Use plastic, save the planet. Wait, what? The Mogo Visa Platinum Prepaid Card is Canada’s very first environmentally-friendly form of payment. I didn’t know payments needed to be environmentally friendly, but I do now. Mogo will plant one tree every time you use their Visa Platinum Prepaid Card to make a purchase.  But why would they do that? And what other crazy things can this card do? Let’s take a look at the Mogo Visa Platinum Prepaid Card and what it has to offer, besides saving the world.

What is the Mogo Visa Platinum Prepaid Card?

The Mogo Platinum Visa Prepaid Card is not a credit card. It’s a prepaid card you load with your own money, usually from your bank account. You can use the card everywhere Visa is accepted, just like a real credit card. But since you’re not borrowing money, you’ll never owe a balance when you use your Mogo card. 

Prepaid cards are the real hero for those who are unable to obtain a traditional credit card. If you have a below-average credit score, no credit history, or you’re too young to qualify for a credit card on your own, a prepaid card allows you to access all the same goods, services, and rewards you would get with a traditional credit card. And you get all those perks without a credit check, racking up debt, or paying interest.

Why is the Mogo Visa Platinum Prepaid Card Code Red feature important?

The UN Secretary-General just called a global state of emergency when he labelled climate change as a “code red for humanity.” On the heels of that sobering news, Mogo has partnered with Veritree, a Canadian company out of Vancouver, to plant one tree for every Mogo Visa Platinum Prepaid Card transaction. Order pizza, help the environment. It doesn’t get much easier than that. 

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably noticed some pretty wild changes in your local weather. No, it’s not in your head. Climate change is impacting all of us. From wildfires in BC and Ontario to record-breaking summer heatwaves and unprecedented winter cold snaps. From floods on the coast to droughts on the prairies, things are getting intense. And it’s all our fault; human activity. We can point fingers and try to blame capitalism, but the buck stops with us. 

According to the Government of Canada, we produced 730 megatonnes of CO2 in 2019. Mogo has some pretty lofty goals when it comes to reducing Canada’s ginormous carbon footprint, but you know what they say, “go big or go home.” According to their blog, Mogo’s goal is to capture 17% of all cashless transactions in Canada. If they can do that, they’d end up planting 3 billion trees. That would make Canada a carbon-neutral country. Can one company really do that? They sure can, with your help! 

By switching to the Mogo Platinum Visa Prepaid Card, you’ll be actively participating in positive change, even if it doesn’t feel very active.  I can’t think of a better way to help the planet than to make green living easy and accessible to everyone.  If you’ve ever felt guilty about using plastic bags or throwing your milk cartons into the trash instead of the recycling bin, now’s the time to redeem yourself. With pretty much zero effort, you can make a huge impact.

What are the other features of the Mogo Visa Platinum Prepaid Card?

Get Bitcoin cash back rewards

Originally, its flagship feature was Bitcoin cash back rewards, the first prepaid card on the market to offer digital currency as a product perk. Luckily, it still has that feature. Currently, you’ll receive 2% cash back Bitcoin rewards on all eligible purchases that you make with the card. It’s the easiest way to grab your piece of the crypto pie without risking your hard-earned bacon.

It’s a low-cost rewards card

If you love credit card rewards, you know the best credit card perks come with higher annual card fees. While you can get inexpensive credit cards with low or no annual fees, the rewards are usually underwhelming. The more you pay for the card, the more you get. The Mogo Platinum Visa Prepaid Card has no annual fee and offers rewards like Bitcoin. Bitcoin has been the best performing asset class in the last 10 years.  That means the rewards you’ve earned have the potential to dramatically increase in value without having to accumulate more.

You get more financial stability

Mogo has integrated budgeting features to help you save more. With a prepaid card, you have to load money you already have onto the card before you can use it. That means you cannot overspend the money in your personal bank account since the card is not directly linked to it like a traditional debit card. Mogo takes money management several steps further by suggesting a daily budget, allowing you to set spending limits, and providing push notifications that keep you on track to achieve your financial goals.

Free credit score monitoring and identity fraud protection

As financial technology evolves and becomes more sophisticated, so do the bad guys. With an active Mogo card, you’ll get free credit score monitoring and identity fraud protection. You can keep track of changes on your credit file to make sure new credit isn’t being opened in your name. Mogo will send you monthly updates about your credit file so you always know exactly where you stand.

Drawbacks to consider

The risks of Bitcoin

If you’re new to crypto, you might not realize how volatile Bitcoin can be. It’s highly speculative and has yet to reach mainstream adoption. Its value changes considerably from day to day. One moment your Bitcoin rewards may be worth a lot, and the next day they could lose half their value or more. If you prefer stable cash back rewards that maintain their worth, this is not the rewards card for you.

It doesn’t help build your credit score

One of the easiest ways to increase your credit score is to use a credit card and pay off the balance each month. You won’t get that with a prepaid card. That’s because the card is loaded with money you already have. You are not borrowing money when you make a purchase. Prepaid cards are not credit products, so they don’t report to the credit bureaus. Using a prepaid card for your day-to-day spending does nothing for your credit score. If you’re looking to repair your credit, a prepaid card will not help you.

There is no consumer protection

While prepaid cards are starting to offer competitive rewards programs similar to their credit card counterparts, you’re still missing out on other key features. Almost every single credit card on the market offers some sort of purchase protection or extended warranty on goods you purchase with the card. But you won’t get that same protection with a prepaid card. You’ll also miss out on travel and medical insurance that many credit cards offer when you book a trip with their card.


Of course, there is no such thing as a perfect card. Every financial product has some sort of downside. But as a banking industry insider, the Mogo Platinum Visa Prepaid Card gets my seal of approval. As a crypto enthusiast, I’m partial to the Bitcoin cash back rewards. But the new Code Red feature is a total game-changer. I care about the environment, but living sustainably usually takes a back seat to my personal comfort. Mogo has created a foolproof way for every Canadian to do their part. I like the idea of planting trees more than I actually like planting trees. If you’ve ever done it, you know it’s back-breaking work. But if all I have to do is swipe a card, sign me up. So do it, treat yo’self. Buy the shoes and save the world. Capitalism never felt so good.

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