The Top 7 Credit Card Apps In Canada

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    When you are shopping around for a new credit card, the quality of an issuer’s mobile application might seem insignificant. Still, not all apps are created equally — some have better features or a more intuitive layout than their competitors. Ultimately, this can affect the day-to-day experience of carrying a particular credit card.

    A high-quality mobile app may not be the sole reason that you register for a credit card, but it could be the deciding factor if you are interested in several different cards. As a result, we have rounded up some of the best credit card apps in Canada (and noted some of the competitive credit cards that they support).

    Credit Card App
    Best For
    Budgeting and Saving Features
    Cash Back
    User-Friendly Display
    Seeing your Credit Score, Points and Account Balances in a Single App
    Visually Oriented People

    KOHO – Best Features to Budget and Save Money

    Apple App Store rating: 4.8 stars

    Apple App Store ranking: #11 in finance

    Google Play rating: 4.6 stars

    By nature, KOHO’s prepaid credit card requires users to be more involved than they would be with a standard credit card. Luckily, the app makes it very easy to add funds, monitor your spending, and more. Users love how it helps them save without thinking about it thanks to features such as Round Ups. It also helps you monitor expenses and set goals.

    Register for KOHO to start using this credit card app. 

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    Neo Financial – Best Cash Back

    Apple App Store rating: 4.8

    Apple App Store ranking: #21 in finance

    Google Play rating: 4.5 stars

    Neo Financial is known for offering significant cashback at partner businesses, making it important to know where to shop. Luckily, their app makes it easy to find local partner businesses and track offer completion. The app also provides a variety of graphs that show your spending over time, making it easier to curb poor financial habits.

    Apply for Neo Credit to start using this credit card app. 

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    Amex Canada – Everything You Need at a Glance

    Apple App Store rating: 4.8 stars

    Apple App Store ranking: #15 in finance

    Google Play rating: 4.8 stars

    American Express’ mobile app makes it easy to get the most out of their credit cards. The biggest perk? It is incredibly easy to sign up for store-specific bonus rewards offers. The app even includes a map view for offers, making it easy to figure out which local businesses are participating (although not all offers show up on the map). 

    The Amex Canada app has quite a few additional perks, including freezing your card and chatting with customer service agents in-app. Most users appreciate the app. It displays all the information you need at a glance when you log in, such as the remaining balance so you can make sure not to pay interest charges.

    Apply for the American Express Cobalt Credit Card to start using this credit card app. 

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    RBC Mobile – Best for Beginners

    Apple App Store rating: 4.8 stars

    Apple App Store ranking: #2 in finance

    Google Play rating: 3.6 stars

    RBC Mobile is incredibly beginner-friendly: it defines financial terms, offers smart insights into your spending, creates detailed spending graphs, and more. It can even generate budgets based on your spending patterns, making it incredibly easy to foster healthy financial habits. However, many users complain of problems with tablets (not supported), with depositing a cheque, and so on.

    Apply for the RBC Avion Visa Infinite card to start using this credit card app. 

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    Scotiabank – Credit Score, Points Balance and Accounts in a Single App

    Apple App Store rating: 4.7 stars

    Apple App Store ranking: #5 in finance

    Google Play rating: 4.6 stars

    Scotiabank’s app makes it simple to check various metrics at a glance. Those who sign up for a Scotiabank/Scene+ credit card can view their Scene+ points balance within the app. Additionally, it is easy to check your TransUnion credit score from within the app.

    In the event that you need to contact Scotiabank, their app makes it easy to start a chat with customer service. The app also lets you book appointments with branch advisors.

    Apply for the Scotiabank Scene+ Visa Card to start using this credit card app. 

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    Tangerine Mobile Banking – Best for Visually Oriented People

    Apple App Store rating: 4.7 stars 

    Apple App Store ranking: #27 in finance

    Google Play rating: 4.6 stars

    Tangerine Mobile Banking comes with a variety of budgeting-related features, making it easier to create healthy financial habits. Tangerine’s app also creates visual graphs of your transaction history so you can easily identify areas of overspending. Ultimately, these features make it very easy to monitor your credit card usage (and quickly identify irresponsible usage) — especially if you are a visually oriented person.

