The 20 Highest Paying Jobs in Canada for 2023

Highest Paying Jobs in Canada

The highest paying jobs in Canada are a golden ticket to the kind of wealth you’ve always dreamed of. But we’re not talking about your average 9-5 grind. We’re talking about careers that are the pinnacle of professionalism, innovation, and skill. It’s a relentless journey to excellence, challenging you to excel every day, and the stakes are high. But the rewards are even higher.

So if you’re considering a career change, upskilling, or going to university, explore our list of the 20 highest paying jobs in Canada. In a rapidly changing job market, remember this: a job might pay the bills, but a career builds financial independence.

Manager of Human Resources

highest paying job in Canada: HR Manager

Degree required: Human Resources, Business Administration or related
Years to degree: 3 to 4
Median salary: $107,743
Salary range: $80,982 – $134,504

An HR Manager, short for Human Resources Manager, is the backbone of a company’s workforce. Think of them as a guide and helper for everything related to a company’s employees from hiring new team members to helping resolve workplace issues.

On any given day, an HR Manager might be interviewing potential new hires, helping solve a disagreement between employees, or organizing a training session to help people learn new skills. They make sure that employees are treated fairly, paid properly, and that the company complies with labour laws and regulations. Their goal is to create a positive, productive work environment where everyone can do their best while maximizing productivity and minimizing labour costs.

To land this high paying job in Canada, you’ll need to get a bachelor’s degree in human resources management, business administration, or a related field. To reach the top of the pay scale, you may need a master’s degree in human resources or business administration. You should also consider getting a Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) designation in Canada. This can enhance your credibility, open up more job opportunities, and increase your earning potential.

Full Stack Developer

Degree required: Information Technology, Computer Science, Systems Engineering, or related
Years to degree: 3 to 4
Median salary: $119,332.50.
Salary range: $89,782 to $148,883

A Full Stack Developer is like a super-skilled handyman for websites and can make over $190,000 a year. They understand and can work on everything that makes a website function. This includes the front end, what users see and interact with, and the back end, where data is processed and managed. They also know how to make the website and its databases and servers work well together.

Their ability to understand and work on all parts of a website makes them important in tech development. They can create a basic version of a product quickly, help team members understand the website better, support the team, and save money by doing various types of tasks. They can work on any part of the website as needed, which is why they’re called “full stack”.

To become a Full Stack Developer, you typically need a degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, or a related field. You’ll need to build skills in various areas of web development, including front-end technologies, back-end technologies, databases, and various coding languages. You’ll also need to understand project management principles and the entire web development process.

Cyber Security Engineer

Degree required: Information Technology, Computer Science, Systems Engineering, or related
Years to degree: 3 to 4 years after high school
Median salary: $135,000
Salary range: $120,063 to $148,883

Cyber security is a real concern hence it doesn’t come as a surprise that there’s a high demand for Cyber security engineers in Canada with some making over $148,883 per year. Cyber security engineers perform a variety of security-related tasks with the goal is to protect devices, networks, and services from malicious digital attacks. The job can be very demanding as you will often have to work under a lot of pressure.

Most cyber security engineers in the country are young and some companies are now even accepting applications from candidates with no college degree. You only need skills, certificates, and proven experience to get this highest paying job in Canada. Still, a college degree may prove to be beneficial. 

Solution Architect

Degree required: Computer Science, Information Technology, Software Engineering, or a related field
Years to degree: 3 to 4
Median salary: $127,000
Salary range: $84,000 – $170,000

A Solution Architect, also known as a Technology Architect or Solution Engineer, is a master puzzle solver for a company’s technology problems. Making up to $130,00 a year, their job is to design and manage the answer to a tricky question: how can we best use technology to achieve our business goals? To do this, they create plans for new technology systems (or solutions), ensuring they fit together with the company’s existing technology and meet the needs of the business.

Imagine a company is building a new website. The Solution Architect might help decide which technology should be used, how the site should be structured, and how it will connect to the company’s other systems. They’ll make sure the new site can handle the number of visitors expected, ensure it’s secure, and that it can be built within budget.

While there is no specific degree required to become a Solution Architect, most professionals in this role have a degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, Software Engineering, or a related field. Some employers might prefer candidates with a master’s degree in a relevant field. in addition to formal education, practical experience with various technologies, programming languages, and systems is very important.

