The 10 Best Coworking Spaces In Vancouver

By Arthur Dubois | Published on 25 Oct 2022

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Traditional office spaces in Vancouver can be expensive, but what if there were working spaces that cater to small businesses or entrepreneurs? What if these same spaces offered flexible payment methods with the option to use a business credit card so you can accumulate rewards for your business while paying your rent? Coworking spaces offer all this and more.

Coworking spaces can offer amenities, support, and access to talent that can prove invaluable to taking your business or project to the next level. 

We’ll be giving you the rundown on the best coworking spaces in Vancouver and then explain what they offer or what makes them different. We’ll also provide you with information on price and everything you need to know to choose the best option for you. 

The Top 10 Coworking Spaces in Vancouver

The popularity of Vancouver has led to rapid growth in coworking spaces across the city. We’ve narrowed down the top options for you here, and you’ll also find everything you need to know about payment options and any pertinent information about the location.  

1. The Network Hub

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Located at 422 Richards Street, The Network Hub combines the convenience of downtown Vancouver but is also ideal for a private workspace. This company has been providing coworking spaces for entrepreneurs since 2006 and states that its mission is to support individuals starting their own enterprises. 

Prices can range from $5 an hour and go up to $350 a month, lower prices provide you with a shared workspace with a furnished workstation and access to wireless internet. 

Pricing Options$5 per hour (limited use)$325 per month (limited use and access to more services)$350 per month (unlimited use and access to all services)
Payment MethodsAll major credit cards are accepted (including American Express)

2. L’Atelier Coworking

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L’Atelier is an award-winning coworking space located at 319 W Hastings st. It is based in Gastown and is a place to work on projects and network for remote workers, designers, and freelancers of all kinds. This is a comfortable and affordable option for anyone seeking to collaborate in Vancouver. 

Pricing Options$35 day passes$195 for 60 hours$295 per month (unlimited use desk)$450 per month (unlimited use desk & storage)
Payment MethodsAll major credit cards are accepted

3. Vancubers

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A convenient and ultra-modern coworking workspace in the heart of downtown Vancouver, located at 250 – 997 Seymour St. Vancouver. Vancubers provides the perfect environment for your project and offers many amenities, regardless of what you need. Desks can be booked online as needed or rented in monthly blocks. 

Prices range from $30 per day for a hot desk to $35 a day for a smart hot desk (which includes extras such as a 24” monitor and a wireless mouse and keyboard, or you can pay $350 a month for a dedicated desk.

Pricing Options$30 per day (standard desk)$35 per day (smart hot desk)$350 per month (unlimited use smart desk)
Payment MethodsPayPalAll major credit cards are accepted

4. Suite Genius

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Suite genius is located at Suite 300 – 225 West 8th Avenue and hosts over 1000 square feet of office space. There is something for everyone, with options ranging from hot desks to over 18 private offices. Suite genius is situated near Mount Pleasant and boasts a grassy park and plenty of good lunch spots. 

Pricing options start from $150 a month for basic amenities, up to $250 a month, and then $350 a month for unlimited access. 

Pricing Options$150 per month (basic package)$250 per month (intermediate package)$350 per month (unlimited access)
Payment MethodsAll major credit cards are accepted

5. Werklab Inc

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Werklab is a membership-based coworking space in Vancouver located at 290-1275 Venables St. They believe that traditional workspaces are a thing of the past and offer their members a place to focus and collaborate. 

Membership options come in three tiers. Tier 1 starts at $165 and gives you access to a 5 & 10-day hot desk from 8 am to 6 pm. Tier 2 starts at $335 per month and gives you unlimited 24/7 access. Tier 3 starts at $450 per month and gives you access to a dedicated desk, chair, and filing cabinet. 

