The 19 Best Apps and Websites to Find Travel Deals in 2024

By Khadija Bilal | Published on 09 Aug 2023

Travel deal

The cost of travel is ridiculous. Therefore, it’s no surprise that more and more people are looking for the best ways to find travel deals online and save some money on their trips and travels.

But where should you go when looking for amazing travel deals and big discounts on flights, hotels, and package vacations? In this guide, we’ll take a look at different apps and sites you can use to find incredible travel deals.


expedia stay

Let’s start off with one of the most famous sites of all for anyone looking for package vacations, flights, hotels, and astounding last-minute deals: Expedia.

This site is one of the world leaders when it comes to online travel agents, and it’s an excellent place to look for almost every component of your next trip, from the hotel to the flight, car rental, and even things to do when you get there.

Expedia is in it to win the game. They made deals with major Canadian credit cards to offer exclusive travel sites for their customers. For example, Expedia for TD lets TD First Class Travel® Visa Infinite* carholders book exclusive deals.

Expedia is one of the top-rated sites around, with endless options available for users. It even has a membership system that gives you 10% or more off certain hotels and packages.


Kayak is one of the most-used travel websites in the world, including in Canada. It’s another multifunctional travel site that lets users search for the best flights, stays, car rentals, and more, and it’s a really simple to use site that compares countless providers in a matter of seconds, saving you hours of time.

With the help of Kayak, you can organize an entire trip, booking your flights, reserving your stay, and planning fun things to fill your days. The only thing left to do will be to compare insurance quotes to make sure you’re covered for any unforeseen issues.



If you’re looking for cheap or last-minute flights online, you can’t afford to ignore Skyscanner, one of the most popular and best-rated sites for travelers to search for and find exciting flight deals. It searches through countless airlines and lets you pick and choose the perfect flight at the right price.

With its sleek interface and huge search range, Skyscanner is perfect for finding flights from anywhere, to anywhere. It also works for hotels and car rentals, too, and you can always find some super deals from your destination highlighted on the home page.



Redtag is an all-in-one travel site you can use to book flights, hotels, flight and hotel packages, car rentals, and cruises, too! It covers almost every aspect of travel, and it’s one of the most-used online travel agencies for Canadians.

If you like beach vacations in the US, Caribbean getaways, or sunny escapes in Cuba, Redtag is one of the top sites to use. One of the best things about this site is how easy it makes it for you to find the lowest price, with handy calendar features and flexible search tools that allow you to access and enjoy unbelievable deals.

Flight Centre

Flight Centre is another popular site for Canadians looking for unbeatable travel deals. It’s been around for decades, building up a solid reputation as one of the most trusted and proven providers around when it comes to flights, cruises, group travel, and tours.

You can enjoy trips to all sorts of destinations with Flight Centre, and there are always amazing travel deals to be had, from hundreds of dollars in instant savings to 50% discounts on certain cruises or hotels. With such big savings, you’ll need to remember to find the best travel credit cards to make the most of your trip and spend some extra cash on great food and souvenirs.


Hotwire is another super site for travel deals, especially if you’re looking to save big bucks on your next hotel stay. Part of what makes this site special is its exclusive “Hot Rates”, allowing users to stay at highly-rated 4-star hotels for much lower prices than usual.

If you use the Hotwire app, you can get even bigger discounts, and Hotwire runs various coupon code deals and other sales events throughout the year to help travellers cut down the cost of their trips even more. You can also book car rentals and flights via this app.


Sunwing is a super site to compare hotels, flights, cruises, and package deals, offering amazing value for Canadian travelers from leading airports like Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, and Halifax.

The site specializes in trips to some of Canada’s most popular destinations like Cuba, the US, and Mexico, and Sunwing has exclusive partnerships and deals with certain resorts, giving you access to some unbeatable prices you won’t be able to find anywhere else. You can even use this site to pre-book excursions and activities for your trip, planning out your entire itinerary and saving some serious cash.

Sell Off Vacations

If you’re looking for travel deals that focus on all-inclusive packages, Sell Off Vacations is a great site to search on. It specializes in packaged deals, offering some super one-week and two-week trips with everything arranged and taken care of at a fair, competitive price.

Sell Off Vacations has been around for quite a while now, helping Canadians book and enjoy all sorts of all-inclusive vacations for decades, so you can count on this site to deliver. Plus, it has a Lowest Price Guarantee, matching any cheaper prices you find elsewhere.

Trip Central

Here’s another site that has been around for many years, helping generations of Canadians find stunning travel deals and travel all over the world without worrying about exceeding their budget. You can find some excellent last-minute deals here, as well as cruises and arranged tours.

