11 of the best online communities if you’re serious about mastering money and investing in Canada

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At Hardbacon, we know our readers are always trying to improve their own financial health and create a better life for themselves. Many of us do this by learning through online communities, like Facebook groups, in which members bring value to one another.

Some of the best investing and money content available is created by Canadians who know a lot about how money works, and how to invest it. And a lot of them share it in online communities that they started in order to help people like you and me.

So we decided to compile a list of Canadian online communities that you need to join if you’re serious about investing and mastering money. Here it is.

1. Blossom

Blossom is like a social media app, but for investors. Launched in May 2022, the app allows users to share with others their trades in real time as well as financial insight. The community already has over 6,000 users, including prominent financial YouTubers Brandon Beavis, Passive Income Investing, Robin Haney, and more. In the future, the team behind Blossom wants to develop the app into a fully-fledged stock trading platform in addition to its social component.

Total Following: 6,000

Download the app here.

2. Personal Finance For Canadians

Personal Finance For Canadians is a popular subreddit group for people to discuss anything related to Canadian personal finance. The groups defines the topic of “personal finance” as budgeting, goal planning, taxation, saving, investing, banking, credit cards, insurance products, life event planning, major purchase advice, unique deals and tips for frugality, employment and other income sources, global or national economic news and discussions, and a variety of similar topics.

Total Following: 1,108,000

Join the group here.

3. Canadian DIY Stock Investing

This group is for the small investor or beginner to share ideas, stock tips, and to inform and educate. The group admins started it after getting frustrated with “money-losing advisers”. The group encourages members to comment, ask questions and post anything money-related or investment-related (as long as they’re nice to others). 

Total Following: 23,400

Join the group here.

4. Canadian Dividend Investing

The Canadian Dividend Investing group describes itself as a great place to share passion around dividend strategies and to learn from each other. Unsure of what dividend investing is? Dividend stocks are companies that pay out regular dividends, or payouts to investors. They’re usually well-established companies that distribute earnings back to shareholders.

Total Following: 10,200

Join the group here.

5. Canadian Real Estate Investors Association

This group is part of the larger network of Associations which include the International Real Estate Investors Association, the American Real Estate Investors Association, and the Australian Real Estate Investors Association. Sharing and posting about real state investments is the main focus of this group.

Total Following: 10,700

Join the group here.

6. Wealthsimple Trading Community

The Wealthsimple Trading Community was born from Wealthsimple, the large Canadian roboinvesting platform that enables Canadians to invest in exchange-traded funds (ETFs). The group describes itself as a fun and positive community that connects members who want to learn and share info, advice and strategy about investing with Wealthsimple, or in general terms. Note that this community is essentially seen as the Canadian version of the popular American Robinhood Stock Traders Facebook group. 

Total Following: 32,400

Join the group here.

7. Canadian Real Estate Investing Mastermind

This group focuses on sharing information about opportunities to invest in Canadian real estate, so people make solid investment decisions in order to build wealth and achieve financial freedom.

Total Following: 9,100

Join the group here.

8. Investing For Beginners (CANADA)

The Investing For Beginners group describes itself as a community for Canadians to learn about investing in the stock market. Sounds pretty simple, right? The group was created by Canadian money mind Brandon Beavis.

No, he’s not from the famous TV show by Mike Judge. Rather, Beavis is a YouTube personality who helps Canadians learn how to invest in the stock market the right way. In particular, his channel focuses on long-term investing. His company, Brandon Beavis Investing, offers an investing academy course.

Total Following: 6,600

Join the group here.

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9. Money. Life. Balance. Community

Jessica Moorhouse, a notable Canadian money influencer, podcaster and Youtube focused on financial health, created this group. The online support group that’s purpose is to encourage questions, discussions and the sharing of opinions when it comes to personal finance.

Total Following: 2,800

Join the group here.

10. Canadian Investment Club

The Canadian Investment Club dedicates its group to informal discussions about North American Equities. Posts range from YouTube videos and helpful links to random posts and memes that may not add real value. It may not be for the investor looking for an uncluttered, serious group feed, but members can gain pieces of occasional wisdom.

Total Following: 11,900

Join the group here.

11. Trading and Investing – Canada

The Trading and Investing – Canada group is dedicated to helping each other grow experienced and wealthy in the crypto, forex and stock market field. If members come across new opportunities in the finance environment, the group encourages members to post it in the group.

Total Following: 2,200

Join the group here.

Bonus: Plan, Budget, Invest by Hardbacon

This list wouldn’t be truly complete if we didn’t tell you about our own community. We’ve worked super hard on bringing real value to people who want to understand investing and money for themselves. The best part of this group is that it includes a completely free investing course designed by Hardbacon, from start to finish. Hardbacon’s CEO, Julien Brault, brings in different guests and explains different topics ranging from: Making more than you spend; The Stock Market; Getting started as an investor; Investing in stocks; Investing in exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and more. 

Total Following: 354

Join the group here.

Joseph Czikk is a Montreal-based writer and cofounder of the tech news website MTLinTECH. His work has appeared in VICE, the National Post, Financial Post, Montreal Gazette, MoneyWise, Realtor and more.