Pricing Options$165 per month (tier 1)$335 per month (tier 2)$450 per month (tier 3)
Payment MethodsAll major credits are accepted for monthly payments

6. HiVE Vancouver Coworking

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HiVE has provided coworking spaces since 2011 and they are located at 210 – 128 West Hastings St. They are a non-profit organization that believes in supporting those who are working to fix the most challenging societal issues we face. HiVE boasts a varied network of freelancers and entrepreneurs from all kinds of backgrounds and skill sets, making it an ideal place to collaborate on any project. 

There are multiple pricing options depending upon your needs. Prices start at $55 per month and go up to $375 per month for unlimited access. There are multiple payment tiers between these options – so you only have to pay for what you need. 

Pricing Options$55 per month (8 hours desk usage)$145 per month (24 hours desk usage)$160 per month (32 hours desk usage)$210 per month (50 hours desk usage)$320 per month (100 hours desk usage)$375 per month (unlimited desk usage)
Payment MethodsAll major credit cards are accepted

7. Beta Collective

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This next coworking space is ideal if you’re located in the downtown surrey area of Vancouver. Beta Collective is based at 10318 Whalley Blvd. Surrey and offers various spaces for rent, ranging from office rentals to coworking desks. They cater to start-ups, non-profits, and entrepreneurs. 

Pricing options for coworking spaces come in three packages. The first package costs $149 and gives you 2 days of access on weekdays. The second-tier package costs  $199 per month and grants you unlimited access 24/7. The final tier costs $275 a month and gets you 24/7 unlimited access, a dedicated desk, and storage. 

Pricing Options$149 per month (2 days access per week)$199 per month (unlimited 24/7 access)$275 per month (unlimited access, dedicated desk & storage)
Payment methodsAll major credit cards are accepted for monthly payments

8. Pavilion 22 E5 

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The Pavilion is located at 400 – 22 E 5th Ave Vancouver and aims to provide the best environment to foster success. This space hosts sophisticated, sleek offices, and makes it their mission to “mind your business”. They also strive to foster a community of creative individuals. 

Price ranges for hot desks start at $400 per month. However, this also gets you access to meeting spaces, various amenities, and an environment that will impress potential clients. 

Pricing Options $400 per month (hot desk)$750 per month (dedicated desk)$2550 per month (private office)
Paymenth MethodsAll major credit cards are accepted for monthly payments

9. Envision Coworking

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Located in the heart of Mount Pleasant at 60 W 6th Ave Suite 200 Vancouver, Envision aims to provide flexible coworking spaces for all kinds of clients. They offer large shared spaces or daily hot desks and provide various amenities and meeting spaces for large and small events alike. 

Prices start at $350 a month, which gives you access to a hot desk from Monday to Friday. You can pay $525 a month for 24/7 access and a lockable filing cabinet. They also offer various discounts on their membership plans. 

Pricing Options$350 per month (hot desk access Monday to Friday)$525 per month (24/7 access and a lockable filing cabinet)
Payment MethodsAll major credit cards accepted for monthly payments

10. iQ Offices

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iQ offices are located at 1055 West Georgia Street; they are a coworking space in Vancouver with plenty of modern offices and desks to suit any needs. They operate on a membership-based system, which also offers you access to a ton of amenities – such as a fully kitted-out gym, massage chairs, and free beverages.

A dedicated desk will cost at least $500 per month and there are more expensive options for offices that cater to multiple people. This coworking space is the best choice for those who want a comprehensive option all in one space.

Pricing Options$500 per month (dedicated desk with unlimited access)
Payment MethodsAll major credit cards are accepted

Why Should You Pay for your Coworking Space with a Business Credit Card?

In many cases traditional office rental spaces do not allow people to pay with a business credit card. However, practically all coworking spaces accept credit cards for at least monthly payments. Coworking spaces provide a potential opportunity to earn valuable rewards that are valuable for any business owner. 

There are multiple benefits to using your business credit card, especially if you are a small business owner or freelancer. For one, it can help you keep track of your expenses and budget better. Additionally, many cards offer rewards programs that can save you money on travel, office supplies, and other business-related purchases.

Best business credit cards to pay for a coworking space in Vancouver

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