Bank-level data protection

The security of your personal information is our utmost priority. All of your personal information is encrypted using 256-bit SSL encryption and stored in Amazon's data centres that are ISO 27001, SOC 2 (Type II) certified, as well as compliant with other industry safeguards. Our developers have experience working for major financial institutions and they ensure that our systems are robust and secure.



256-bit SSL encryption protects data against third party interception and manipulation. SSL provides users with an additional layer of security to increase their confidence when exchanging confidential information such as credit card numbers and personal information.



No Hardbacon employee has access to your personal information. We reserve the right to use an anonymized data set to improve our analysis algorithm, however, we will not sell your data even when anonymized.



You can authenticate yourself on the Hardbacon application via your fingerprint or facial recognition, using devices that use one of these technologies. This authentication method enables you to log into Hardbacon easily and securely. Also, after leaving the application, your session automatically expires after a short time, which prevents third parties from accessing your information.

FAQ about security

Do you save my investment data?

We do not save your username and password or information about your investment accounts on our servers. In fact, we do not save any sensitive information about you. Only Wealthica and MX, the account aggregators with which we do business, securely backup our data on the servers.

Why should I trust your Wealthica and MX partners?

Wealthica is a Montreal-based company founded by three serial entrepreneurs who we know well and trust. They use 256-bit SSL encryption, an asymmetric cryptography and industry standard security practices to protect your financial information. In addition, their system security is checked daily by external firm SiteLock. MX is an aggregator used by major financial institutions like National Bank, BBVA and ATB Financial. They use the same encryption technology as Wealthica.

Can Hardbacon make transactions in my account?

No. We cannot make a transaction in your account. Our account aggregation providers, Wealthica and MX, provide us only with read-access to your account information, without the ability to transact.