Clutch Canada Review 2023

By Trevor O'Hagan | Published on 18 Jul 2023

clutch company logo on a laptop screen on a desk is a trusted online marketplace in Ontario, Canada, designed for hassle-free vehicle buying and selling. With a user-friendly interface and transparent processes, offers a seamless car-buying experience. Notable features include comprehensive vehicle history reports, convenient financing options, and the added assurance of a 10-day money-back guarantee. All this gets covered in our Clutch Canada Review. 

The company expects to service 90% of Canadians by the end of 2023. Currently, they operate in Alberta, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island and Saskatchewan. However, they are constrained to two car centres between Ontario, and Nova Scotia. You will need to pay additional transportation fees if you can’t deliver, or pick up your car from these locations. 

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a vehicle, provides a reliable platform that simplifies the entire process. This review will provide an in-depth analysis of, covering both the selling and buying aspects of the platform.

How does buying a car through work? 

With Clutch, the car-buying process is streamlined and conducted entirely online. No Clutch Canada Review would be complete without exploring its extensive inventory of used cars. Once you find a car that meets your preferences, click “Get Started” to reserve it for 72 hours. Fill out the contact information form and make a refundable deposit of $100.

A knowledgeable Clutch customer advisor will promptly get in touch with you to assist in finalizing your paperwork electronically. From there, you can coordinate the delivery of the vehicle to your doorstep, or pick it up from one of their two locations in Ontario or Nova Scotia. It’s important to arrange car insurance coverage for your new car and provide proof of insurance upon delivery.

Once your car is delivered, you have the peace of mind of a full money-back guarantee for up to 10 days or 750 km, allowing you to truly “test own” your vehicle. Should you have a change of heart during this period, simply contact Clutch by 5 pm EST on the final calendar day of ownership to request a complete refund or exchange. It’s important to note that the car must remain unmodified, free from any accidents or damages.

Refund details

In the event of a refund, you will receive the amount you paid for the vehicle, excluding government fees and any third-party fees incurred if you opted for financing through a third-party partner. Clutch offers a convenient and reliable online car-buying experience, allowing you to explore their inventory, reserve a car, and enjoy a worry-free trial period.

Am I eligible for a loan from 

To qualify for financing through Clutch, you must meet certain eligibility criteria to ensure a smooth application process. Here are the requirements you need to fulfill, as per their website: 

  1. Employment: You should have a minimum of three months of employment history.
  2. Credit Score: A minimum credit score of 580 is necessary to be eligible for financing.
  3. Residency: You must be a Canadian resident with a valid Canadian address.
  4. Driver’s License and Age: Possess a valid driver’s license and be of legal age in your province of residence.
  5. Bank Account: Hold a valid Canadian bank account to facilitate payments.
  6. Bankruptcy: You must have a maximum of one bankruptcy on your record.

In addition to the eligibility criteria, when your vehicle is delivered to your home, you will be required to provide the following documents:

  1. Bank Account Information: A void cheque or direct deposit form for the bank account from which you want your payments to be deducted.
  2. Insurance Proof: A copy of your new car insurance policy, which can be faxed or emailed to Clutch.
  3. Driver’s License: Ensure you have a valid driver’s license.

By meeting these requirements and providing the necessary documentation, you can proceed with the financing process through Clutch. The brand’s commitment to a transparent and efficient experience ensures that you can easily navigate the pre-approval process and enjoy the convenience of financing your vehicle purchase with confidence.

How does financing through work? 

Once you have selected the car you desire, you will be required to complete a credit application, which typically takes around 10 minutes to complete. This application is then submitted to a banking partner for evaluation in order to determine the interest rate that you qualify for. At the time of writing this article, Clutch interest rates generally start at 8.49%, but they may vary based on your individual circumstances.

How to buy a car on 

The first step to buy a car on is to log onto the website and create an account. The process is simple, and will only take a few minutes at most. 

In imagine that shows's car buying inventory on their website

From there, you’ll be greeted with a dashboard, much like the one that you see above. You are able to filter by make, model, trim, price, body type, year and mileage. The “more filters” tab has over 30 different filters that you can use to find your perfect ride. On the right, there is a bonus tab that says “shop deals,” which will take you to a page of cars that are typically priced below their market value. 

The vehicle landing page once you have identified a car you want

Once you have identified the car you want, simply click “Start Purchase” to begin your order. 

A picture of the financing page from

After putting in some basic information about you, you’ll be asked to identify how you want to pay for the vehicle. This is where you’ll complete the financing application, and you should receive a text from a Clutch advisor offering their support. I dealt with Max, and he was incredibly knowledgeable. 

A picture of the purchase page on showing pricing a pick up

Following the financing is the big question – pickup or delivery. You can choose to have the vehicle delivered to your home for a nominal fee, or you can opt to pick it up from one of their two locations. 

Clutch's pickup calendar, letting you identify when you want your car dropped off or picked up

The process ends with you booking your time, then reviewing the order before you complete and submit your application. 

