10 Best Canadian Make Money Online Blogs

make money online

When it comes to earning money, we are truly living at a unique point in history. That’s because it has never been easier to make money using nothing more than a computer and an internet connection. These days, you can use the internet to build a business, make money freelancing, or find work in the gig economy. But, with so many possibilities out there it can be a little difficult to filter through your options. To help out, we’ve identified our 10 favorite Canadian make-money online blogs. Let’s take a look.

Swift Salary

Swift Salary is one of the best internet resources when it comes to learning how to make, manage, and multiply money. In particular, the “make money” section focuses on how you can increase your monthly income through side hustles and work-from-home opportunities. Under “manage money” you’ll learn the basics behind saving money and budgeting. Finally, the “multiply money” section will tell you the best ways to invest and earn passive income. Another great aspect of Swift Salary is its “Hustle Finder” tool. This tool helps you identify ways to earn additional income from side hustles, the gig economy, and cashback rewards. 

The Financial Geek

Most personal finance sites will try to post content on dozens of different topics. Either that or they have a million different podcasts and social pages to keep up with. The Financial Geek offers a refreshing break from an overabundance of content. Instead, they offer simple tips and guidance on how to properly manage your money. The writers are also sure to state that they are not certified financial professionals. They are simply informed individuals looking to make a difference in other people’s financial lives.

Bella Wanana’s Blog

Bella Wanana is a freelance writer that enjoys blogging about personal finance and leading a balanced lifestyle. During the day, she works in commercial finance and is in the process of becoming a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA). Her blog covers a range of tips and tricks that can help you make, save, and manage your money more efficiently.  Don’t let her easy-to-read writing style fool you though. Bella’s blog posts have been featured on major sites like Financial Post, MSN, The Financial Diet, and more. 

Wealth Awesome

Christopher Liew is a Chartered Financial Analyst that has been in the finance industry for 11 years. He’s also one of the top money influencers in Canada. After seeing lots of clients making questionable financial decisions, Chris got inspired to start Wealth Awesome in 2019. Since then, it has turned into one of the fastest-growing personal finance blogs in Canada. Chris is very passionate about the digital nomad lifestyle and considers himself a pro at making money online. If you are interested in topics like working from home, earning passive income online, and becoming a digital nomad then Wealth Awesome is definitely a must-read. Wealth Awesome has been featured on The Motley Fool, Yahoo Finance!, and Business Insider.

Maple Money

Tom Drake is another money influencer and the founder and main writer for Maple Money. He claims that no matter where you are at in your financial journey, Maple Money can help you reach your personal finance goals. This blog writes about credit cards, banking + investing, as well as a general “Learn” section. Underneath the learn section, there are dozens of articles on how to make more money. This includes things like making more money from home, how to earn more from your career, and how to start/grow a business. If you enjoy learning about Canadia-specific money stories and strategies then Maple Money is the right blog for you. 

Savvy New Canadians

Savvy New Canadians tagline is “Save. Invest. Retire Early”. This blog categorizes content into 12 different sections, including an entire section dedicated to earning extra income. It claims that the five easiest ways to do this are starting a blog or online business, earning passive income, or getting a gig/remote job. Savvy New Canadians is one of the biggest personal finance blogs in Canada and brought in approximately 5.2 million viewers in 2020.

Online Business Canada

As you might’ve guessed from the name, Online Business Canada is one of the nation’s foremost authorities in making money online. It boasts 22 different categories in total including eCommerce, affiliate income, and small business. If you have aspirations of making money online then Online Business Canada is a must-read. It has got so much content that even seasoned professionals could probably learn something new by visiting this site.

Oberlo’s Blog

Dropshipping is a style of business where you ship products from a supplier directly to your customer. In this sense, you act as a middleman and never even need to manage your own inventory. For people who are interested in dropshipping, Oberlo is a must-have tool. In addition to being a great dropshipping tool, Oberlo is a goldmine of information. Its blog posts success stories from clients, new business ideas, and best practices for using the Oberlo tool.

Nikki Blogs

If you are a woman with aspirations of making money through social media then Nikki Blogs is the blog for you. Nikki actually started making money online accidentally. She was enrolled in college but had to drop out due to health concerns with her pregnancy. With nothing but time on her hands, she started joining product review clubs and reviewing products online. Before long, brands were offering to pay her just to review their products. After this happened, she quickly rebranded Nikki Blogs to help share her experiences with others. In her own words, “my blog shares tips for new moms and teaches you how to earn money by starting a mom blog and how to get paid on Instagram.”

Ladies Making Money

Ladies Making Money is a financial blog that’s for women by women. This blog puts a huge emphasis on earning money online. However, the authors state that they don’t believe in niches. Instead, they write about any topic they want to, even if it isn’t directly related to making money online. This includes things like tips for your career, finances, traveling, and living a balanced lifestyle.

Arthur Dubois is a personal finance writer at Hardbacon. Since relocating to Canada, he has successfully built his credit score from scratch and begun investing in the stock market. In addition to his work at Hardbacon, Arthur has contributed to Metro newspaper and several other publications