the pie. In short, a stock is a…

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Stock Market

The stock market encompasses all the people, companies and institutions buying and selling slices of publicly-owned companies and other securities. When someone says that…

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Stock split

If a share is a piece of a pie, then a stock split means dividing one piece of the pie into smaller pieces. If…

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A swap is an exchange of financial flows between two companies or financial institutions. Money is not directly exchanged, but financial instruments…

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