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What is dental insurance?

When you have a bad tooth, do you opt for the best treatment or the one that costs the least? Does your teenager need orthodontics? The care that will restore their bright smile will cost you thousands of dollars. Everyone has to go to the dentist from time to time, and these fees can be difficult to afford. Insurance can help reduce these costs. For a few dollars, a month, you can significantly reduce your bill. In Canada, dental cleanings, examinations, X-rays, braces, bridges, dentures and crowns are usually not covered by provincial health programs, with a few exceptions. They are therefore almost totally private and rather expensive. A simple dental cleaning followed by an examination by a dentist easily costs over $200. Private dental insurance, individual or family, is used to cover a good portion of the dental costs for you or your family, so you do not have to dip into your savings at the wrong time. It can cover health problems related to teeth and gums, as well as prevention and cleaning. Reimbursements range from 50% to 100% of costs, depending on the coverage chosen.

If you need certain medically necessary procedures, such as oral surgery, the costs are covered by most provincial health plans. You need to check with your province if the procedure requires it be performed in a hospital. With the exception of certain services in British Columbia, orthodontics are not covered by provincial plans. Dental insurance may be included in a more comprehensive health plan offered by your employer. However, check to see if your coverage is sufficient for you and your family. Plus, if you’re nearing retirement, it may be time to shop around for your own insurance. When buying private insurance, you’ll find that insurers rarely offer dental coverage alone. You will see several proposals for plans that include drug, dental and vision coverage. It’s up to you to see if this type of policy meets your needs. Dental insurance itself is also divided into several plans, including a basic, extended or comprehensive plan. So, you have the opportunity to sign a contract that really suits you.

Oral health and dentist visits are essential to the overall health of your family. An unhealthy mouth can affect your general well being. Your dentist can remove plaque and tartar and detect problems as early as possible before they get worse. Do not deprive yourself of good health by avoiding dental appointments simply because fees are not covered. Cavities and gingivitis can become very bothersome and worsen to lead to repeated infections if you don’t see a dentist. Instead, get a dental insurance that fits your needs.

Hints and tips on how to save money on your next dental insurance policy in Canada

Buy your dental insurance as soon as possible

As with most insurance policies, the price of a dental policy increases depending on various factors, including age. In addition, most insurers require a certain amount of time before a claim can be made. Don’t wait until you need a dental crown to purchase dental insurance! If you see your parents suffering with gum problems, don’t delay applying for dental insurance. Same thing if your oldest child needed orthodontics, because chances are his or her siblings will need this type of care too.

Choose semi-annual or annual payments

Your insurer will probably offer you a choice of monthly, semi-annual or annual premium payments. If they don’t offer it outright, ask them. By choosing a quarterly payment frequency, you can save about 2% off the total premium. If you prefer an annual payment frequency, this savings can increase to 4% of the premium. Since you will probably be renewing your dental insurance for several years, these savings will become significant over time.

Get a tax credit

You read that right! You can get a reimbursed for a part of your dental insurance premium by the Canada Revenue Agency in the form of a tax credit. When you file your income tax, dental procedures and insurance premiums are considered medical expenses!

Only take out dental care insurance

Many insurers only offer dental insurance when its bundled with other health coverage, like prescription drug coverage or eye health. If your needs are met and your current insurance coverage is enough, you can save money by purchasing standalone dental insurance. This way you don’t have to buy comprehensive health insurance that you don’t need. Our insurance comparison tool shows you if the policy you are interested in offers a separate dental package.

Frequently asked questions about dental insurance

Are dental implants covered by dental insurance in Canada?

Dental implants are covered by some insurance companies depending on the plan you choose. Know that they are rarely included in a basic plan. You’ll probably need to choose a comprehensive coverage if you think you’ll need implants in the next few years. Also, pay attention to the annual limit of care that is covered by your insurer. Some have a limit of $500 per year and you won’t be able to claim more than that, even if your implant costs you a few thousand dollars.

How much does a dental bridge cost without insurance?

An implant-supported bridge and the two implants can cost you more than $10,000. With crowns on natural teeth instead of implants, you’ll pay between $4,000 and $6,000. For a Maryland bridge, where the artificial is mounted on a metal framework that is bonded to the back of the anchor teeth, you’ll spend about $2,000. These amounts include pre-surgery evaluation, implant placement, post-surgery follow-up, in addition to the fabrication and installation of the bridge. The cost may vary depending on the other procedures you need, such as the need to perform a bone graft.

Are braces covered by dental insurance?

