The 20 Best Cash Back Apps in Canada

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Cash back apps are transforming the way we save money on everyday purchases, from gas to groceries, name-brand merchandise and even your internet connection. Amid rising costs, these digital tools offer a savvy solution to earn rewards and pocket extra dollars with minimal effort. By leveraging the power of cash back apps, you can enjoy a share of the commissions that companies earn when shoppers use their affiliate links to buy products online.

Plus, many of these apps offer special coupons, discount codes, and referral bonuses to help you save and earn even more. With just a smartphone and the insights shared in this article, you’ll discover the best cash back apps that suit your unique shopping habits and how to maximize earnings.


Rewards: Cash Back & Coupons
Redeem: Amazon Gift Card, Cash Out to PayPay, Cheque
Minimum Payout: $5

Rakuten, formerly called Ebates, is the most popular cash back app in Canada. Using Rakuten is easy. You can earn cash back and find exclusive coupons when you shop online through the Rakuten platform. All you have to do is download the application or install an extension on your browser. There are over 750 stores on the app with varying amounts of cash back available from 1% up to 30%. Not only that, you can earn cash back when you shop at Canadian and US retailers.

Image of some retailers on the Rakuten cash back aop and how much you can earn.

Popular retailers include Walmart, Amazon, Old Navy, Sephora, and many others. Simply click on the link to the store from the Rakuten app or web browser, start shopping, and make your purchase. Rakuten will then keep track of your earnings and deposit them into your account.


Rewards: Cash Back & Points
Redeem: Gift Cards or Cash Out to PayPal
Minimum Payout: $1

Swagbucks is a beloved cash back app in Canada that doubles as a paid survey site. You can also make money playing games, answering trivia questions, surfing the internet, and referring friends. Swagbucks offers incredible cash back rates from major retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Indigo, Staples, Ticketmaster, and the the list goes on.

Image of popular retailers available on the Swagbucks cash back app and how much cash back you can earn at each of them.

When you shop at these retailers through the Swagbucks app, you will earn cash back or Swagbucks Points for every dollar you spend. Along with a percentage of cash back, some online retailers also offer coupons when you shop through the app.

Rewards: Cash
Redeem: Gift Cards, Bitcoin, Cash Out to PayPal
Minimum Payout: $5 is cash back app that pays you to share your internet connection. It’s completely passive income that helps you save on your monthly internet costs. For sharing your bandwidth with other internet users, you will earn $0.20 for 1 GB of data you share. But if you let run continuously for several hours, you’ll get an extra $0.20 per GB.

Image showing how much you could earn each month my sharing your internet 24/7 through the cash back app.


Rewards: Bitcoin
Redeem: Convert Bitcoin to CAD
Minimum Payout: N/A

Coinmiles is a cash back app that pays you in Bitcoin when you shop online or in-store. Simply link your credit card to your account and earn every time you make purchases with that card. You can also make online purchases through affiliate links from partners.

Image of some retailers available on the Coinmiles Cash Back app and how much you can earn.

They’ve partnered with major brands like Walmart, Subway, Canadian Tire, Air Canada, and thousands more. If love you to travel, you can earn up to 25% on hotels around the world. While Bitcoin is volatile and its value can drop significantly, it can also increase in value significantly. This means the rewards you earn will be worth more when the value of Bitcoin increases.


Rewards: Points (1,000 points = $1)
Redeem: Gift Cards, Crypto, Collectibles, Donations
Minimum Payout: $25

Drop is a cash back app that allows you to earn points in several ways. You can earn points by making in-app purchases from a selection of over 500 partners like Walmart, Gap, Sephora, and more. You can also earn points by playing games or taking surveys. Simply link your debit or credit card to the app. They’ve partnered with major stores like Starbucks, Walmart, Amazon, and more.

Plus, there are bonus point opportunities that allow you to earn even more points. When you make purchases using the links to retailers provided by Drop, your purchases are automatically tracked when you use the linked cards. Points can be redeemed for gift cards or to make donations. You can even redeem them for collectibles or invest them in cryptocurrency, but terms and conditions apply.

My Points

Rewards: Points
Redeem: Gift Cards, eCertificates
Minimum Payout: Varies

My Points is another cash back app that rewards you for shopping online, taking surveys & polls, watching videos, and more. With over 1900 stores available, there are many shopping options! They’ve partnered with the likes of Walmart, Old Navy, eBay, and even popular marketplaces like Etsy and AliExpress. When you complete surveys, you can unlock more deals. For instance, a survey may be worth 10 points, but you unlock an exclusive survey worth 250 points when you complete it.

