About Hardbacon

Hardbacon is on a mission to turn stock market investing into a simple and profitable process for everyone. Our mobile app does it by syncing with the online brokerages, analyzing its users’ portfolios and providing them with the data and tools they need to become better self-directed investors. But Hardbacon is much more than an app. On Hardbacon.ca, we help Canadians pick robo-advisors and brokerages (among other financial services) through our easy-to-use comparators. We also educate Canadians about investment through various initiatives such as an online course, an online magazine, a newsletter and an encyclopedia.

Julien Brault

Julien Brault

Co-founder and CEO

Henri Tremblay

Henri Tremblay

Co-founder and Principal Technical Advisor

Ivan Lagacé

Ivan Lagacé

Software developer and financial data specialist

Nicolas Raynaud

Nicolas Raynaud

Software Architect

Siham Rabii

Siham Rabii

Director of Customer Service and HR


Henri Dolino

Independant Consultant

François Barrière

Entrepreneur and ex-treasurer of Laurentian Bank

Frédéric Baillargeon

Co-owner at Parachutisme Adrénaline and Financial Planner

Olivier Blais

Co-founder at MOOV AI

Nick Saltarelli

Co-founder at Mid-Day Squares

Francis Wenzel

CEO at TickSmith

François Levasseur

Senior Vice President at Equisoft Canada

Christine Bertrand

COO and CFO at Netlift