Top 12 Car Washes in Toronto to Keep Your Ride Shining

By Arthur Dubois | Published on 18 Aug 2023

Top 12 Car Washes in Toronto to Keep Your Ride Shining

    Keeping your vehicle looking good in Toronto can be a challenge. From winter slush to summer dust, the city’s elements can quickly dull your car’s shine. Luckily, Toronto boasts an array of top-tier car washes ready to rejuvenate your ride. Dive into our list of the Top 12 Car Washes in Toronto and discover where to give your vehicle the royal treatment it deserves.

    What to Consider When Choosing a Car Wash Toronto

    Before digging into the 12 Toronto car washes we’ve chosen, it’s worth highlighting a few factors to consider that may help you to make your choice.

    Factor 1 – Location Convenience

    There’s no use finding a car wash that offers a great price (and good service) if you have to drive dozens of miles just to get to it. You’ll waste so much money on fuel that any savings you make are negligible. And let’s face it – who wants that level of inconvenience? So, location is usually the priority when choosing a car wash. You want something nearby and accessible.

    Factor 2 – Car Wash Price

    Once you’ve found a car wash or two in convenient locations, you’ll turn your eye to dollars and cents. Prices vary widely between car washes based on two factors – the type of service you buy and the regularity of washing.

    Starting with service type, a basic wash should cost you around $15 to $20, with premium washes climbing as high as $500. There are plenty in between (waxing costs extra, for instance), so your cost can vary due to add-ons to a basic wash as much as it can based on the differences between standard and premium washes.

    Then, there’s regularity – the more often you wash your car, the more you’ll pay for washing. Sounds obvious, right? But if you’re the sort of person who washes their car several times a month, you may find a car wash subscription service is more economical than paying for single washes at a local car wash.

    Factor 3 – Quality of the Wash

    Even with an automated car wash, you still need to confirm that the tools used to clean your vehicle are good enough for the job. In other words, any car wash service can leave your vehicle’s bodywork sparkling, but a truly great car wash Toronto handles the undercarriage, too.

    That’s crucial because your undercarriage is exposed to even more road grime than the bodywork. There’s no point in having a sparkling and pretty car if corrosion is eating away at the vehicle’s underbelly. A good clean, even for the parts of your car that nobody sees, solves that problem.

    12 of the Best Car Wash Toronto Citizens Can Use

    With the three big factors in mind, these are the 12 best car washes Toronto has to offer.

    Splash and Shine Car Wash

    Splash and Shine may make it seem like it takes a haphazard approach to washing based on its name, but it’s really anything but. The company specializes in hand car washing and auto detailing, with the latter handling many of the undercarriage issues that we mentioned as factors affecting your car wash decision.

    Granted, it’s not the cheapest car wash around. Expect to pay upwards of $200 if you want a full detailing service (though your car will be spotless as a result). There are cheaper options, though, starting with an exterior handwash that only costs $19.99 plus tax.

    Location: 1901 Danforth Avenue, Toronto, ON M4C 1J5

    Fine Finish Auto Detail

    Pair an average 4.9-star review on Google with several five-star reviews on Yably and you get a car wash that clearly offers a great service. Fine Finish Auto Detail services run the gamut from a basic exterior wash to complete detailing.

    But be aware – you’ll pay a premium for what it does. Prices start at $25 for the exterior wash on a regular car and up to a staggering $325 for complete detailing inside and out. You can also pay an extra $49 to have the crew disinfect your vehicle, though you could argue that’s what the cleaning is supposed to do.

    Location: 35 Church Street, Toronto, Ontario. Indigo Parking Level 1

    The Finishing Touch

    As the name implies, The Finishing Touch is all about giving your car that final little thing that makes it sparkle. It does everything in hand car washing, too.

    Beyond the standard interior and exterior washes, services include full steam cleaning, stain removal, paint touch-ups, and odour removal – everything you need to get your car looking as good as new.

    Location: The Finishing Touch, North York, Ontario, Canada

    Nanak Car Wash

    Based in North York, Nanak has been around since 2004 because it makes things easier for the car owner. You get a range of service options, with prices varying from about $20 for a simple interior clean-up to about $140 for full detailing.

    We also like its anti-rust service. Granted, it’s a touch on the costly side, but it’s the sort of service many car wash Toronto owners overlook, despite rust being a car killer.

    Location: 1125 Sheppard Ave E, Toronto, Ontario

    RS Auto Spa

    “High-end detailing” is the claim RS Auto Spa makes on its website, and you can’t dent that’s what you get. Taking the polar opposite approach to Bathurst, RS Auto Spa offers a ton of services that go beyond standard car washing. Application of paint protection film, ceramic coatings, and scratch repair are all part of its optional menu of car “spa treatments.”

