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We provide modules that enable financial institutions to acquire customers at a lower cost and increase retention.

Portfolio analysis

Hardbacon’s portfolio analysis module allows a potential client to compare their current portfolio to another with just a few clicks. The product provides you with an immediate overview of a client’s external assets, enables you to identify their portfolio’s strengths and weaknesses, or helps you generate rebalancing instructions. The module can be used for client acquisition or can be made available to clients within the institution's portal.

Financial planning

Hardbacon's financial planning module helps a potential client to create a plan by linking a bank account and answering a few questions. The module automatically identifies their investment and insurance needs, which allows a prospect to qualify more quickly. The module can be used for client acquisition or can be made available to customers within the institution's portal.

Customized development

Do you have a software project involving stock market data or bank account or investment data? A software project related to referring clients in the financial services sector? Chances are we can help you.


Do you want to modernize your customer acquisition and retention arsenal?

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