An image of some retailers on the My Points cash back app and how many points you can earn per $1.

Points can also be earned when uploading receipts from any in-person shopping trip. Points can be redeemed for Gift Cards and eCertificates to your favourite stores. The minimum redemption varies based on available redemption options and your points balance.

Shopper Army

Rewards: Points
Redeem: Amazon Gift Cards, PayPal
Minimum Payout: $5

Shopper Army allows you to earn points by testing products free products and sharing your opinion. Major brand partners include Tide, Nestle, McCain, President’s Choice (PC), and more. Products cover a broad spectrum including food, beauty & wellness, home goods, kitchen gadgets, and more.

You can also earn points by making purchases through the Shopper Army platform and completing missions. Missions include in-store activities, taking surveys, watching videos, and answering poll questions. Points can be redeemed for at least $5 in Amazon Gift Cards or cashed out to PayPal for at least $35 worth of points.


Rewards: Cash Back
Redeem: Gift Cards, PayPal, ACH deposit

TopCashBack is a popular cash back app for online shoppers. While the site is American, you can earn cash back from over 257 major Canadian retailers. The percentage made will vary from one merchant to the next. Popular stores include, Old Navy Canada, LEGO Canada, Apple Canada, Sephora Canada, and more.

To earn cash back, go to the TopCashBack site and click on the store where you want to shop. Be sure to check out the offers tab to see what is available. Aside from cash back, you may be able to get coupon codes for some retailers. To make using TopCashBack easy, you can install a browser extension or use the mobile app. Cash back can be redeemed for Gift Cards, cashed out to your PayPal account, or transferred to your account through ACH.

Great Canadian Rebates

Rewards: Cash Back
Redeem: Amazon Gift Cards, Direct Deposit, Payal
Minimum Cash Out: $12

With Great Canadian Rebates, you can earn cash back simply by shopping online through their site. You can shop from over 500 retailers, including some US retailers that would typically not ship to Canada. Cash back rates can go up to 30%. You can even customize your account to display deals from your favourite retailers. Retailers include, Old Navy, Best Western, Best Buy, and more.

If you refer family and friends, you’ll also earn 25% of the cash back they earn on their own purchases. The rewards will be credited to your account, and you can redeem them for Amazon gift cards or cash deposited to your bank account or to your PayPal account.


Rewards: Cash Back
Redeem: Cheque
Minimum Cash Out: $20

Caddle is a cash back app that rewards you for shopping at partner retailers, leaving reviews, and taking surveys. Each Thursday, the cash back offers are updated, and they will run for the week. If you purchase one or more of the items, upload your receipt and the cash back will be deposited in your account. In that sense, Caddle cash back offers are like digital coupons. Popular stores include Walmart, Dollarama, Real Canadian Superstore, and more.

Bonus! If you happen to have a physical coupon from the same retailer offering cash back on Caddle, you can double up! Use your coupon in the store and upload your receipt to the app to multiply your savings. Once you’ve earned, $20 you can cash out and they’ll send a cheque in the mail.

Checkout 51

Rewards: Cash Back
Redeem: Cheque
Minimum Cash Out: $20

Checkout 51, is very similar to Caddle. This cash back app also generates weekly offers on certain products. You earn cash back when you purchase items on offer and upload your receipt. Some of the items are brand-specific, and some are not. If the offer says it is for certain retailers, click on the offer to see where you should purchase the item.

Checkout 51 is one of the best apps for cash back on groceries and other items you typically buy at the grocery store. They tend to have a variety of offers, and you can also multiply your savings if you use paper coupons at the same time.

Image of the offers available on the Checkout51 cash back app

Important Note: Some of the offers are limited in number, you should buy them as soon as possible so you don’t miss out on earning cash back. Make sure you read each offer to ensure you purchase the correct item and the correct quantity. Some offers give you cash back if you buy two but they must appear on the same receipt. You also want to make sure that you are purchasing the correct size. Some of the offers will require you to scan the item’s barcode when you upload the receipt, so it is essential to get the right size.

Mr. Rebates

Rewards: Cash Back
Redeem: Paypal
Minimum Cash Out: $10

Mr. Rebates offers cash back when you shop online through their platform. With over 3,000 affiliate stores available, some offering up to 30% cash back, there’s plenty of opportunity to make bank. Offers change weekly and include major stores like Walmart, eBay, Disney, Expedia, and more.

If friends or family sign up with your referral link, you get 20% of their earnings when they purchase through the app. You can cash out when you have $10 or more in your account. As a Canadian user, you can only cash out to a PayPal account.

