8 Destinations Where Canadians Can Do Remote Work Without a Visa

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    Canadians: you can work in at least 10 other countries without needing a visa. This is legitimate work too, not working under-the-table in a country when you are eighteen and trying to find yourself. Sure, you still have to do some research about the place you want to visit. Before you embark on your trip, make sure you get yourself some good travel insurance and maybe some basics like electricity adapters for your laptop, an international sim card, basic banking arrangements, and a travel credit card.

    Leave Canada to work? If Covid-19 has anything positive to offer us, it’s that the professional landscape is rapidly shifting towards remote work. With the ubiquitous rise of video technology, messaging apps, and project management software, a lot of workers in different industries are moving toward permanent remote work. You can stay home and work in your pyjamas in your hometown, or you can work in your pyjamas in a different country. 

    Why not look at some of the countries that allow Canadians to work remotely without a visa? Whether you are a digital nomad or an avid traveler who loves to learn a new language or explore a new exciting culture while earning some work experience, these are perfect destinations. Here are the top 10 countries Canadians can work remotely without a visa, why they made the list, the average cost of living, and the breakdown cost of living.



    Known for long stretches of beaches, friendly locals, national parks filled with diverse wildlife, Australia is the go-to destination for avid travellers and nomads from all over the world. Australia’s residents enjoy beautiful and serene scenery inside and outside of major metropolitan areas. As a digital nomad, you have access to fast internet, cute local coffee shops, safe residential areas, and 4-season weather. On your days off, you can take the Magic Bus for affordable road tripping around Australia. 


    The average cost of living for foreign remote workers here is in the range of $3500 to $4000 per month. 

    Check out a quick average monthly breakdown cost of living in Sydney:

    • Lunch: $12.59
    • Cappuccino: $3.45
    • Cocktail drink in a nightclub: $11.89
    • Movie ticket: $12 per ticket,
    • Monthly rent in a furnished accommodation: $1555 to $1690
    • Monthly ticket public transport: $113.29
    • Coworking space: $650 to $750


    Costa Rica

    Despite being a relatively small country in Central America, Costa Rica is popular for its endless stretches of beaches, rich biodiversity, affordable lifestyle and world-class coffee beans. Tourists are often dazzled by the friendly locals, bountiful nature, and bustling vibe. No wonder it’s one of the happiest places in the world. Make sure you learn a few simple phrases in Spanish to help you get by. 

    Costa Rica
    Costa Rica


    But Canadian beware: the internet infrastructure in major cities is not the best, though you can find a few very affordable coworking spaces and coffee shops here. Do not expect to plunk a chair down on the beach and have fast internet speed. Of course, you will have fabulous coffee.

    The cost of living in Costa Rica is roughly $2000/month, with the estimated average breakdown cost per month:

    • Accommodation: $500- $1000
    • Food: $400 
    • Internet and phone: $75
    • Transportation: $150
    • Entertainment: $250 to $300
    • Coworking space: $6 to $15 per day



    Big castles, medieval town centres, and gothic churches bustling with tourists are some of the most impressive features of Poland. Located in Europe, Poland has been a prime location for thousands of digital nomads per year. There are a host of co-working spaces with high internet speed in Warsaw and Gdansk. Poland can have very harsh winters, but you are Canadians, so would you even notice?

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    Poland has beautiful old cities, walkable coffee shops, great public transport, a bustling startup culture, and rich history. Compared to its neighbouring countries, Poland boasts a rather lower cost of living. It ranges from $1200 – $1500 per month. 

    Here is a quick monthly breakdown of the cost in Warsaw: 

    • Studio apartment: $454
    • Hotel rental: $900
    • Airbnb: $1754
    • Dinner: $6.08
    • Beer: $2.83
    • Coffee: $1.65
    • Coworking space: $122


    New Zealand

    You probably got to know New Zealand through the introduction of “The Lord of the Rings” movies. The diverse and breathtaking scenery provides a magnificent backdrop for epic movies. A jewel island in the Southwestern pacific ocean, New Zealand dazzled visitors with rolling white clouds, deep blue sky, and green landscape. You will also get your fill of sheep, wineries, kiwi fruit, and rugby. Here is a tip for the Canadians: think of rugby as New Zealand’s hockey.