Trip Central also stands out for its super customer service. Not only is the site well-designed to make it easy for you to find the trips you’re looking for, but Trip Central’s own agents are always ready to lend a hand and help you enjoy the very best travel deals and experiences. is one of the leading sites for finding the best places to stay. As the name implies, this site is fully dedicated to hotels and accommodation, and it allows users to compare their options and get the best prices for every trip.

There are also some “secret prices” hidden away for Rewards members, and members also enjoy a free reward night for every 10 nights they stay, as well as other fun benefits and discounts.

But even if you’re not a member, is still great for finding super accommodation all over the globe, from boutique hotels in Amsterdam to beachside resorts in Jamaica.

Holiday Pirates

Before you book any vacation, it’s always worth taking a quick look at Holiday Pirates, as this site gathers together some of the best travel deals from across the internet. On the home page, for example, you can see some of the latest promos, including big discounts on fancy 5-star resorts or price cuts on package trips.

You can search for all-inclusive stays, flights, cruises, and more with Holiday Pirates, and it’s a good site to check on a regular basis, just in case a new deal has appeared that might interest you.


How about if you want to travel by bus? Well, you can head over to Megabus, one of the top sites around for finding bus-related travel deals in Canada, the US, and Europe, too.

This site lets you book bus services all over Canada and beyond, providing a cheap, effective, and convenient way to get around to lovely locations like Niagara Falls, Ottawa, Toronto, and so on. This is also a handy site to choose to book cheap buses to the likes of Toronto Airport if you have a flight booked and don’t want to pay the price of long-term airport parking. has firmly established itself as one of the leading travel sites, right up there with the likes of Skyscanner and Expedia. So, if you’re planning a trip, it’s always a good idea to start off with a quick search of to find out about flights, hotels, car rentals, and more.

You can even find airport taxis and attraction tickets ready to reserve on this site, and if you join up with the company’s Genius loyalty programme, you can enjoy an additional 10% or more on your stays at many properties worldwide.

Agoda is another top site to choose when you’re looking for travel deals out of Canada. It lists thousands of destinations all over the globe and allows you to search for hotels, flights, private stays, and activities.

A lot of people choose Agoda when they’re planning big trips around the globe to places like Africa and Asia, and the site even has some “Secret Deals” with mega discounts on 5-star accommodations.

Cruise Sheet

What about if you’re looking for great travel deals on the sea in the form of fantastic cruises with some of the world’s most famous lines? Well, for cruise deals from Canada, Cruise Sheet is the site to use.

This site can help you find all kinds of cruises, from trips along the coast of New England to cruises across the world to Europe, Africa, Asia, and beyond. There are lots of options to choose from, and Cruise Sheet lets you search several years in advance in order to get the best prices locked in before they start to increase.

Intrepid Travel

Looking for adventure, excitement, and experiences you’ll never forget? If so, Intrepid Travel is a site you have to check out, as it’s one of the top sites around when it comes to small group tours and adventure travel.

At Intrepid Travel, you can book all sorts of unforgettable trips, from wildlife cruises around the Galapagos Islands to trekking tours in South America, cycling tours across Europe, and family expeditions along the Appalachian Trail. There are so many great options, and Intrepid’s official site has a decent “Deals” section with last-minute discounts and affordable packages.


Kiwi is another super site and mobile app you can use to compare flights, hotels, and travel packages. It lets you search for almost any destination, all over the globe, and it automatically checks your request with lots of providers, airlines, and travel sites, letting you scroll through a list of prices and pick one that works for you.

The mobile app for Kiwi is particularly handy, as it lets you download boarding passes directly to your phone, get handy trip notifications, and enjoy exclusive offers and discounts all through the year. It works on both Android and iOS devices, too.


Next up, we have another great site for searching for cheap flights and travel deals in the form of Momondo. What makes this site special is that it searches for flights with lots of low-budget airlines that are often ignored or excluded by some of the bigger comparison sites.

This means that you may be able to find some exclusive discounts and super low prices when you look for flights via Momondo, along with other great package deals, hotels, and even car rentals from over 900 sites.


Tired of staying in hotel rooms that all look the same? Maybe you’re looking for a different style of accommodation for your next romantic getaway or family vacation? If so, Vrbo is a great site to look for amazing accommodation deals.

This site allows property owners around the world to list their properties as holiday rentals, giving you some incredible places to stay in Europe, the US, and beyond. Vrbo hosts thousands of houses, condos, cabins, and more, and if you book at the right times, you can stay in some stunning homes for less than you’d pay for a hotel.

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