Receipt Hog

Rewards: Coins (1,000 coins = $5)
Redeem: Paypal, Amazon Gift Cards, Visa eGift Cards
Minimum Cash Out: $5 (1,000 coins)

To use the Receipt Hog cash back app, you upload receipts for every purchase – everything from groceries and dining out, to purchases at the pet store and everything in between. Instead of depending on special offers from specific retailers or on specific products, Receipt Hog rewards you for sharing information about your shopping and consumption habits.

You earn coins for each receipt that you upload. You also earn coins for referrals and linking accounts you use for online shopping. Some receipts will also qualify you for slot spins where you can be rewarded with more coins. You can cash out when you have at least $5 or more worth of coins in your account in your account. Here’s how much your coins are worth:

1,000 coins = $5
2,900 coins = $15
4,300 coins = $25
6,500 coins = $40

You must download your receipt during the week you made the purchase, as the application resets each week. During a week, the maximum you can earn for receipt downloads is 100 coins. Thereafter, you will earn 5 coins per receipt, regardless of the value of the receipt. You can submit up to 60 receipts per week, 20 of which will earn you coins directly. After that, you can earn bonus coins through referrals and slot spins.

Also, you are entered into a monthly draw every time you upload eligible receipts. Each month, there are multiple prizes of 20 coins, 200 coins, and 5000 coins.

You also “level up” each time you upload receipts. For each level you reach, there is a different reward. Rewards may be slot spins to earn extra coins, or they just give you coins added to your account at the higher levels. The bonus amount increases with each level you reach.


Rewards: Cash Back
Redeem: eTransfer to Account, Cheque
Minimum Cash Out: $2

Paymi is a cash app that rewards purchases made at partner retailers. Simply link your payment card to the app to automatically get rewarded on eligible purchases made in-store and online. Paymi is partnered with popular merchants like Mary Brown’s, Burger King, and La Senza, Indigo, Leon’s, and more. Offers are uploaded to the app so you knew where, when, and how to earn cash back.

If you refer someone who starts using Paymi, you will be credited $5. The referral has to make an eligible purchase before you are compensated. You will be able to get your cash back via an Interac eTransfer. You can cash out with as little as $2 in your Paymi account. Keep in mind that there will be a $1.50 transfer fee. If you wait until you have $25 or more in your account, Paymi will cover the fee for you!


Rewards: Cash Back
Redeem: eTransfer to Account, Cheque
Minimum Cash Out: $20

Eclipsa is a cash back app focused on helping you save money on groceries, especially healthier options like fruits and vegetables, which tend to be pricey. All you need to do is download the free app, sign up for an account, and find cash back offers near you. Select the offers you are interested in and then upload your receipt.

The best thing about this app is that the offers are not store-specific. So you can purchase the offered item where you prefer to shop and still get paid for it. It also allows you to stack savings with other coupons, promotions, and cash back apps. If you’re strategic about it, there’s a chance you could get items for free or even make a bit of a profit, like we see on American extreme couponing shows.


Rewards: Cash Back
Redeem: Paypal, ACH
Minimum Cash Out: $10 (conditions apply)

MaxRebates is cash back shopping platform that rewards you for purchases made through the platform. You can get up to 25% cash back on all kinds of popular retailers like Sephora, Walmart, Home Depot, Gap, and more. There are also bonus cash back offers on first-purchases at participating stores. The site also offers coupons and discount codes.

You can earn more money by referring friends and family. You’ll get anywhere between $5 and $50 for each successful referral. The bonus is randomly generated, kind of like a lottery.

For the first withdrawal, you must reach a minimum of $20 in accumulated rebates. Afterwards, you will be able to redeem your cash back balance from a minimum of $10. You can request a bank transfer or payment via PayPal.


Rewards: Cash Back
Redeem: Paypal
Minimum Cash Out: $10

GoCashBack is an online shopping site that pays up to 31% cash back when you shop at your favourite stores through the platform. Browse the hot deals and trending brands to find what you are looking for. We love this site because it often gives you a discount plus cash back on the same offer, as seen below:

When you are up to a minimum of $20, you can request your payment. As a Canadian user, your only cash out option is PayPal.


Rewards: Cash Back
Redeem: Paypal
Minimum Cash Out: $10

ExtraBux is another online shopping site that offers cash back when you shop at your favourite stores through their platform. There are over 20,000 stores, and some offer as much as 30% cash back. Along with the cash back, they also offer coupons that can help you save more money.