How to sell a car on 

Wherever you are going through a dealer, or trying your luck with a private sale, selling a car in Ontario can be challenging. This is thanks to the competitive market and the need to navigate through various legal and administrative requirements. Finding the right buyer and negotiating a fair price can sometimes be time-consuming and require patience and persistence. Clutch aims to make the car sales process as simple as possible. 

The first screen of the trade in page on

First, you’ll need to access and navigate to the sell page. Once you are logged in, fill out the province you live in, and the VIN of your vehicle. 

The description page during the trade in flow.

Once you are logged in, it will ask you for some additional information about the condition of your vehicle, including mileage, ownership status, transmission, model, colour and more. 

The offer page on

Within a few seconds, you should receive an offer that will allow you to trade in or sell your vehicle to Clutch. You’ll receive a confirmation email where you can begin the process of having your vehicle picked up by their team. Typically, these offers are valid for one week before they expire. If that occurs, you’ll have to complete this process again. 

Trading in a Car to offers a seamless and convenient process for trading in your vehicle, that is very similar to their “Sell your car” flow. Whether you have a truck or any other type of car, the platform simplifies the entire experience. To get started, you provide a few essential details about your ride, such as the make, model, year, and any additional features or modifications. With this information, generates a firm offer instantly. 

Once you have received the offer, the next step is to gather the necessary documentation, including proof of ownership and other required items. After completing the documentation process, you can then set a date for the exchange. You have the flexibility to either drop off your car at the nearest facility or arrange for a convenient pick-up.

Once your vehicle is in the hands of, they take care of everything. They handle the transfer of ownership, paperwork, and all the necessary logistics. even lets you seamlessly sell a car with a loan on it. As soon as the transaction is finalized, promptly wires you the cash, providing a hassle-free and quick payment process.

Pros and Cons of Buying from 

Pros of using Clutch.caCons of using
Hassle-free and convenient online car buying experience
Competitive prices due to the absence of showrooms and salespeople
Money-back guarantee for customer satisfaction
Large inventory of high-quality vehicles
Flexible financing options
Trade-ins and selling options available
Limited to Alberta, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Ontario, and Prince Edward Island
Limited to pre-owned vehicles, primarily newer models
Non-negotiable prices


Using for your car buying needs has several significant advantages. One of the standout pros is the hassle-free and convenient way to buy a car online. By eliminating the need to visit physical showrooms or deal with salespeople, streamlines the process and allows you to browse, choose, and purchase a vehicle from the comfort of your own home. This saves valuable time and effort, making the car buying journey more efficient.

Another pro is the competitive prices offered by Since they operate without traditional showrooms and salespeople, they can pass on cost savings to customers, resulting in more competitive pricing. This can potentially lead to savings on the purchase price of your desired vehicle. Finally, offers a money-back guarantee for customer satisfaction. This ensures that if you encounter any issues or are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you have the option to return the vehicle and receive a full refund within a specified timeframe.


However, there are a few cons to consider when using Firstly, the platform is currently limited to a handful of provinces, which means it may not be accessible to individuals residing outside of these regions. Additionally, while offers a large inventory of high-quality vehicles, it is important to note that their selection primarily consists of pre-owned vehicles, with a focus on newer models. Lastly, it’s worth noting that prices on are non-negotiable because of their haggle-free approach, which may be a drawback for individuals who prefer or are accustomed to negotiating prices when purchasing a vehicle.

Pros and Cons of selling or trading into 

Pros of using Clutch.caCons of using
Fair prices offered for the vehicles
Comprehensive inspection process
Convenient and straightforward selling process
Limited locations for vehicle pickup and drop-off
Selling options limited to newer vehicles strives to provide sellers with a reasonable value for their cars, ensuring a transparent and equitable transaction. We quoted a trade-in and were pleasantly surprised with the price that was offered. Additionally, the platform’s comprehensive inspection process adds credibility to the listing. Through a rigorous 210-point inspection and reconditioning, establishes the car’s condition, instilling confidence in potential buyers and increasing the chances of a successful sale. 

An image of two people in Canada shopping online for a car Review Analysis

Review SourceNotes
Google4.7 stars out of 1,239 reviews at their Toronto Location 4.6 stars from 310 reviews at their Bedford location 
Facebook4.0 stars from 166 reviews
Better Business Bureau (BBB) BBB accredited 1.2 stars from 5 reviews 

Clutch has over 1200 reviews on Google with an average rating of 4.7 stars. Their Better Business Bureau rating is low at 1.2 stars – but take this with a grain of salt, as BBB ratings are typically only offered in negative situations, and they only have five reviews here. Reddit has mixed, no-nonsense reviews about Clutch that are worth reading, however, when using the platform, exercise extreme discretion when reading reviews. Facebook is another good resource for reviews, as the platform often offers candid opinions and images to back them up

Customers have consistently praised Clutch for providing a quick and hassle-free experience when buying or selling a car. Sellers have expressed satisfaction with the fair prices offered by Clutch, while buyers have commended the professionalism of the service. Clutch prides itself on being a low-cost source for Canadian used vehicles. Because of their minimal overhead, lack of salespeople, and showroom, they are able to keep their costs low and pass those savings on to you. 

