Robo-advisors are online portfolio management services that do not require interaction between the client and the portfolio manager.

In Canada, robo-advisors (or robo-advisers) have little to do with Terminator-like killer robots. In fact, these investment services employ real-life portfolio managers to manage their clients’ money. So no robot actually buys or sells on the stock markets.

The portfolio managers who work for robo-advisors build several portfolios corresponding to different risk profiles. When opening an account with a robo-advisor, several questions are asked to determine the client’s risk profile and thus determine the most suitable portfolio.

While Canadian robo-advisors use predefined portfolio templates, robo-advisor services in the United States offer automated portfolio management.

The main advantages of using robo-advisors are that it requires no investment knowledge and they provide attractive transaction costs. You can compare robo-advisors by using Hardbacon’s comparison tool.

Synonyms: Robo-manager

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