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How to shop for your next motorcycle insurance policy

Comparing the prices of different insurers before choosing a motorcycle insurance policy usually lets you save hundreds of dollars a year. Here are the 4 steps to follow

Tell us where you are located

The first step is to enter your province in the box on the left, and click on the “Compare” button. Your province will enable us to determine in which Canadian province you’re located and to redirect you to the appropriate partner.

Tell us more about yourself

The second step is to fill out our partner’s form. It starts by asking for your address and other personal information which are necessary to get a motorcycle insurance quote.

Tell us more about what type of driver you are

The third step is to answer some questions about your personal driving record and about the other drivers who will use the motorcycle you want to insure. This is the step where you give details about your past infractions and previous insurance claims.

Tell us more about the motorcycle you want to insure

The fourth and final step before submitting your request is answering some questions about the motorcycle you want to insure. It’s here that you indicate the model, the year, and the mileage on the vehicle in question.

Some tricks to save money on your next motorcycle insurance policy in Canada

Choose a less expensive motorcycle to insure

The latest models, luxury makes, sports motorcycles and high-performance vehicles are always more expensive to insure than a more basic motorcycle. When shopping for a new motorcycle, stay away from the most expensive models, unless you want to pay an equally steep insurance premium. Once you choose your model, secure your motorcycle with locks, chains, and alarms. Even if it’s not an expensive bike, it might still catch a thief’s attention.

Drive responsibly

When you request an insurance quote for your motorcycle, insurers want to know more about your driving record. A good record can get you rebates from certain insurers. Your demerit points and previous claims for road accidents will cancel any savings you were hoping for. With a spotless record. you show that you are a responsible driver, which will reduce your insurance premiums.

Customize your protections

Taking the time to reflect on what you really need will pay off when it comes time to choose your deductible and protections. For example, removing the collision and replacement protections might be a good idea if it’s your first motorcycle, it’s used, or it didn’t cost a lot. Of course, you might choose something different if it’s the latest model and brand new! A higher deductible, meaning the amount you pay out of pocket when you make a claim, will reduce your premiums. Of course, you still need to come up with the money!

Take motorcycle training lessons

Did you know that many insurers give rebates to drivers who take motorcycle driving and safety lessons that are recognized by their home province? If you don’t have a long driving history, taking courses has a real impact on your premium. Your new passion is driving a motorcycle and you’ve only be at it for a few months, you are more likely to have an accident and to submit a claim on your insurance. If you take courses, you’ll learn how to stay safe on the road, and insurers know this!

Frequently asked questions about motorcycle insurance

How much is motorcycle insurance in Canada?

For about 20 dollars a month, you can insure your motorcycle. Several factors can influence the price that insurers will quote you. The make and model of your motorcycle is one of them. Your profile and driving habits also have a considerable impact. The price of motorcycle insurance for younger drivers (up to 25 years old) is often 30% to 150% higher than the standard price. For those who like to ride in the U.S., the increase in liability coverage to $2 million will increase the cost of insurance. Without insurance, the person you injure can sue you, so it’s money well spent!

Can I cancel my motorcycle insurance during the winter?

Even during the long winter months when your motorcycle is not running, you must insure it, at a minimum, for liability. So, you can’t stop payments during the winter and then resume in the spring. Your motorcycle must always be insured. In addition, if you request the termination of your motorcycle insurance policy early, you may have to pay penalties. If you prefer not to have the monthly payment, go through your account during the winter, you can choose an annual frequency and purchase your insurance in the spring. The difference will be mostly psychological, but you will pay by the time you start using your motorcycle!

How to get cheap motorcycle insurance?

Using an insurance comparison tool is the first step to finding your policy at the best possible price. This allows you to eliminate companies that offer very high prices for coverage similar to other insurers. Next, look at the discounts you can get. Do you have more than one motorcycle? If your family owns two or more motorcycles, insuring them with the same company can get you a discount on premiums. Another way to get a discount is to equip your motorcycle with an approved theft alarm system. If you have other property to insure with the same insurer, such as a home and a car in addition to your motorcycle, you can benefit from a multi-product discount. In some cases, if you join a motorcycle club, discounts are also available.

Can I add a motorcycle to my car insurance?

In Canada, your car insurance and motorcycle insurance are completely separate. Your auto insurance policy doesn’t cover your motorcycle and doesn’t provide liability coverage if you injure someone on your motorcycle. That’s why it’s important to have separate motorcycle insurance.

Do you need a motorcycle license to insure a motorcycle?

