A Board of Directors is a team of people elected by a company’s shareholders to represent their interests and to ensure that the company’s management acts in their best interests. The Board of Directors is responsible for hiring (and firing, if necessary) the company’s CEO. It is therefore the most important hierarchical entity in a company listed on the stock exchange.

The Board of Directors members meet to assess management’s performance, make important decisions such as acquiring or selling the business, declare dividends and to determine executive compensation.

Activist investor definition

An activist investor is a someone who buys many shares in the same company in order to influence how it is managed. Read more

Technical analysis definition

Technical analysis is a way to assess a stock security based on its price history and other market indicators. Read more

Market capitalization definition

Market capitalization is the market value of all the shares of a publicly traded company. So this is the value
that stock market investors place on a company. Market capitalization is an easy way for investors to determine the size of a business. Read more