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National Bank Mastercard Corporate Card

Interest Rates
19.15 %Purchase
9.90 %Cash Advance
Annual Fees
$35Main Cardholer
$35Additional Card





Trip interruption

Trip interruption insurance covers up to $2,000 per person. with up to $250 per person per day for subsistence.

Flight delay

If flights are delayed for more than 4 hours, passengers that booked with the card are entitled to up to $1,000 per person per trip


Auto rental coverage

Rental vehicles with an MSRP under $65,000 are insured against accidents, theft, and other uncontrollable damages. Up to $500 per person per rental for personal items Plus coverage for loss of life and limbs due to an accident.


Travel accident

The common career travel accident insurance will cover you for up to $250,000.


Lost or stolen baggage `insurance

Travel with peace of mind as your luggage is covered for up to $250 per item and per trip for baggage theft, damage or loss


Emergency purchases

Mastercard Corporate Card holders are entitled to up to $1000 per person and per trip for baggage delay



Worldwide customer service

National Bank ranks #1 among credit card issuers for Customer Experience according to the Forrester CX Index1, so you can expect top-notch worldwide customer service.

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