Senior Software Engineer

Degree required: Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering 
Years to degree: 3-4 years after high school
Median salary: $122,050
Salary range: $100,000 to $172,000 

Software engineers are in demand in Canada. They make around $122,050 per year with some software engineers making more than $172,000 per year. The best thing about this job is that you don’t need a typical graduation degree to start your career. Most companies look for proven skills but some may require a traditional degree.

You can complete a three or four year graduation program to start your career. Masters and doctorate degrees are also available. You’ll typically make about $80,000 as a new software engineer. 

You must spend at least five years in your field to be considered a senior software engineer. However, remember that this lucrative position requires a lot of work as the field of software engineering is constantly changing and you will have to continue to acquire new skills if you wish to continue to make good money.

Chief Operating Officer

Degree required: Business Administration or business relevant
Years to degree: 4 years after high school
Median salary: $133,188
Salary range: $90,000 to $183,000

This is a very demanding job that could help you be the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The salary range for this position is quite wide with some Chief Operations Officers (COO) making up to $183,000 per year and some taking home less than half. As a COO, you will directly report to the CEO and have many employees working under you. Also, most COOs in Canada enjoy additional perks as well including paid holidays and big bonuses.

Chief Information Officer

Degree Required: Information Technology or related
Years to degree: 4 years after high school
Median salary: $152,525
Salary range: $141,742 to $186,755

This is a very interesting position as it involves some very unique responsibilities including overseeing the processes, technologies, and people within a company’s Information Technology (IT) organization. Chief Information Officers (CIO) make up to $152,525 per year with some taking home even more. 

With digital becoming a core competency, more and more companies are competing to hire the best CIOs. The demand for this profession has skyrocketed in the last few years and most companies look for individuals with 10 or more years of experience. This means you will not get hired as a CIO right after you graduate, you will have to climb the corporate ladder. 


Degree required: Science, Biology, Biomedical Sciences, or related
Years to degree: 5 to 6
Median salary: $127,000
Salary range: $54,000 – $200,000

Believe it or not, Pharmacists can make upwards of $200,000 a year! They’re like a friendly neighbourhood guide to the world of medications, which is one of the highest-paying jobs in Canada. They don’t just hand out prescriptions, they’re pharmaceutical experts who play a vital role in healthcare. Like creating personalized prescription plans to help you recover and stay healthy while avoiding any potentially fatal interactions.

Pharmacists are also educators. They explain to patients how medications work and how to use them safely. And if you’ve ever gotten a flu shot at a pharmacy, that’s another one of their tasks. They’re qualified to administer immunizations, which makes healthcare more accessible for us.

If you’re interested in becoming a pharmacist in Canada, you need an undergraduate degree in science followed by a degree in pharmacy. You’ll also need hands-on training under the supervision of an experienced pharmacist. Once your education and training are complete, you must register with the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC) in your province.

Actuarial Manager

Degree required: Actuarial Science, Mathematics, or Statistics
Years to degree:  3-4 years after high school
Median salary: $126,750
Salary range: $112,125 to $220,000

Interested in numbers? Consider a career in actuarial sciences. The main job of an actuarial manager is to analyze risks and their consequences, however, they also manage budgets, prioritize projects, and ensure progress. 

The road to being an actuarial manager is quite long. You will first have to complete your bachelor’s degree, however, that may not be enough as 34.8 percent of actuarial managers have completed at least one master’s degree. You cannot become an actuarial manager without having a college degree. Also, it can take a while to be an actuarial manager as you may first have to work as an actuary or actuarial analyst before moving to a managerial position.

On the plus side, this job is in demand and even some of the largest companies in Canada look for actuarial managers. Some top actuarial managers make more than $220,000 per year making it one of the highest paying jobs in Canada. 


highest paying job in Canada: Lawyer

Degree required: Law Degree
Years to degree: 7
Median salary: $163,500
Salary range: $77,000 – $250,000

A lawyer, sometimes called an attorney, is a professional who practices law and gives legal advice. If you need help with a legal issue, a lawyer is the person who can explain the rules, help you understand your rights, and speak for you in court if necessary. They can also negotiate deals and help prevent legal problems from happening in the first place.