    You’ll pay a pretty penny for its services, especially if you opt for some of the more luxurious detailing services, but RS is ideal if you have a luxury vehicle that you want to keep looking great.

    Location: 1100 Finch Ave W #11b, Toronto, Ontario M3J 2E2

    Junction Car Wash

    Experience is what Junction Car Wash brings to the table.

    The company has been family-operated since its 1978 formation, with that sheer depth of experience meaning they already have plenty of loyal customers. Granted, that age is visible in some of the machinery Junction uses. A few pieces could use an update.

    But with that age comes a great understanding of service. Free vacuums are available if you want to handle a quick upholstery cleaning on your own, as is a drive-through wash if you don’t need a full detail.

    Location: 3193 Dundas St W, Toronto, Ontario

    VIP Car Wash

    VIP combines exceptional detailing services with a couple of self-service options, so you can pick your own poison when it comes to how you wash your car.

    The automatic car wash is the stand-out here. It gives you nine wash options, with VIP saying that every wash uses purified water combined with quality chemicals. They also run a car wash subscription – spend between $63.99 and $87.99 (depending on your membership level) to get five washes to use over 30 days.

    Location: 3595 Bathurst Street, North York, ON, M6A 2E2

    New Image Car Spa

    With its 4.77-star average rating from Yably, New Image Car Spa sets its stall out as a customer-friendly option. It also offers a solid range of services, from hand washing and waxing to full detailing packages.

    The latter doesn’t come cheap, though, with prices starting at $169.50 (tax included) and going up to over $400 for detailing that includes machine polishing your car and shampooing the interior.

    Location: 78 Holly Street, M4S 3C9, Toronto, Ontario

    K A Car Care

    Specificity in service is K A Car Care’s modus operandi.

    They do every single wash by hand, letting you see what the crew is getting up to as they work. But it’s the range of service options that gets it onto this list, as it has specific services for things like removing tree sap or blasting bed bugs that somehow get into your car.

    You have to pre-book (K A takes its time with the cars it washes), and prices are on the expensive side, starting at $35 for a simple exterior wash. But you really get the “detail” in auto detailing with K A.

    Location: 110 Queen St W Green P, Toronto, Ontario

    Crosstown Car Wash

    With automatic car washing starting from $20, Crosstown is a great car wash Toronto if you need something quick and simple. They also have four locations in Toronto – North York, Rexdale, Dupont, and Yorkdale.

    Like VIP, Crosstown has a car wash subscription, though it seems to work a little differently. Rather than paying a monthly fee, you download an app and book washes as you need them. Each wash earns you loyalty points that you can spend on rewards.

    Main Location: 1212 Dupont St, Toronto, ON M6H 2A4, Canada

    Bayview Car Wash

    With over 250 reviews on Google (amounting to an average 4.1-star rating), Bay View has a solid reputation. And it backs that reputation up with a friendly service that meshes efficiency with a clear desire to get your car looking as good as it can look.

    For about $45, you get a solid exterior and interior clean, though the latter isn’t as comprehensive as you may like. Bay View won’t vacuum your trunk, for instance, but they’ll make sure the upholstery looks tidy and leave the car looking shiny on the forecourt.

    Location: 1802 Bayview Ave, Toronto, ON M4G 4G7

    Bathurst Car Wash

    Ideal for people on a budget, Bathurst takes a different approach to washing cars – it lets you do it yourself.

    So, you don’t get full detailing from Bathurst. But what you do get is access to cleaning equipment you likely don’t have at home, as well as control over what you clean and what you don’t. Pressure tools come as standard, and they’re a great choice if your car needs a quick rinse and you’re on a budget – you only need $2 to get a cleaning spot.

    Location: 1109 Bathurst St, Toronto, ON M5R 3H1, Canada

    Get a Nice, Clean Car

    You need a car wash. Toronto delivers dozens of options spread across the city. The 12 highlighted here run the gamut from self-service car washes (great for those on a budget) to full detailing that can cost close to $500 for a complete clean.

    As for which to choose – that’s up to you, your cleaning needs, and your budget. Check out each of the car washes listed and you’re sure to find one that suits your needs.

    Arthur Dubois is a personal finance writer at Hardbacon. Since relocating to Canada, he has successfully built his credit score from scratch and begun investing in the stock market. In addition to his work at Hardbacon, Arthur has contributed to Metro newspaper and several other publications