The 10 Best Car Seat Travel Bags on

The 10 Best Car Seat Travel Bags on

There are plenty of situations where you’ll need to travel with your kids but won’t have the comfort of your own car upon arrival. For instance, travelling by plane to a distant destination will likely mean you’ll need to rent a vehicle.

In those cases, it would be ideal to take the baby seat with you. And a car seat travel bag will allow you to do just that. In fact, you’ll have no issues getting the seat on the plane if it’s neatly packed in a quality bag.

This article will review the best car seat travel bags you can currently find on Amazon Canada. But before we do that, there’s one important thing to consider:

If you’re leaving your car at home, you should do everything in your power to ensure the vehicle is there when you come back. After all, nobody wants to go on a vacation and return to unpleasant news and additional costs. Before you pack the baby seat in a brand-new bag, let’s see what you can do to prevent your car from being stolen while you’re away.

The Top Car Seat Travel Bags on Amazon Canada

While picking out the best car seat travel bags might seem simple enough, there are certain criteria to consider in this regard. Fitment, durability, storage, and even style are all important factors. The following entries outshine the competitions in each of those aspects.

1. MyEasy Convertible Car Seat Travel Bag

With massive dimensions, MyEasy Convertible Bag will accommodate car seats of all sizes. The bag also keeps the seat completely clean and dry, since it’s made of premium, waterproof nylon. Designed in blue with beautiful graphics, this bag will also look great while you carry it around. Best of all, once it’s empty, you can compact the bag to fit into a relatively small pouch.

Amazon Rating: 4.7

2. J.L. Childress Ultimate Car Seat Travel Bag

Coming from an industry veteran of nearly two decades, the J. L. Childress Ultimate Bag represent peak reliability, functionality, and style. The bag is thickly padded for extra security to ensure the seat survives the often tough luggage handling. The bag is also water-resistant and sturdy, capable of withstanding abrasion and scratches.

Amazon Rating: 4.6

3. Reperkid Gate Check Bag

The Reperkid Gate Check Bag is designed with special attention to durability and functionality. It will take plenty of force to tear or otherwise damage the heavy-duty, double-stitched nylon that makes up this bag. Beside the protection, this quality car seat travel bag is easier to carry thanks to specially designed shoulder straps. Best of all, once the bag has served its purpose, you can fold it up into a small, convenient pouch.

Amazon Rating: 4.6

4. GeTump Car Seat Travel Bag

Made of tough Oxford fabric, the GeTump Car Seat Travel Bag will meet any challenge head-on. It’s resistant to wear and tear and staves off water with ease. Better yet, the stitches on this bag are reinforced so that no part of the accessory will rip, even when handled particularly roughly. Plus, when you need to pack the bag itself, it will fit easily into your kid’s stroller basket.

Amazon rating: 4.6

5. Baby & Beyond Custom Padded Travel Bag

The Baby & Beyond Custom Padded Travel Bag looks almost too stylish to be called a bag. It comes in black with a tasteful white logo and simple but sturdy straps. But behind its sleek surface, the bag is a juggernaut. Its ripstop fabric will prevent any damage from the outside, while the padding will protect the seat inside.

Amazon Rating: 4.6

6. ProFaster Car Seat Travel Bag

With generous dimensions that surpass most of the competition, the ProFaster Car Seat Travel Bag can fit nearly every seat on the market. In fact, the bag will probably have some extra space once you put the seat into it, allowing you to bring along additional supplies in the same packaging. Additionally, this bag is extremely resilient and durable, thanks to the double-stitched Oxford fabric. And once you no longer need the bag, you can pack it into a convenient pouch.

Amazon Rating: 4.6

7. ProFaster Car Seat Travel Backpack

The ProFaster Car Seat Travel Backpack has similar qualities as the previous product from the same manufacturer. However, this variant is softer, although the material it’s made of is just as tough – in fact, it’s the same polyester responsible for the amazing durability of the ProFaster Bag. You can rest assured the seat won’t suffer any damage, regardless of how it’s handled along the way.

Amazon Rating: 4.5

8. Simple Being Baby Car Seat Travel Bag

If you want a safe and easy way to transport your baby car seat, the Simple Being Travel Bag is the answer. Apart from the safety and sturdiness that are standard among the best car seat travel bags, this product is designed for the utmost ease of use. It features extensive padding and reinforcements, both on the shoulder straps and the practical handle. This bag comes with a satisfaction guarantee and a 1-year warranty.

Amazon Rating: 4.5

9. Alnoor Car Seat Travel Bag

The Alnoor Car Seat Travel Bag can count among the essential travel accessories. The bag is highly practical, built with generous dimensions, and extremely protective. Whatever dimensions your seat may be, chances are it will fit into this bag with room to spare. And wherever you take it, it will resist any dirt that may come its way. With a double handle and a convenient, padded shoulder strap, the bag will be easy to carry.

Amazon Rating: 4.5

10. Birdee Backless Booster Seat Travel Bag

Made of the highest-quality nylon and crafted specifically to prevent seam tears, the Birdee Backless Booster Seat Travel Bag is as sturdy as they come. You’ll have no trouble bringing your kid’s booster seat along with this bag, as its design ensures easy carrying along with ultimate damage protection. The front pocket on the bag is actually a hidden pouch that serves to pack the bag once you no longer need it.

Amazon Rating: 4.5

Ensure Your Small Ones Always Have a Seat

Travelling with kids can be an enjoyable family adventure. Now you can make sure that, wherever you are, your small ones have their seat to keep them safe during car rides. The best car seat travel bags will take care of just that.

Take your pick from our list and you’ll be able to take the seat with you everywhere you go. It will guarantee convenience and give you peace of mind once you get to your destination.

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