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You could save hundreds of dollars a year by getting multiple boat insurance quotes


Get multiple boat insurance quotes by answering a few questions

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Get multiple boat insurance quotes by answering a few questions

How to shop for your next boat insurance policy on Hardbacon

Comparing prices from several insurers before choosing a boat insurance policy can usually save you hundreds of dollars a year. Here are the 4 steps to take.

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The first step is to enter your postal code in the box on the left and click on the “Compare” button. Your postal code will allow us to determine which Canadian province you are located in and redirect you to the right partner.

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The second step is to fill in our partner's form, which will start by asking you questions about the type of vessel you wish to insure, as well as your experience as a boat operator.

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The third step is to answer questions about your contact information and other personal information that is needed to obtain boat insurance quotes.

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The fourth and final step before you can submit your application is to answer questions about the type of cover you need to protect your boat. In particular, you will be asked how much civil liability coverage you want and what deductible you are prepared to pay out of your own pocket.

Here are a few tips to save money on your next boat insurance policy

Navigate carefully

A great way to save on boat insurance is to navigate carefully. Not venturing out on rough water in bad weather or when the wind is too strong could save you from claims on your insurance policy.

Get quotes

It's no secret that to save money on insurance, it's a good idea to shop around and get quotes from several companies. Using a quote comparison tool is a great way to save money while ensuring you find the best insurance for your needs.

Group your insurance policies

Did you know that many insurers can offer you considerable discounts if you group all your insurance policies under one roof? In fact, many insurers may ask you to insure your boat and your home at the same place in order to offer you the insurance service. Ask about the possibility of grouping everything together, you could save money.

Keep your training up to date

A well-trained skipper is likely to claim less often in the eyes of insurers. Many companies offer refresher courses for boat license holders. Make sure you keep up to date with your boating knowledge and inform your insurer to find out the impact of your training on your premium.

Get multiple boat insurance quotes by answering a few questions

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Frequently asked questions about boat insurance

How much does boat insurance cost?

The price of boat insurance can vary depending on a number of factors, including your navigation experience and the type of boat you want to insure. To find the right insurance at the right price, use a price comparison tool to shop around quickly and find your insurance in just a few clicks.

How do I insure a boat?


To insure your boat, contact your home insurer to add coverage for your boat. You could also use price comparison tools to find a comprehensive boat insurance policy that meets your needs, with just a few clicks.

Is it necessary to insure a small boat?

No. Although it is strongly recommended that you insure your boat or small vessel, Quebec law does not require you to do so. Some exceptions may apply, for example, if you took out a loan to buy your boat. However, some financial institutions may require you to buy insurance. You should check to find out more.

Do you require boat insurance in Canada?

In Quebec as well as in the rest of Canada, there is no law that requires you to insure your boat. However, insuring your boat allows you to secure your property in case of an accident. In addition, you are covered for damages you could cause to others in case of an accident. A civil liability protection policy could cover you in this respect. To be able to sail with peace of mind, taking out boat insurance is always an excellent idea.

Does boat insurance cover engine breakdown?

Since there are different types of coverage available to insure your boat, it is recommended that you consult your insurance policy to confirm this information. Otherwise, to find out what is covered or not by your insurance policy, contact your insurer or broker. They can help you.

Is my boat covered by my home insurance?

Many insurers can offer you boat insurance if you have home insurance. To find out if this is the case, contact your insurer to confirm. Otherwise, there are other boat insurance products on the market that may also meet your needs.

Do I require insurance to tow a boat?

Yes, to tow a boat you will need trailer insurance. More specifically, it is compulsory even if you are towing a boat or other recreational vehicle. A number of damages or accidents can occur when towing your boat, so make sure you do it properly to avoid injury or claims.

What does boat insurance not cover?

Boat insurance can provide you with basic coverage, such as civil liability protection, as well as a number of additional types of coverage. Depending on your needs, you can choose the insurance that best suits your purposes and your wallet.

Do I have to obtain an appraisal of my boat to insure it?

As a general rule, it is possible to insure your boat without an appraisal in Quebec. However, it should be noted that some insurers may require a pre-insurance inspection if your boat is older, regardless of the type of boat you own.

Does boat insurance cover shipwrecks?

There are several boat insurance products on the market in Quebec. To find out exactly what is and is not covered by boat insurance, contact your insurer directly or check your policy.

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Get multiple boat insurance quotes by answering a few questions

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