To drive a motorcycle, you must hold a driver’s license for the appropriate class for the size and type of motorcycle. However, there are situations where you may be in possession of a motorcycle without having a license, for example, if you receive one as a gift. Many insurers will require you to have a valid motorcycle license before they will insure you. Even though it is not mandatory in Canada to have a motorcycle license to purchase insurance coverage, you are unlikely to be approved by an insurer until you have one. However, there are a few tricks that you can do to make this possible, including making the prmary driver a person other than yourself but who holds a motorcycle license.

Can I buy a motorcycle without insurance?

You don’t have to have motorcycle insurance at the time you buy it. The first thing you need to do is to register your vehicle. Then, before taking it out for your first ride, you need to purchase motorcycle insurance. However, you will need to transport the motorcycle by another means until it is insured. Without insurance, you could lose your license and be fined hundreds of dollars if you cross paths with a police officer. The seller owns and is responsible for the motorcycle they sell until it is registered in the name of the person buying it. You become responsible for accidents caused by your motorcycle as soon as it is registered in your name. That’s why you need to get insurance immediately.

Does motorcycle insurance affect car insurance?

For better or worse, your behaviour on the road affects your insurance. Your driving record and credit score are two things that can be checked by insurers. Both can impact your car insurance. For example, if you were in a motorcycle accident while speeding, are you more susceptible to speeding in the car? If you’ve neglected to make your motorcycle insurance payments on time, will you do the same with your car insurance? Your potential car insurance company wants to know this information to determine the price they can offer you and estimate the risks involved.

Does motorcycle insurance cost more than car insurance?

The cost of motorcycle insurance varies depending on the size of your vehicle and your province. In general, motorcycle insurance is no more expensive than car coverage. The cost to insure a motorcycle is usually less than it costs to insure a car, but costs depend on where in Canada you live. In 2020, the average annual cost to insure a motorcycle in Canada was $700. An Ontario driver can pay between $1500 and $3500 a year. In BC, you might pay more for the same bike than you would in Alberta. However, these prices can vary greatly from province to province. In Ontario, the average price goes up to $1,600 for a motorcycle and a little more for a car.

Is motorcycle insurance mandatory in Canada?

Like car insurance, motorcycle insurance is mandatory in Canada. However, the details differ from province to province. In all cases, liability coverage is required. This comes into play when your vehicle causes damage to another person or their property, for example in an accident. Accident benefits and personal injury insurance is also required and covers the cost of your own medical expenses and loss of income. In Canada, you need to have civil liability insurance, even if your province provides certain coverage, like in Quebec. Quebec suggests having more than $50,000 in liability, but other provinces like BC, and New Brunswick suggest a minimum of $200,000 in civil liability coverage. Ontario recommends to have $1,000,000 in coverage.

What is the best insurance for motorcycles?

The best motorcycle insurance is the one that meets your needs! If you are a young driver, there are products specifically designed for you. Do you enjoy motocross riding? Your insurance should take that into account. In short, there are many questions to ask yourself to find out if your insurance is the best one for you. Do you need collision coverage? Would you prefer comprehensive coverage with a higher level of coverage that covers non-accident as well enhanced theft protection? Do you want to choose your coverage à la carte based on your vehicle usage? Would you like to benefit from a no depreciation indemnity, which is the full value of the purchase price in case of a total loss? One thing is certain, the best motorcycle insurance is clear, reliable and offers an easy claims process.

What is the cheapest motorcycle to insure?

Smaller motorcycles are usually the cheapest to insure. If you don’t want to pay too much for insurance, opt for an off-road model or a road bike if you plan to ride a lot. Off-road models are comfortable, versatile and are considered good motorcycles for beginners and infrequent riders. Avoid sport bikes. In general, three-wheelers and motorcycles (scooters) can also be insured at a better price than a conventional motorcycle.

Does motorcycle safety course lower insurance?

Yes, showing that you have taken a course and know what to do to stay safe on the road can help you reduce the price of your annual motorcycle insurance premium in Canada. Currently, a refresher course is offered to Quebec motorcyclists by the SAAQ. This 4-hour course is designed to identify potential hazards and update riding techniques such as emergency braking and cornering techniques. This training will be fully reimbursed, so there is no reason to miss it. Similar training courses exist in all Canadian provinces. While not all of them are refundable, think of them as an investment to reduce the cost of your insurance and keep you safe.

What does motorcycle insurance cover?

Automatically, motorcycle insurance includes liability for damages to vehicles that you do not own. Then, it all depends on the coverage you want. Insurers will offer you all-risk protection or targeting specific risks (theft, hail, fire, etc.), roadside assistance, replacement cost coverage for 5 years in case of a total loss, coverage of your personal belongings and motorcycle accessories, coverage for a trailer, sidecar or sled, coverage for your travel expenses such as taxi and public transport if an accident leaves you without your motorcycle, and more.

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