9 website to compare credit cards in Canada

By Émilie J.Talbot | Published on 25 Jul 2023

Choosing a credit card is not easy. There are all kinds of interest rates, rewards programs, institutions, fees, and even card colours. The choice is so great that it’s easy to get lost. If only there was a way to narrow down the range of choices to see only the cards that match your criteria and for which you are eligible, choosing the ideal card would be much easier. Well, we have some GOOD NEWS for you! This is possible! Credit card comparison tool like Hardbacon’s are free tools that enable you to quickly see the choices available to you, based on your criteria. Here are 10 comparison tools you can use in your research.

1. Hardbacon

We wouldn’t be doing ourselves justice if we didn’t begin this list with our own credit card comparison tool. Hardbacon’s comparison tool lets you search from among 146 credit cards from virtually every financial institution in Canada. You’ll find answers to frequently asked questions at the top of the page. You can also answer a few qualifying questions and enter your criteria in the filters on the left side to refine the results.

2. Ratehub

Ratehub’s credit card comparison tool requires you to answer a few questions first before you get results. These questions ascertain information about the type of card you want (cash back, reward, travel, etc.), your credit score, your annual income, your anticipated spending with the card, etc. These answers will be used to display only the cards for which you are eligible, and the website will also calculate which card gives you back the most based on your spending.

3. Government of Canada

What? The Government of Canada? Surprisingly yes! Among the wide selection of tools related to personal finance, you’ll find a credit card comparison tool. On this site, you can decide to answer a questionnaire with questions related to your interest rate acceptance limits (maximum interest rate, cash advance rate, withdrawal rate). This helps the software better advise you based on your answers. Otherwise, you can just answer a few questions about your province to view results faster.

4. Ratesdotca

This comparison tool is rather simple. You only have to answer 4 questions in order to see the credit cards available that meet your criteria. The good thing about this site is that it also compares business credit cards. Additionally, you can compare a lot more than just credit cards as the company deals with many types of financial products.

5. GreedyRates

Unlike other comparison tool, this site asks questions that depend on your previous answers. That is, if you indicate that you don’t pay off your credit card balance each month, the next question will ask if you prefer a low interest card or a balance transfer. And if you indicate that you pay your balance off each month, the next question will be about the features you’re looking for, such as discounts, rewards, travel, etc. You therefore get better guidance in your financial choices.

6. Milesopedia

Milesopedia, which focuses primarily on cards with travel rewards, compares the best credit cards by category. And there are many categories, such as Cash Back, Great Insurance, No Annual Fee, No Currency Conversion Fee, Low Interest Rate, Balance Transfer, Costco, Walmart, Beginner, Student, and the list goes on and on…

7. LowestRates

LowestRates offers a simple and easy to use comparison tool. You can select the benefits you want for your card from a wide choice of options, including airport lounges, extended warranties, hotel discounts, travel insurance and many more.

8. creditcardGenius

Unlike other comparison tool, creditcardGenius asks you questions that have only two options as answers. For example, would you prefer to have low interest rates, benefits, or no preference? Do you prefer cash back, travel benefits, or no preference? The system then displays cards that meet your criteria. The company even issues a general rating for each card, which is the average of the ratings specific to each feature, such as perks, rewards, insurance, interest rate, etc.

9. RedflagDeals

This site compares credit cards by type (business, student, no-fee, rewards, low interest, etc.). Otherwise you can compare cards by issuers. You can then sort the cards by annual fee or interest rate.

With all of these tools at your disposal, choosing a credit card is much easier. Maybe you’re also wondering which comparison tool is the best? We don’t want to play favourites, so we will suggest that you explore them for yourself. But just between us, everyone agrees that bacon is always good!

This Top 10 of the best credit cards for rebuilding credit in Canada was compiled by Hardbacon, which has created a credit card comparison tool listing hundreds of Canadian credit cards. Hardbacon also helps you save money on savings accountschequing accountsonline brokers, robo-advisersmortgages and personal loans. If you want to take things one step further and take control of your finances, you should download Hardbacon’s mobile app, which links to your banking and investing accounts, helps you plan and budget for your financial goals, and helps you invest better.

Émilie is a former financial security advisor that is passionate about finance. She understands the importance of sound personal financial advice and aims to write about this topic to help readers make better financial decisions.