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that Clutch has received a few negative reviews regarding the complimentary warranty not being honoured. Delayed deliveries are also a common complaint, and people often comment that their orders were delayed by as little as a day to as long as two weeks. Poor detailing comes up often as well, and despite being generally clean, the cars often have their finer spots missed. 

Clutch marketing material showing a RAV-4 being dropped off.

Where are Clutch’s Car Centers Located? 

Etobicoke, Ontario – 223 Evans AveBedford, Nova Scotia – 20 Duke St

Clutch’s car centers are conveniently located in two major cities, Etobicoke, Ontario, and Bedford, Nova Scotia. At these locations, customers can either pick up their purchased cars or drop off their vehicles for sale. These centers do not allow in-person visits for viewing cars before making a purchase. Clutch wants to encourage customers to go through the car-buying process completely online, beyond the final delivery. 

Clutch's inventory page.

What types of vehicles are available on 

When it comes to the types of vehicles available on, you’ll find a diverse selection of hundreds of used cars. The inventory comprises various makes and models from reputable manufacturers such as GMC, Dodge, Toyota, Mazda, Audi, Honda, Hyundai, Chevrolet, Nissan, and more. 

In general, Clutch tends to focus on economy cars, providing a wide selection of vehicles that prioritize fuel efficiency and affordability. These economy cars are popular among individuals and families who value practicality and cost-effectiveness in their daily transportation. Clutch aims to cater to the needs of budget-conscious customers who are looking for reliable and fuel-efficient options without compromising on quality.

Are Clutch cars high quality? 

Clutch takes thorough measures to ensure the reliability and cleanliness of their cars. Each vehicle undergoes a comprehensive 210-point inspection and reconditioning process to guarantee safety and satisfaction. Clutch provides a free CARFAX report with every car, offering insight into the vehicle’s history, including accident/damage records, previous registrations, stolen status, and service history.

To further enhance the buying experience, Clutch offers a complimentary warranty covering 90 days or 6,000 km. This warranty provides coverage for crucial components like the engine, transmission, drive axle, suspension, electrical components, brakes, fuel system, sensors and wiring, heating and air conditioning, and steering.

Alternatives to


Search for vehicles
Ability to buy, sell and trade vehicles
Vehicle history reports
Save listings and alerts
Financing options available
Customer support
CARFAX review system
AutoTrader is available in more provinces
Clutch has a smaller selection of listings
Clutch is geared toward a younger demographic
Clutch has a simplified user interface
Clutch has money-back guarantee, AutoTrader does not
AutoTrader offers a mobile app, clutch does not 

When comparing and, its clear that both platforms serve as valuable resources for Canadian car buyers. They share several similarities in terms of their functionalities and features. Both websites allow users to search for vehicles using various criteria, access detailed vehicle information, and make use of helpful tools such as vehicle history reports and user reviews. boasts a larger selection of listings compared to, making it a preferred choice for buyers looking for a wider variety of options. also offers more advanced search and filtering options, allowing users to refine their search based on specific preferences. In contrast, adopts a simplified user interface, focusing on ease of use and a streamlined experience.

Canada Drives 

Canadian companies
Online car-buying services
Connect customers with dealerships
Financing and personal loans
Ability to buy, sell and trade vehicles
Primarily offers financing
Based in Vancouver
Founded in 2010

Clutch and Canada Drives are very similar in their function, approach and process. Both platforms focus on making the process of purchasing and selling cars as easy as possible by facilitating the transaction online. They also both accept trade-ins, loaned vehicles, and allow you to sell your car to them.

However, there are a few key differences to point out. Canada Drives focuses more on the financing element of the purchase, and carries no inventory. Instead, they partner with dealerships that buy and sell cars. You can think of it as somewhat of a dropshipping model. As a result, you can think of Clutch as an online dealership, whereas Canada Drives is a platform that allows consumers to purchase certified vehicles online. However, it’s a negligible difference as both platforms let you buy and sell cars online.

An image of "Shopping online for a car in Canada in 2023"

The Bottom Line about

Canadians are increasingly considering online options for their vehicle purchases. While traditional dealerships remain popular, there is a growing interest in buying vehicles online.

Clutch provides a modern and convenient car shopping experience that allows you to complete the entire process from the comfort of your own home. With Clutch, you can quickly apply for financing at competitive rates, have the chosen vehicle delivered directly to your doorstep, and even enjoy the flexibility of exchanging or returning the car for a full refund. However, if you prefer the traditional approach of physically seeing and test-driving multiple cars before making a decision, Clutch may not be the ideal option for you.

Fun-loving and adventurous, with a passion for sales and technology, Trevor grew up in Ontario and received an Honours Bachelor of Business Administration (Economics) from Wilfrid Laurier University. He works for a Fortune 500 company and is addicted to personal finance, SEO, and self improvement. His most recent work is centred around personal credit, small-business finance, and international trade.