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8 Ways to Get Free Coffee From Tim Hortons

free coffee tim hortons

    Tim Hortons is cheap, but it’s not free. Well actually, sometimes it is. As the cost of everything ticks up, my hunt for freebies intensifies. My latest obsession? How to get free coffee from Tim Hortons. I mean, that iconic red cup practically belongs on our Canadian flag. Gather ‘round, my fellow caffeinated Canucks, I’m about to spill the beans on free brew from one of the best coffee chains in Canada. Here are 8 ways to get free coffee from Tim Hortons.

    1. Tims Credit Card

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    Now you can spend less and earn more free coffee from Tim Hortons. Amp up your rewards game with the Tims Credit Card. Not only will you earn Tims Rewards points on your everyday purchases, but you also gain 5 points per $1 spent on necessities like groceries, gas, EV charging, and transit. Obsessed with Tims? Get a whopping 15 points per $1 at Tim Hortons when you use your Tims Credit Card and scan for rewards.

    Here’s how much you need to spend on the card to earn free coffee from Tim Hortons

    Every penny counts, so let’s count every penny. Here’s a breakdown of the spending required on the Tim Hortons Credit Card to earn a free coffee for each spending category. Remember, a free coffee requires 400 points. To determine how much you need to spend in order to earn a free coffee from Tim Hortons, you need to divide 400 points by the number of points earned per dollar in that category. Here is the formula: 

    400 ÷ Points per Dollar = Required Spend to Earn a Free Coffee

    1. Tim Hortons Restaurants

    Earn Rate: 15 points per $1.

    Calculation: 400 ÷ 15 = $26.67

    You need to spend approximately $26.67 at Tim Hortons restaurants using the Tims Credit Card to earn a free coffee.

    1. Groceries, Gas, EV Charging, and Transit (including taxis and ridesharing):

    Earn Rate: 5 points per $1.

    Calculation: 400 ÷ 5 = $80.00 

    You need to spend $80 in these categories using the Tims Credit Card to earn a free coffee from Tim Hortons. In my case, filling the tank will get me roughly 8 free coffees a month. On a more depressing note, the Canada Food Report predicts the average family of 4 will spend about $1,357 on groceries each month. Using your Tim Hortons Credit Card to stock your cupboards can earn you up to 17 free coffees per month or more. 

    1. Everyday Purchases

    Earn Rate: 1 point per $2

    Calculation: 400 ÷ 0.5 = $800

    So, for purchases outside the special categories, you would need to spend $800 on the Tim Hortons Credit Card to earn a free coffee from Tim Hortons. 

    2. Tims Rewards

     The easiest way to get free coffee from Tim Hortons is to join the Tim Rewards loyalty program and download the app. For every $1 you spend at Tim Hortons, you’ll earn 10 Tims Rewards points. Accumulate 400 points and you’re in for a free coffee from Tim Hortons.

    If java isn’t your jam, you can redeem them for tea, Dream Donuts, and more. Whether you like your coffee black or enjoy an extra-large double-double, it’ll only cost you those 400 points, no extra for mixins like dairy and sweeteners. 

    Here’s how much you have to spend to earn a free coffee from Tim Hortons

    Remember, you earn 10 points for every $1 you spend at Tim Hortons. In order to redeem for a free brewed coffee (or equivalent reward), you need 400 points. To determine how much you need to spend to earn those 400 points: 

    Required Points ÷ Points per Dollar = Dollars to Spend

    400 ÷ 10 =  $40

    Therefore, you would need to spend $40 to earn enough points for a free coffee from Tim Hortons. That’s a lot of Loonies compared to its competitor Starbucks. But there’s a way to boost your Tims Rewards. This leads us to my next point… 

    3. Birthday Freebie

    Sip without spending a dime on your Birthday! By simply joining the Tims Rewards loyalty program and downloading their app, you’ll receive a free coffee or baked goods on your special day. And while you’re at it, keep the party going with birthday freebies from your other favourite retailers too!

    4. The Class Action Settlement

    Were you an active user of the Tim Hortons app between April 2019 and September 2020? If so, check your app notifications, linked email, or even your junk mail folder. Due to a settlement over privacy concerns, eligible members were offered credits to enjoy a free coffee and doughnut.

    5. Roll Up The Rim

    This iconic annual contest heats up during the chilly months of late winter, typically sometime between February and March. Through the digitally revamped Roll Up To Win contest, you can score amazing prizes – from lavish getaways to your daily Tims fix. Ensure your app is updated and that you’ve registered your Tims Rewards card to get rolling into free coffee from Tim Hortons.

    6. Tim Hortons Hockey Challenge

    Stay on your toes for the possible return of the Tim Hortons Hockey Challenger. In the past, this in-app game lets fans pick NHL players they believed would score in upcoming matches. Correct predictions meant rewards points or special offers for you, including free coffee from Tim Hortons.

    7. Special Offers

    Pro tip: make checking your Tims app a daily habit. The brand frequently offers challenges that can earn you free items or bonus points. For instance, completing a task like purchasing a select trio of drinks over a few days can land you enough points for a free coffee from Tim Hortons.

    8. Periodic Contests & Promotions

    Tim Hortons keeps the excitement brewing year-round with contests like Roll Up The Rim and the Hockey Challenge. But also keep an eye out for others, such as the Scan & Pay To Win contest that was happening at the time of writing. While this particular contest does not guarantee free coffee from Tim Hortons, staying informed ensures you never miss out on opportunities.

    For example, the Scan & Pay To Win contest will give 7 lucky winners a free $1,000 Journie Rewards Gift Card. So I immediately jumped deep into the Terms & Conditions of the card to see if it could be used to buy Tim Hortons gift cards at their partner gas station convenience stores. Sadly, the answer is NO, you cannot. But the point of this anecdote is to teach you to look for hacks at every turn. 

    Next time there’s a contest or special promotion, find out if you can directly win things like free coffee from Tim Hortons. If you can’t, check out the list of prizes in more depth. Things like gift cards and prepaid credit cards give you a good chance of hacking your way into free coffee from Tim Hortons.

    What Did We Learn?

    And there you have it, folks – the roadmap to java joy! So, the next time you’re sipping on that delightful brew without spending a dime, give a little wink to the barista. It’s our caffeinated secret. Just remember: handle your coffee with care, and your wallet with even more. 

    Do not spend more money than you normally would just get a free coffee, because that defeats the whole purpose. Budget, spend, and sip wisely – always.

    Enjoy that hot bean water, you sneaky coffee ninja!

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