Branded Surveys Review: Can Canadians Actually Make Money Taking Their Surveys?

Branded Surveys

Survey sites are extremely popular as they make it easy for anyone to make money. If you search the web, you will come across a number of survey sites, including Branded Surveys, which is one of the most popular survey sites in Canada. But, is it worth your time, and can Branded Surveys help you make extra money? That’s what I wanted to find out when I signed up. I’ll tell you how it went in this Branded Surveys analysis.

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At a glance

Branded Surveys is a user-friendly site for Canadians who like to take surveys to earn extra money. The process is simple from start to finish, but you won’t make a fortune.

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How does Branded Surveys work?

Branded Surveys is an easy to use platform. I signed up for an account and completed my profile to get access to available surveys. Unlike some other sites out there, Branded Survey only focuses on surveys and promotes itself as a research centre. There are no games or videos to enjoy.

New users like me receive 50 free points for creating an account. Once my account was activated, I was able to take surveys immediately. Even those designed to get to know me better earned me points.

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The company uses its reliable survey matching engine to find suitable surveys based on member profiles. It pays attention to factors such as your age, gender, education, and location to find surveys that match your profile. I found the engine very good as it does an excellent job of streamlining the process and eliminating the need to manually find relevant surveys.

survey spotlight

Simply log in to your account and go to the dashboard to find the surveys you can take part in. They’ll be listed right at the top and easy to find.

Each survey provides information such as the time required to complete it, the points I’ll earn for successfully completing it, and its industry sector. I use this data to determine whether or not a survey is worth taking. Unfortunately, the estimated duration indicated next to the surveys is generally not very reliable. It’s an estimate, and I’ve needed more time to complete some surveys.

Each one then offers between 30 and 200 points, and some very detailed surveys offer even more. On average, I spent between 2 and 30 minutes answering a survey.

The best thing about surveys is that there are almost always a number to choose from. New surveys are added every day. What’s more, the company offers users the option of receiving e-mail notifications when new surveys are available. We advise you to use this feature, as surveys can expire or be filled very quickly.


Question "Poll" à répondre sur Branded Surveys

Polls are found at the bottom of the dashboard and can be an easy way to earn more money. They only take about a minute to complete with each poll paying 5 points.

Branded Surveys adds new polls every day, hence be on the lookout. Also, be quick to complete available polls as they usually expire within 24 hours. 


Like most survey sites, Branded Surveys also has a referral program that rewards existing members for bringing new users. Each user receives a unique invitation link that they can use to invite new users. The system works like affiliate marketing, the more active users I get, the more money I will make. 

Branded Surveys offers 50 points per new user; however, I get them only when the new user completes at least 10 surveys in a month. Hence, only invite people who are more likely to use the platform.


Members can win extra points by taking part in daily and weekly challenges that typically revolve around completing a specific number of tasks in a day or week. For example, users can win about 50 points for completing 10 surveys in a week or inviting 10 friends in a week.

The most exciting of all challenges is the Leaderboard Challenge that rewards top performers for being active. Daily top 50 leaders earn 50 points each, weekly top 50 leaders earn 200 points, and monthly top 20 leaders earn 300 points. Also, random winners can earn up to 1,000 points.

How much money did I really make on Branded Surveys?

Récompenses gagnées sur Branded Surveys

First thing first, while Branded Surveys pays, it cannot be a substitute for a real job or career. Like most paid survey sites, it doesn’t technically put a limit on how much money one earns through the platform; however, the number of available surveys is limited. All in all, I earned a little over $7 for spending about two hours on the platform.

It usually takes around 10 minutes to complete a survey on Branded Surveys, but some surveys can be very long or complicated, taking up to 30 minutes. On the positive side, most longer surveys pay more. Earnings are difficult to estimate because some 10-minute surveys are worth as little as 20 points, while others are worth as much as 250.

By taking all the surveys available to me, I’ve earned between 300 and 500 points a day, or between $3 and $5. However, there are ways to increase this amount. The company sends out special promo codes that can be used to earn more. Finally, active members can earn significant bonuses – up to 19% more points – depending on their membership level. With these tools, you can add around 100 to 200 points a day, bringing the total to around $7 a day.

Branded Surveys membership levels

Branded Surveys has a loyalty program designed to reward loyal and returning users. Called Branded Elite, it is a three tier program that rewards members based on the number of surveys they have completed:

Bronze: Users who complete at least two surveys per month are eligible for this badge. Moreover, Bronze members can get up to 5 percent bonuses for completing at least 12 surveys per week.

Silver: Users who complete at least ten surveys per month are eligible for this badge. Moreover, Silver members enjoy a 10 percent bonus if they complete at least 12 surveys per week. It goes to 12 percent for members who complete at least 20 surveys per week, and as high as 14 percent for members who complete at least 30 surveys per week.

Gold: Members will have to complete at least 25 surveys per month to be eligible for this badge. Moreover, Gold members enjoy a 15 percent bonus if they complete at least 12 surveys per week. It goes to 17 percent for members who complete at least 20 surveys per week, and as high as 19 percent for members who complete at least 30 surveys per week.

These badges can be a little hard to retain as you must continue to complete the minimum number of surveys per week to ensure you keep your status. I personally haven’t reach the Bronze level yet. However, I think they’re worth the time and effort as they don’t only offer bonus points but also give users a chance to get featured on the Branded Leaderboard, which comes with additional perks, including a chance to enter into daily, weekly, and monthly drawings that offer up to 1,000 points per draw.

Getting paid on Branded Surveys

Notification from Branded Surveys to verify my phone number to be able to cash out

You will need to verify your cell phone number, address and e-mail address in order to withdraw funds.

Branded Surveys doesn’t technically offer money for completing surveys. It offers points that can be converted into gift cards. The company allows points to be converted to cash as well but this option is not presently available in Canada. 

Canadian users can convert points into gift cards. The conversion rate stands at $1 per 100 points. You must, however, have a minimum of 500 points to withdraw money. Also, these cards are available in $5 increments.

Withdrawal requests can take up to two business days to get approved. Once approved, I got the option to choose my preferred gift card. The card was delivered electronically within three business days. Available options include Air Canada gift cards, Esso and Mobil gift cards, Reward Link gift cards, TJX Canada gift cards, Best Buy gift cards, gift cards, Cake Beauty gift cards, Cineplex gift cards, iTunes gift cards, and many more. 

In addition, users who want more flexibility can choose to convert points into a Mastercard or Visa prepaid cards. These cards can be used at most stores.

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