Braces are an important part of orthodontic care. According to the Quebec Association of Orthodontists, four million people in Canada and the United States are currently undergoing treatment with an orthodontist, in addition to those being treated by their family dentist. More than 20% of orthodontic patients are adults. However, Braces are not covered by provincial health care plans. Orthodontics is nevertheless included in several dental insurance contracts. It all depends on the coverage you have chosen. Since this type of care is very expensive, check to see if there is an additional delay between the time you purchase the insurance and the time you can file a claim.

Does life insurance cover dental?

Life insurance is a type of insurance that comes into play in the event of death. It provides financial protection when the insured person dies. The beneficiaries of this insurance, such as their children, parents or spouse, then receive a sum of money. Life insurance is therefore not intended to cover dental care. However, medical or health insurance can include dental coverage. It is even common for an insurer to require you to purchase comprehensive health insurance to receive dental coverage.

What should I do if I don't have dental insurance?

If you don’t have dental insurance, you’ll have to pay all the costs out of pocket. An annual exam and cleaning can easily cost you close to $200. In addition, it is impossible to predict whether you will need a root canal in two years. And if you are an athlete, a blow to the teeth may lead you to expensive treatments. Use our comparison tool to see the price you can get for dental insurance. It can be worthwhile to sign up when you don’t have major dental needs yet. When the time comes, you will be happy to be insured and receive compensation instead of dipping into your savings to cover the costs.

How much does dental insurance cost in Canada?

The private insurance premium you pay varies according to your age and situation. Some plans cost as little as $65 a month, but premiums depend on your plan and how many people are covered.

Is dental insurance tax deductible?

Not exactly. Dental expenses paid may qualify for a tax credit and this includes a portion of the insurance premiums. This credit exists at both the federal and provincial levels. You must identify the dental expenses and insurance premiums as medical expenses to get the tax credit. If you are self-employed, you may also choose to deduct your dental insurance premium from your taxable income. Consult your accountant to see if this is a possibility and which option is best for you.

Can I get dental insurance and use it right away?

In most cases, the answer is no. The length of time between signing the insurance contract and making a claim depends on the plan you choose and the insurer. Most dental insurance policies have waiting periods of a few weeks during which you are not covered. For some major treatments, this period can be as long as 2 years, which is why it is important to purchase insurance early. This is particularly the case for orthodontic treatments with some insurers. This wait is made to discourage people from applying for a new policy to cover impending procedures.

Can i get dental insurance without a job?

If you lost your job recently, you probably lost your health and dental insurance included in your benefits package. So, it’s time to shop around for your private insurance or postpone your dental care until you get a better job. If you’ve left your job to become self-employed, it’s also time to protect yourself with health insurance. Insurers may check your credit score before signing a policy and ask questions about your situation, including your employment status and how long it has been since termination. This is normal and will influence your premium. Different provinces have different dental programs for people in specific circumstances, for example children and youth, or those with disabilities. You should check with your home province for details.

Does dental insurance cover bonding?

Dental bonding is a mainly cosmetic procedure. It is painless and includes the repair of a chipped or broken tooth and the closing of small spaces between teeth. Some insurers cover part of the costs of the bonding but don’t expect to find it included in most policies. Since it is a cosmetic procedure, this coverage is not usually offered. However, if a broken tooth threatens to split all the way to your gums and affect your health, it may be covered for this reason.

Does dental insurance cover dentures?

Removable dentures are usually included in the coverage offered by insurers. In Canada, the percentage of the population that is completely toothless, that is, no longer has any natural teeth, is constantly decreasing. It’s hard to imagine that nearly 50% of people aged 65 and over were toothless in 1990, while this percentage has since dropped to under 30%. Nevertheless, the use of dentures affects a large number of Canadians. It is therefore reassuring to know that these dentures are partially reimbursed by most insurance plans.

How to use your dental insurance?

To be able to make the best use of dental insurance, it is important to sign up early, when you do not need it yet. Why? Because there are certain deadlines to meet before submitting a claim. When the time comes, you can contact the insurance company by phone, online or submit a paper form to request a reimbursement. The easiest method is to open an account, for example with the insurance company’s app, and use that account to make a claim. Don’t lose your bills, as you’ll need to submit them to prove the costs you’ve paid. Dentists and pharmacists may also be able to claim certain amounts directly. In this case, present them with your insurance card. You will receive it in the mail or be able to download it in the app. The company will check to see if the dental care received is on the list of reimbursable benefits before paying.

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