The 12 Best Coworking Spaces In Montreal

By Arthur Dubois | Published on 01 Nov 2022

Montreal is Quebec’s largest city. It is also the second largest French-speaking city in the world, after Paris. Here you’ll find exquisite food, nightlife, and culture in Montreal.

But what if you’re a professional or entrepreneur? Where can you go to get work done in peace and quiet? Montreal has you covered with some of the best coworking spaces in Canada. Let’s take a look at the best coworking spaces in Montreal – you’ll love what’s on offer. 

The 12 best coworking spaces in Montreal

Whether you’re looking for a collaborative environment, a place to focus and get work done, or somewhere to meet other like-minded professionals, there’s a coworking space in Montreal that’s perfect for you. 

1. WeWork

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WeWork is a leading global coworking space provider. Currently, they operate four coworking locations in Montreal, where three are on-demand locations. You can book the on-demand locations instantly from the WeWork app. 

WeWork’s Place Ville Marie is their most popular coworking space in Montreal; you’ll get various coworking setups, including private offices and hot desks. You can also enjoy a great view of the Champlain bridge while working at WeWork’s Place Ville Marie space. 

Pricing optionsMonthly membership: 20% discount on all fees, worldwide Hot desk: day pass, from $35/day Meeting rooms: from $20/seat/hour Private office and dedicated desk: varies
Payment methodsValid credit card or debit card for on-demand users. No cash or cheque

2. Montreal Cowork

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Montreal Cowork is an excellent option for individual professionals, independent workers, and small teams of up to 10 people. In addition to the shared and private office spaces, you can also use the audio and video conferencing rooms. 

Located in Plateau-Mont-Royal, the shared workspace has 252 workstations. They also provide immigration advice and coaching service if you want to settle and open up a business in Montreal or elsewhere in Canada. 

Pricing optionsCoworking space Daily: $30/day Monthly: $275/month 10-Notebook-Pass 3 month validity: $1,956 months validity: $245 Meeting rooms:from $30/hour for members, $40/hour for non-members Private office: $685 (1 person), $1,095 (2 people)
Payment methodsCredit and debit cards

3. Ideal Coworking

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Founded in 2008, Ideal Coworking is one of the oldest coworking spaces in Montreal, now located in Saint-Henri. You will find all the essential support you need to run your independent office in Montreal, including high-speed internet, projectors, sound systems, printers, and scanners. 

All of the membership packages come with at least 5 hours of well-equipped meeting room use, making it highly convenient for you to meet and greet guests and business connections. 

Pricing optionsMembers: Hot desk (1 person): $225/month (includes 5 hours of meeting room usage) Private office (1 – 2 person): from $475/month (10 hours of the meeting room is included) Guests:hot desk: $20/day Private office: $50/day Meeting room: $20/hour (6 people) Virtual mailbox: $40/month
Payment methodsCredit and debit cards. 

4. Halte 24-7

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Located on de La Roche Street, Halte 24-7 is one of Montreal’s most well-reviewed and affordable shared spaces. The place offers a full range of shared working options, including hot desks and dedicated workspaces. 

Halte 24-7 also provides comprehensive support, including taxation, lounge, receptionist, and internet to help you run your startup or virtual office in Montreal. There are three common areas for choosing your hotdesk space – rooftop, kitchen, or lounge. 

Pricing optionsHot spot desk: $199/month Dedicated desk: $399/month Private office: $750-$1500/month Conference rooms: $30/hour Yearly package: $699/year + taxes (as applicable) 
Payment methodsCredit and debit cards

5. Le402

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Espace Le402 focuses on providing an excellent coworking experience to busy professionals, independent creators, and artists. Apart from the regular business coworking setups, you’ll also find ample facilities to host workshops, meddling sessions, courses, and artistic events. 

There are several studio setups like kids’ space, boudoir space, and lounge, and there’s plenty of assistive and lighting equipment in the studios. 

Pricing optionsClosed office (shared with a photo studio), day Members: $50/day Non-members: $75/day Closed office, monthly basis: $500/month Photo studio rentals: Members: $20/hour, minimum 2 hours Non-members: $30-35/hour, minimum 3 hours Conference rooms: $20-25/hours, minimum 2 hours 
Payment methodsCredit/debit cards and online payment

6. Insiders – Cafe & Cowork

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Located on St. Denis, Insiders is one of the most budget-friendly and flexible coworking spaces in Montreal that includes a Cafe with a good range of snack options too. Students and professionals can book a spot for as little as $5/hour. 