A stand feature of this cash back app is that you earn cash bonus for earnings milstones. Once you have made $25, you will be credited with an additional $5 bonus. You will get further $5 bonus payments when you reach cash back increments of $50, $75, and $100.

Canadians will be paid via PayPal. Once your account reaches $10, you can request a payment. Payments are only made in multiples of $10, so if you have $12 in your account and request payment, you will receive $10, and the $2 will remain in your account until you cash out again.

Simply Best Coupons

Rewards: Cash Back
Redeem: Amazon Gift Card, PayPal
Minimum Cash Out: $25

Simply Best Coupons offers cash back for online purchases made through their platform. They also provide coupons that offer additional savings. Be sure to click on local coupons to find out where you can earn cash back at restaurants and on services such as haircuts and massages near you.  

You can redeem your cash back via PayPal or an gift card. The minimum balance for a payout is $25. Though there is no bonus for signing up, they offer a 5% referral bonus when people sign up using your code or unique referral link.


Rewards: Cash Back
Redeem: Amazon Gift Card, PayPal
Minimum Cash Out: $25

FlipGive is a fundraising cash back app that allows teams and groups to earn money for their activities by shopping online. Users can raise funds by making everyday purchases from a wide selection of partnered brands, with a portion of their spending returned as cash back. Brands include Boston Pizza, Superstore, Tim Hortons, Walmart, Canadian Tire, and many more.

Fans and supporters can also use the app to raise money for their favourite team by making a donation or shopping on the app so the team gets the cash back. This innovative platform combines the convenience of online shopping with the necessity of fundraising, making it a creative choice for sports teams, schools, and community groups to support their financial needs.

What Are Cash back apps, and how do you use them?

Cash back apps are as simple as they sound – make a purchase, and earn cash back. Some apps will require you to scan your receipt, so hang onto receipts from every purchase. Other apps will credit you if you link your debit or credit card to the account.

How do cash back apps make money?

Cash back apps earn money while still passing on some savings to you. They use an affiliate link, and when you shop through their link, they earn a commission that they share with you for using their site. Sharing the reward provides an incentive for you to continue using their links instead of shopping directly with the retailer.

This process is much more straightforward than using clipped coupons, but the bonus is that you can continue to use coupons and often earn cash back in more than one way on the same purchase. Sometimes, you will even end up getting the product for free! Plus, you can usually get money for referring your friends.

How do cash back apps pay me?

Most apps require you to earn a certain amount before getting a payout. There is often a $10-$20 minimum to cash out, and then the money may be sent in a variety of different ways. Some companies will send you a cheque, and others will give you options. You may be able to have the money deposited to your PayPal account, receive a Visa card, or choose an Amazon gift card. With all of these options, what’s not to love?

How do I use cash back apps?

A bonus?  The cash back apps on this list are free to use. Some of the apps will take a bit of time to set up. You will have to register, confirm details, and possibly link payment cards.

Once set up, they generally do not take long to use each time. You can earn cash back when you are shopping online or in-person. Keep reading to learn how to earn cash and rewards through apps that are available in Canada.

Maximize Earnings: How to Hack Cash Back Apps

As the saying goes, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. You can maximize cash back earnings by using several strategies that “hack” the system. Here’s a guide on how to do this:

Combine Cash Back Apps: Use multiple cash back apps to earn rebates on the same purchase. For example, you can use a cash back shopping portal like Rakuten and then submit the same receipt to an app like Receipt Hog.

Price Comparison Across Apps: Before making a purchase, compare cash back rates for the same item across different apps. Some apps may offer higher cash back percentages or have special deals on the same products. By comparing, you can choose the app that provides the most cash back for your specific purchase, thereby optimizing your savings.

Link Credit Cards to Apps: Some cash back apps allow you to link your debit or credit card so that you automatically earn cash back for eligible purchases without having to scan receipts. Multiple apps have this feature, link your highest-earning cash back credit card to significantly increase the chances of earning multiple rebates on the same purchase.

Stack Coupons & Cash Back: Look for brands and retailers that offer cash back through apps and also accept coupons. Use a coupon to lower the price you pay at checkout and then earn cash back on the purchase through the app.

Cash Back Credit Cards: Use a cash back credit card that offers high returns on your most frequent purchases. For instance, some cards offer higher cash back on groceries and gas, while others might offer a flat rate on all purchases.

Card-Linked Offers: Some credit cards have offers that you can activate for additional cash back at certain retailers. Examples include Neo Credit, KOHO Prepaid Mastercard, and Brim Mastercard. Check your credit card’s offers regularly and activate them to stack with cash back app earnings.

