Manzil’s Halal Mortgage Fund is Canada’s only fund that invests in halal mortgages and then shares profits from financing payments back to its investors.

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Built on Strict Ethical and Halal Standards from the Ground Up

We work closely with our Shariah, legal, and audit teams to ensure every part and angle of the income fund is ethically sound and in compliance with Shariah Law.

The Only AAOIFI Compliant Fund in Canada

AAOIFI is the Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions in Bahrain and is the gold standard for Islamic Finance.

An Asset-Backed Income Fund

All transactions are secured by real and tangible assets.

Higher Returns, Lower Risk

Manzil’s halal income fund targets a long term 3% - 4% return to its investors. When compared to similar conventional mortgage funds issued by other financial institutions, this return is substantially higher with a similar if not better low-risk profile.

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