Align your finances to your goals.

Enter your life goals into the app and get an action plan to help you reach them.

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Accomplish your goals/objectives more quickly.

By taking all of your goals into account, Hardbacon helps you plan for the future and determine how to reach them faster. We help you choose a type of account (RRSP or TFSA?) and the amount to save monthly.

Make better financial decisions.

Important financial decisions often come with their share of rules and technicalities. We help you take this into account in your decision-making and help you to avoid making mistakes.


An action plan that updates in real-time.

The action plan updates in real time because it takes into account your income, your expenses and the evolution of your investments. What’s more, each goal is linked to an account, so the app can also measure your progress against each goal.

Achieve your most important goals/objectives.

Being ambitous is good. However, we can’t always do everything we want. Prioritizing your goals enables you to achieve what is most important to you.


Estimate the impact of your decisions.

When you add a goal, you can see how that goal will interact with your other goals and your future financial situation.

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