Here you’ll find several phone booths for making noise-free phone calls. In-house speakers with microphones and mixing controls work great for organizing high-quality online and offline meetings. 

Pricing optionsDay pass: $5/hour, $17/day Pack of 10: $145 Pack of 20: $270 Pack of 30: $350 Monthly pass: $250/month Conference rooms (4-15 people): $50 – $120/hour
Payment methodsCredit/debit cards, Cash, Online Payment

7. Le Cornélien

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Le Cornélien offers two cozy coworking spaces in Montreal, one in Petite-Patrie and one in Quartier des spectacles. Both locations provide an optional lunch menu, locker services, and all the necessary offices. You can choose from various options for both daily and monthly passes. Bundle passes are particularly budget-friendly. 

Pricing optionsMonthly (unlimited hours): $200/month Day pass: $18/day 20-hour card: $80 5-Days: $80 10-days: $145 20-days: $220 Fixed spot: $300/month Private office: $595 (2 people), $995 (4 people ) Locker: $100 (4 months), $275 (12 months)
Payment methodsCredit/debit cards

8. Maison Notman House

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With a total space of over 30,000 square feet, the Maison Notman House is one of the largest coworking spaces in Montreal and Canada. You can choose from 12 different coworking spaces within the massive complex.      

The facility also includes 21 private offices. It’s a dog-friendly space with plenty of rooms for hosting videoconferences, meetings, and private events. 

Pricing optionsShared workspace: $280/month + taxes (requires 6-month commitment) Private office: $800/month + taxes (up to 8 people) Meeting room: $30/hour (2 – 12 people)
Payment methodsCredit/debit cards

9. Crew Collective & Cafe

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Crew Collective and Cafe is an all-inclusive coworking space in Rue Saint-Jacques, Montreal. The facility offers many customization options, so you can opt for any options you need. You can comfortably work here or hold casual and business meetings. 

Pricing optionsDay pass: $40/day (no contract, comes with a free beverage) Monthly contract: $300/month (includes relaxation room and 10% discount on cafe menu) Crew bench (semi private): $15/hour, $80/day (up to 4 people) Meeting rooms: $45/hour, $350/day (6-8 people) Virtual office: $45-75/month
Payment methodsCredit/debit cards

10. Coworking Alphard

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Coworking Alphard is a luxurious coworking space located in the Mile End municipality of Montreal. The place is ideal for small teams and startups needing 24/7 availability. Access modern meeting rooms, a kitchen, and a spacious dining room in this incredibly cozy work environment. 

Pricing optionsFor individuals, fixed space: $299/month For companies: $2,375/month ($198/person for 12 people) Private office: $800-$1,500/month
Payment methodsCredit/debit cards

11. Temps Libre

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The professionals who need 24/7 availability, Temps Libre has some exquisite fixed stations with excellent office amenities. You can try it out with their commitment-free day pass. 

Temps Libre is pet-friendly and includes a printer, photocopier, and digitizer for all packages. You will also get unlimited access to meeting rooms if you rent a fixed spot. 

Pricing optionsDay pass: $21 (Pack of 10: $189) Weekly pass: $84 Monthly fixed positions: $305-$1,285/month (1-5 people), requires a year-long commitment, with 30-day cancellation
Payment methodsCredit/debit cards

12. Workden

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Workden has several locations of shared spaces across Montreal that you can book from their mobile app. The company focuses exclusively on individuals instead of small businesses. 

They are one of the most affordable working spaces you will find in Montreal. The company also provides conference rooms upon request. 

Pricing optionsDay pass: $9.99 5-day package: $39.99 Monthly package: $99.99
Payment methodsCredit/debit cards. Mobile app booking. 

Why should you pay for your coworking space with a business credit card?

All of the coworking spaces we have discussed here accept credit/debit cards as a mode of payment. It’s super convenient to use your business credit card for payment. 

There are a few reasons for that. You’ll grow your credit score over time, which will be helpful if you need business loans; you can accumulate cashback points and later redeem them for shopping. You’ll also be able to track your expenses better. 

Best business credit cards to pay for a coworking space in Montreal

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