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Meridian Visa Infinite Cash Back Card

Welcome offer
$99 discount on annual fee
Valid for the first year only.
19.5% Purchase
21.99% Cash advance
$99 Main cardholer
Waived for the first year
$30 Additional card


Enter your total monthly expenses or by category

Auto & Transport
Bills & Utilities
Food & Dining
Welcome offer
The calculation result is based on the conversion of the welcome offer points into statement credit
Estimated annual rewards
The calculation result is based on the conversion of the maximum number of points that can be awarded after the first year

This card is awesome for a personal user because :

First-year annual fee waived

No annual fee for the first year, and that includes additional cards.

Personal rewards credit card

This personal rewards credit card offers comprehensive travel insurance coverage and many ways to earn rewards on everyday purchases.


60 000



Medical emergency

Travel medical emergency insurance up to $5,000,000 per person, per trip for trips up to 48 days (under 75 years of age).

Trip cancellation

Trip cancellation insurance covers up to $2,000 per person if trip is cancelled for a covered cause.


Trip interruption

Trip interruption insurance covers up to $2,000.

Flight delay

Flight delay insurance covers up to $2,000 in the case of missed connections.


Emergency purchases

Emergency purchase insurance covers up to $500 in the event of delayed baggage, and up to $1000 for loss, theft or damage.


Travel accident

Travel accident insurance covers up to $1,000,000 for accidents on a common carrier.


Auto Rental coverage

Car rental insurance covers collision/loss damage for damages or theft for rentals up to 48 consecutive days.


Purchase Security

Purchase protection coverage for damaged, lost or stolen items up to 90 days after purchase date.


Extended Warranty

Extended warranty coverage which doubles the manufacturer's warranty up to 1 additional year.


Mobile device insurance

Mobile device insurance covers up to $1,000 in the event of damage, loss or theft.



More rewards with additional card

Add supplementary cards to earn more rewards, faster. Redeem rewards towards gift cards, travel, merchandise or account credit.


Worldwide customer service

Speak to customer service 24/7 from anywhere in the world.


Concierge service

Take advantage of the Visa Infinite concierge service 24/7.

Exclusive discounts with my favorite brands

Access exclusive discounts on dining, wine country tours, hotels and golf packages with Visa Infinite.


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