Lawyers are among the highest paying jobs in Canada and are what most people think of right after doctors. They can make up to $200,000 a year and can specialize in a range of areas, like business contracts, family law, criminal law, or helping people make wills and trusts.

To become a lawyer, you need to complete a bachelor’s degree in any field. Next, you have to pass the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) and earn a law degree from a recognized law school. After law school, you must complete a period of “articling”, which is like an apprenticeship under a practicing lawyer. Then you need to pass the bar exam in your province or territory. Finally, you need to apply to be admitted to the bar, which allows you to practice law. The whole process typically takes around seven years.

Director of Data Science

Degree required: Data Science or related
Years to degree: 4 years after high school
Median salary: $209,500
Salary range: $165,500 to $253,500

This is a fast growing field that pays very handsomely with top companies offering over $250,000. Again, since it is a top-level position, you cannot directly get hired as a Director of Data Science and must gain some experience and organically reach the top. Most workers spend around 8-10 years before they reach this position with some companies even looking for more experience. 

Also, companies typically require a PhD or master’s degree for this position. Workers who choose this option usually work as a data science engineer after graduation and continue to gain experience and education to reach the next stage. Your job as a Data Science Director will be to establish, plan, and administer the overall goals and policies of the data science function. 

General Dentist

Degree required: Doctor of Dental Surgery or Doctor of Dental Medicine in dental school
Years to degree: 8 years after high school
Median salary: $195,000
Salary range: $119,250 to $275,000

There is a high demand for dentists in Canada and many provinces even appear to be facing a shortage. This is one of the highest paying jobs in Canada but the route to dentistry isn’t easy. Students first have to complete a four-year bachelor of science degree followed by dental school that runs for another four years. Moreover, they also have to pass several entrance exams and complete internships. Also, you must hold a licence before you can get a job as a general dentist in Canada.

On the plus side, the effort is worth it with salaries going as high as $275,000. A general dentist diagnoses, manages, and treats a variety of dental issues, however, they don’t typically offer specialized care. Oral surgeons perform more complex jobs such as tooth extractions and make around over $350,000 per year. You will have to spend another four years in college to become an oral surgeon.


Degree Required: Medical Degree
Years to Degree: 13-14 years after high school
Median Salary: $254,878
Salary Range: $167,649 to $291,500

Here’s another medical position that pays very well. You could make more than $290,000 as you gain experience. However, the road to being a cardiologist is not easy. You will have to spend around 14 years to be a cardiologist and some experts choose to study even more.

Cardiologists look after their patient’s health and ensure the health continues to work well. They also perform complex surgeries and are very much in demand. However, cardiologists need to have relevant licences before they can work in Canada. 

Petroleum Engineer

highest paying job in Canada: Petroleum Engineer

Degree required: Petroleum Engineering or related field
Years to degree: 3 to 4
Median salary: $192,500
Salary range: $85,000 – $300,000

Picture a Petroleum Engineer as a detective of the oil and gas industry. Raking in up to $200,00 a year, their job is hunting for clues that lead to hidden treasures like black gold and other natural resources. Petroleum Engineers are also tasked with figuring out how to extract these oil and gas from the earth in the most efficient way.

They lead drilling projects, steer exploration, plan and execute operations, and ensure oil wells are properly established and managed. Petroleum engineers also spend their time investigating and experimenting with different ways to unearth natural gas and oil, constantly seeking new methods to tap into our planet’s energy supply.

For this high paying job in Canada, you’ll need a university degree in petroleum engineering, or a related field like chemical, civil, or mechanical engineering. From there, you might choose to pursue a master’s or even a doctoral degree to deepen your expertise. Then you need to secure the necessary certifications and licenses

Family Physician

Degree required: Medical Degree
Years to degree: 10 years after high school
Median salary: $250,000
Salary range: $191,709 to $337,224

Every family needs a family physician to take care of common ailments such as fever and flu. The job of a family physician is to diagnose and treat chronic and acute illnesses. Moreover, they also offer counselling and routine health screenings to prevent health issues. 

Family physicians in Canada make around $250,000 per year with more experienced and skilled experts earning over $350,000. You will be making a lot of money right after completing your degree and can choose to work independently or join a hospital. Your income will increase as you gain experience. 


