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Hardbacon's various sections help you better manage all facets of your personal finances.


Hardbacon helps you turn your dreams into reality. Once you've connected your bank and investment accounts to the app, we're able to determine how you can reach your financial goals faster.

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To accomplish your financial goals, sometimes you have to reduce your expenses! Hardbacon helps you see where your money is going: in which business or in which category you spend the most, as well as what your recurring expenditures are, etc.

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Hardbacon gives you all the data you need to make better investment decisions, whether you're an independent investor or working with a financial advisor. And by making better decisions, you should be able to reach your goals faster.

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  • "Hardbacon is a great way to get a visual overview of your portfolio, see where you might need adjustments and get the tips to make the appropriate changes."

    Bertrand - Hardbacon User

  • "The Hardbacon app enables me to keep track and manage my total investment portfolio at my fingertips. With the Hardbacon app, I'm in the driver's seat."

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Our experts keep working at it

There are new additions every week. Our team of developers and designers continuously improve the application, which is updated regularly.

Personalized suggestions

We're able to make personalized suggestions based on your previous financial behaviour, which will help you get wealthier more quickly.

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Investment ideas

We are constantly adding new themed stock lists and exchange-traded funds, which will help you invest according to your beliefs.

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Exclusive offers

Get access to exclusive offers that will help you save big on an entire range of financial and other services.

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More goals

New kinds of goals will be added to the application in order to help you plan the most important events in your life.

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Designed to Keep Your Private Life Private

256-bit SSL encryption, host all the app’s data in Amazon-secured data centers, and have a team of seasoned developers with experience working for large financial institutions.

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