The 10 Best Car Diffusers for Canadian Drivers

By Arthur Dubois | Published on 07 Jul 2023

The 10 Best Car Diffusers for Canadians Drivers

It’s a satisfying feeling to get into a new car and take in that great smell. Unfortunately, you can’t count on that famed “new car” smell to stick around forever – it will fade eventually. At that point, you’ll need something else to keep the inside of your vehicle smelling great.

Luckily, the car diffuser was invented for just that purpose. In fact, there’s such a massive selection of diffusers on the market today that choosing the best one could be somewhat tricky. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best car diffusers that you can buy in Canada.

Let’s look at how to choose a good car diffuser, after which we’ll give you our top 10 picks along with handy links to their pages.

Choosing a Good Car Diffuser

It might seem like picking a car diffuser is no big deal. In actuality, choosing the best product for your vehicle will require you to consider several factors: design, water-mixed or waterless, custom settings and features, material, power source, and emission time.

When it comes to the design, you should think about the look as well as functionality. Of course, the diffuser will be in the middle of your cabin, so it needs to fit the space. But just as importantly, it will need to be fit in aesthetically as well.

Next, diffusers will either require water to function, or they will work without it. For example, standard diffusers need water, while vent clips and nebulising diffusers don’t.

In terms of settings, some diffusers will allow you to set the speed of mist release, any lights or colours, and, in certain cases, even automatic shutoff. In that regard, more setting controls are better, so you should choose a diffuser with the most customization options.

Most diffusers are made of plastic, which can be okay for many, but you might want to explore other options, too. There are non-plastic diffusers, as well as those with special, healthier and environmentally friendly plastics.

Finally, how the diffuser charges and how long it can run on a charge will also be vital. Fortunately, most modern diffusers will share the same power type: USB. Similarly, most will run between two and eight hours before the liquid depletes.

Finding the Best Car Diffuser: The Top 10 in Canada


The UrrSovv diffuser is stylish, built of quality materials, and made to fit the cup holder in your car. The diffuser requires water to run and is powered via a USB adapter. It’s made of ABS plastic which is BPA-free. The diffuser has timer settings and allows users to switch between seven LED light types.

The price for this product is $27.99.


Diptyque diffusers are luxury products, which dictates their high price. The particular product we’re listing here – Roses – has a metal grill that you can adjust to control the intensity of the fragrance emitted. The diffuser works in one-hour cycles (10 minutes of diffusion and 10 minutes of pause time) and can work for 80 cycles. This product doesn’t require power or water – all you need to do is attach the diffuser to the ventilation grill.

The Roses Diptyque diffuser costs $368.06.


Nadiho diffusers have a unique cylindrical design that attaches to the ventilation grill. The cylinders contain refill sticks that don’t have a scent of their own. Instead, you can drip the essential oil of your choice on them, and they’ll release the scent evenly.

The cylindrical Nadiho diffusers come in packs of three and cost $25.59.


The Greenair diffuser is an electrical car device that will fit into your car’s power outlet. It’s waterless and contains scentless refill pads. Adding up to 15 drops of the essential oil of your choice will be enough to freshen up your car. The diffuser even features a USB exit port so you can charge a different device through it.

The Greenair diffuser costs $16.61.


The AoMck diffuser is designed for cup holders and can be activated by a single touch. This diffuser uses water and can be set to continuous or intermittent action. The device is made of BPA-free plastic and powered via USB.

The AoMck diffuser costs $27.99.


The RoyAroma diffuser consists of a decorative locket made of stainless steel and includes pads that you can dose with essential oils. The lockets clip onto the ventilation grill, which means the diffuser doesn’t need additional power to work. Since the device isn’t powered, there are, naturally, no lighting or programming options.

The RoyAroma diffuser costs $22.55.


Unee creates stylish diffusers that will be a decorative addition to your car’s cup holder. They are the size of a typical Coke can and have a capacity of 100 ml. The device is powered through your car’s 12V outlet or USB. It needs water to work and will shut down automatically if the water reservoir is depleted.

The Unee diffuser costs $28.99.


Housweety diffusers are made of stainless steel and come in different intricate designs. The one we particularly like is the wonderfully intricate Celtic knot. This diffuser features a magnetic locket that keeps the refill pads in place and clips onto the car’s vent. Of course, these pads are used for absorbing essential oils that release the scent naturally and without additional power.

The Housweety ventilation grill diffuser costs $14.89.


The Amir diffuser is made of natural materials like lava and mahogany in combination with stainless steel. The wooden housing features six bottom holes and contains lava beads that absorb the essential oil you drop into the diffuser. Then, without the need for power, the diffuser releases the scent evenly while it hangs on your ventilation grill.

The Amir diffuser is sold in pairs and costs $14.99.


The Agus diffuser is solar-powered and emits a scent when triggered by sunlight or any other light source. The diffuser is designed to resemble a helicopter with propellers that rotate upon activation. You can drop the essential oil on the beech chip contained within the diffuser.

The Agus diffuser is made of plastic and aluminum alloy and costs $22.79.

Essential Considerations When Using a Car Diffuser

Believe it or not, using a car diffuser properly requires some consideration, too. In fact, certain factors can impact your safety while driving.

First, specific essential oils used in diffusers can bring on a feeling of drowsiness, which is obviously not ideal for drivers. To that end, you should stay away from scents like sandalwood, marjoram, sage, and chamomile.

On a similar note, over-saturating your cabin with diffuser mist can be harmful and distracting. Essential oils are meant for use in rooms and similar larger spaces and should be used sparsely in constricted spaces like car cabins. Ideally, your diffuser shouldn’t be active for more than half an hour at one time. If you can’t set your model to shut off automatically, you’ll need to remember to unplug it.

Finally, the diffuser should be placed so that it doesn’t obstruct your vision. In particular, you should refrain from hanging anything – including a car diffuser – on your rear-view mirror. Be especially cautious with objects that reflect light.

Get the Best Car Diffuser for Your Vehicle

Small things in your car can make a massive difference in your driving experience, and that’s precisely the case with car diffusers. Once you’ve explored the subject thoroughly, you’ll know precisely which product is the best for you, and our list will be helpful in that regard.

Go ahead and choose your favourite car diffuser and keep in mind the appropriate scent for the space and location. You’ll find your future rides much more enjoyable.

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