Degree required: Medical Degree
Years to degree: 12-14 years after high school
Median salary: $308,000
Salary range: $254,909 to $397,850

Anaesthesiologists are qualified doctors with a graduate degree from medical school. They must also complete a fellowship program before working as an anesthesiologist. Most make around $308,000 per year with some making close to $400,000. This makes it one of the highest paying jobs in Canada. 

Anaesthesiologists usually work in hospitals and are needed to manage pain and administer anaesthesia. They evaluate, supervise, and monitor patient care before, during, and after surgery and often lead teams. The field has rapidly grown in the last few years and is currently facing a shortage, which has pushed salaries higher making it a good career choice in and beyond 2022. 

Chief Financial Officer

highest paying job in Canada: CFO

Degree required: Accounting, Finance, or Economics
Years to degree: 3 to 4
Median salary: $278,500.
Salary range: $157,000 – $400,000

Think of a company’s Chief Financial Officer, or CFO, like a football team’s Offensive Coordinator, but for finances. They’re the strategists. The planners. The ones who write the financial playbook for a company’s success. CFOs are one of the highest paying jobs in Canada, tasked with overseeing the entire financial landscape of the company to ensure it’s financially robust and resilient.

This executive role handles everything from routine financial operations like payments and invoices to developing strategies that optimize the company’s resources. Depending on the size of the company, CFOs typically guide a team of financial experts like accountants and analysts.

Becoming a CFO requires dedication, knowledge, and experience. It begins with earning a bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, or economics. As you climb the corporate ladder, acquiring more knowledge and experience, further qualifications like a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) or becoming a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) in Canada can bolster your qualifications.

Orthopedic Surgeon

Degree required: Medical Degree
Years to degree: 13-14 years after high school
Median salary: $335,000
Salary range: $308,750 to $400,000

Here’s another highest paying job in Canada that is quite in demand and is facing a shortage. Orthopaedic surgeons work to prevent, diagnose, and treat the disorders of muscles, tendons, joints, ligaments, and bones. They can be generalists or specialists focusing on specific parts such as the hip or the knee.

You can earn up to $400,000 as an orthopaedic surgeon in Canada but it will take you years of experience to reach this mark. Most new surgeons earn around $300,000 per year, which is still pretty good. It can take up to 14 years of education and training after high school to get your ortho degree and licence after which you will be able to work at a hospital or open your own clinic.


Degree required: Medical Degree
Years to degree: 12 years after high school
Median salary: $332,681
Salary range: $300,000 to $448,376 per year

Mental health is a major concern and more and more people are looking for psychiatric help to solve mental health issues. Psychiatrists are medical doctors specializing in mental health, including substance abuse. They’re not only qualified to assess the mental aspect of psychological problems but also the physical aspect. 

Psychiatrists today make up to $448,376 per year depending on where they work and how experienced they are. They work not only in hospitals but also in government and public organizations including community agencies, courts, prisons, nursing homes, and rehabilitation programs.


highest paying job in Canada: OBGYN

Degree required: Medical Degree
Years to degree: 12-13
Median salary: $330,000
Salary range: $160,000 – $500,000

An OBGYN, short for Obstetrician-Gynecologist, is affectionately known as a baby doctor but they’re more like champions for women’s health. They guide women through some of the most significant moments of their lives, including pregnancy and childbirth. But they also diagnose and treat diseases related to the female reproductive system and handle women’s health concerns throughout different stages of life.

Becoming an OBGYN in Canada first requires an undergraduate degree in a science-related field, usually health sciences. Then you need to pass the MCATs, a standardized exam for medical school admission) in order to get into medical school. From there, a medical degree takes about 4 years, followed by a residency program in obstetrics and gynecology, which is basically on-the-job training under the supervision of experienced doctors. This typically lasts another four to five years.

The dedication it takes to become an OBGYN can certainly pay off. While the exact salary can vary depending on where you work and your level of experience. An OBGYN is among the highest paying jobs in Canada because of the specialized and crucial nature of their work.

Which Is the highest paying job in Canada?

These were some of the highest paying jobs in Canada and while an OBGYN might sound like the most rewarding option, some other jobs may end up paying more. Remember that the amount of money you make will not only depend on your degree but also on your overall experience, location, skills, and company. Big cities such as Montreal and Toronto pay more in general. Also, these jobs typically come with additional perks in the form of insurance benefits, retirement benefits, and paid leaves.

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