Online Shopping Portals: Before making an online purchase, check if the retailer is available on a cash back portal. Going through the portal’s link can earn you an additional percentage of cash back. Pro tip: many of these cash back apps come with a web browser extension that finds deals and notifies you while you’re surfing the web. Examples include Rakuten and TopCashBack.

Special Promotions: Keep an eye out for special promotions within cash back apps where they may offer increased rates or bonuses for a limited time. For example, GoCashBack is known for its 2-in-1 coupons that give you a deep discount PLUS cash back at the same time.

Best Cash Back Credit Cards to Use With Cash Back Apps

Double-dip the amount of cash back you earn by using a cash back credit card when making purchases through cash back apps. There are many cash back credit cards on the market, but these are my personal favourites based on my own shopping preferences.

Neo Credit: Best for Dining & Merchandise

[Offer productType=”CreditCard” api_id=”60fed96813fd2f260ff90748″]

Neo Credit is one of the most underrated cash back credit cards in Canada. The standard earn rate is low at just 0.5%. However, Neo has partnered with over 10,000 merchants and retailers across the country offering up to 15% cash back on purchases. In addition to big-name brands and national retailers, they’ve also partnered with local businesses to help you find and support hidden gems in your community.

If you’re a foodie who loves to dine out or order in (or both) you can earn 1.25x more cash back at partner food and drink establishments as well as food delivery partners, such as Skip The Dishes. Simply add the Food & Drink bundle to your card for just $1.99 per month, and you cancel it anytime.

This credit card pairs especially well with Rakuten and SimplyBestCoupons, which provides cash back offers to small local businesses. It also pairs well with most of the cash back apps on this list, especially the card-linked apps. And remember to scan ALL your receipts with Receipt Hog!

Bonus: Within the Neo app, open High Interest Savings Account and seamlessly deposit your cash back earnings where they’ll earn 3.4% interest.

Personal Opinion: I have this card and love it. I use it for restaurants because I am a foodie. It helped me find an incredible small local restaurant in my community. Every time I dine there (which is a lot) I earn 3% cash back.

KOHO Prepaid Mastercard: Best for Earning Interest on Cash Back

[Offer productType=”CreditCard” api_id=”604ab1cc9a9ad159d2058e9c”]

KOHO is a digital neobank that offers a cash account for daily transactions, which comes with a free KOHO Prepaid Mastercard. There are different account plans to choose from ranging from free to $19 a month. The top two plans, Extra and Everything, give you 2% cash back on groceries, dining, and transportation. Plus, you earn up to 5% cash back at KOHO partner retailers.

Cash back is automatically deposited to your KOHO account where it will earn 5% interest if you supscribe to the Extra or Everything plan.

This prepaid card pairs especially well with Paymi for cash back on gas purchases, as well as as Checout51 and Eclipsa for additional cash back on groceries. Use it with card-linked apps and remember to scan ALL your receipts with Receipt Hog!

Personal Opinion: I have this card and love it. I love Indigo, which is a KOHO partner, and I’ve earned bonus cash back shopping there. I also frequently use the app for it’s near-instant peer-to-peer cash trasnfers between friends and family who are also KOHO users – similar to Venmo.

BMO CashBack World Elite Mastercard: Best for Groceries & Gas

[Offer productType=”CreditCard” api_id=”5f31593392ec22115033b2b6″]

The BMO CashBack World Elite Masercard is considered the best overall cash back card in Canada. In the context of cash back apps, we especially love it for groceries and gas. You get 5% cash back on grocery purchases and 3% on gas purchases. You also earn 4% on transportation including rideshare, 2% on recurring bill payments, and 1% on everything else.

This card pairs beautifully with cash back apps like Checkout51 and Eclipsa for groceries, Paymi for gas, and Drop for Uber. It also pairs well with Rakuten and most of the apps on our list because it’s base earn rate is 1%, which is double the base earn rate of Neo and KOHO. Use it with card-linked apps and remember to scan your ALL your receipts with Receipt Hog!

Other Great Cash Back Cards to Check Out

The above mentioned cash back credit cards are not the only ones that pair extremely well with cash back apps. There are tons of fantastic options on the market, and the best one for you depends on your shopping habits and goals. You can also maximize your cash back earnings by using different cards that have the best earn rates in different categories then gamify your purchases accordingly. To find the perfect cash back credit for your individual needs and shopping preferences, check out our list of the best cash back credit cards in Canada.


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