    New Zealand
    New Zealand

    Auckland, the country’s capital, is a relatively young city. It’s remote work-friendly and has a bustling startup culture. The monthly cost of living for a digital nomad here is $3000.

    Take a look at the monthly breakdown cost:

    • Studio apartment: $800
    • Groceries/Household items: $420
    • Hotel: $2,200
    • Dinner: $13
    • Beer: $6.85
    • Coffee: $2.79
    • Gas/Transportation: $90
    • Coworking space: $56



    Less than half the size of New York state, Slovakia boasts the most castles and châteaux under its belt! With a population of under 6 million, Slovakia is a hidden gem in central Europe. You can find a vibrant culture of folk dance; you’ll think that you stepped into a fairy tale.


    The landscape is just as diverse and awe-inspiring for anyone with an intense love for nature, from towering rugged mountains in the north to lush forests in the south. Big mountains equal a great experience for skiing. Because the birth rate here is rather low, Slovakia is in dire need of young workers. 

    The cost of living for digital nomads is quite cheap, around $1,436 per month. Take a look at the monthly breakdown monthly cost of living of the most common items:

    • Studio rent in the centre of town: $335
    • Airbnb: $1145
    • Dinner: $4.46
    • Beer: $1.39
    • Coworking space: $155
    • Coffee: $1.45


    San Marino

    With a population of just a little over 30,000, San Marino can be a ultimate location for reclusive nomads who want little distraction. An independent state on Italy’s eastern side, the landlocked San Marino prides itself the “oldest surviving constitutional republic of the world”. You can take this chance to brush up your Italian and learn more about European history.

    San Marino
    San Marino

    Because of the small population, there is not a big young vibrant meetup or nomad culture like other countries. On the bright side, San Marino offers a lot of sightseeing, ancient fortresses, museums, and festivals. There is limited public transportation but taxis are quite reliable in San Marino. The monthly cost of living here is about $1281.

    • Meal in an inexpensive Restaurant: $16.75
    • Beer: $4.47
    • Coffee: $1.49
    • Rent: $614
    • Transport : $55
    • Coworking space: $280


    Czech Republic

    Prague in Czech Republic has become the top location for digital nomads in recent years thanks to its excellent public transport and culture. Digital nomads favor Prague for a reason: a relatively low cost of living, superb nightlife, and gorgeous architecture. Walking around Prague at night is safe and the beautiful scenery makes think you are in a movie.


    The tv and film industry is big in Prague. You might stumble upon Netflix or major motion picture sets. Shows like Outlander and movies like Captain America: the Winter Soldier have called Prague their base.

    The monthly cost of living for nomad is $2,119.

    Here is some of the costs you may be interested in:

    • Downtown studio apartment: $728
    • Airbnb: $2,179
    • Dinner: $6.64
    • Beer: $1.83
    • Coworking space: $183
    • Coffee: $2.75



    Taiwan is a prime destination if you are have an entrepreneurial spirit. A relatively small country, Taiwan is mostly made up of Chinese descendants who left China when the Communist Party took over. The result is a place that encourages innovative thinking, entrepreneurship, and the arts.


    There is high speed internet nearly everywhere, and there are many coworking spaces to  choose from. Night markets are vibrant and offer different food. Bubble tea is a signature drink here that you’ll fall in love with, especially in summer time.

    The cost of living for nomad is roughly $2207 per month. You can take a peek at some of the monthly costs:

    • Downtown studio apartment:  $718
    • Median Airbnb price: $1919
    • Dinner: $4.04
    • Beer: $4.31
    • Coworking space: $206
    • Coffee: $4.31
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