    Apply for Tangerine’s Money-Back Credit Card to start using this credit card app. 

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    EQ Bank Mobile Banking – Best for Travellers

    Apple App Store rating: 4.7 stars

    Apple App Store ranking: #39 in finance

    Google Play rating: 4.4 stars

    Much like the KOHO card, EQ’s Bank Card is prepaid (and requires more maintenance than a standard credit card). There are no FX fees when you make purchases online or abroad. Fortunately, it is also easy to load funds and review your transaction history. The app also makes it simple to apply for additional EQ products. However, users report frequent problems with the app such as error messages.

    Register for the EQ Bank Card to start using this credit card app. 

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    FAQs About Canadian Credit Card Apps

    Do you still have questions about Canadian credit card apps? Check out our list of frequently asked questions for help.

    How can I activate a KOHO card in the app?

    If you have received a physical KOHO card in the mail, the only way to activate it in the app is by loading funds from your debit card onto the application. To do so, tap on the $ symbol, then click “Add Funds”, then click “Debit card”. The app will then prompt you to enter your desired amount of money and debit card details (iPhone users may also load funds via Apple Pay). 

    How can I check my Scene+ points on the Scotiabank app?

    To check your Scene+ points balance on the Scotiabank app, open the application and click on the “Scene+” button on the bottom of the screen. Your points balance will be displayed at the top of the screen. Unfortunately, the Scotiabank app does not provide a breakdown of how many Scene+ points you have earned from each purchase. For a thorough history, you will need to consult the Scene+ app.

    How can I check my transaction history in the Scotiabank app?

    The Scotiabank app’s homepage lists your various Scotiabank accounts (including any credit card accounts). To check a particular credit card’s transaction history, select it from the list. You will then be able to view an up-to-date list of any pending transactions, posted charges, and credits.

    How can I check my credit limit on the Amex Canada app?

    Unfortunately, there is no easy way to check your credit card’s limit on the Amex Canada app. However, once you tap on your credit card within the app, American Express lists how much credit is currently available (displayed directly under the “Balance Due” field). If you add this amount to your current balance (displayed at the very top of the screen) and then add the balance of any pending charges, you can roughly determine what your credit card’s limit is. That being said, please note that this method is not 100% accurate. I personally use this method from time to time, but in my own experience, it has been off by ~$1 (likely due to rounding).

    How do I dispute a charge on the Amex Canada app?

    To dispute a charge that has been posted to your American Express credit card, you will need to contact customer service. Open up the Amex Canada app, then tap on “Account” (located in the lower right-hand corner of your screen). Scroll to the bottom of the screen, then tap on “Help/Contact Us”. 

    At this point, you can tap on “Chat with Us” to begin a text-based conversation with a customer service representative. Alternatively, if you would like to verbally speak with a customer service representative, click on “Customer Service” for a list of relevant phone numbers.

    How can I increase my credit limit on the Amex Canada app?

    Although American Express Canada makes it easy to request a new credit limit without contacting customer service on their website, there is no dedicated button to request an increase (or decrease) on their app. As a result, the only way to request a credit limit increase in-app is by contacting customer service. To do so, click on “Account”, then “Help/Contact Us”, then “Chat with Us”. 

    How can I change my daily transaction limit on the RBC Mobile app?

    To change your daily transaction limit via the RBC Mobile app, tap on “More” in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, then “Settings”, then “Daily Transaction Limits”. At that point, the app will allow you to temporarily adjust your transaction limit. 

    Please note that you can only make 3 temporary adjustments per year by default. If you would like to permanently change your daily transaction limit (or if you have already adjusted your limit three times in the past year), you will have to reach out to RBC’s customer service.

    How can I pay my RBC Visa balance with points on the RBC Mobile app?

    To use your Avion points balance towards a purchase made with your RBC Visa card, head to your list of recent transactions and tap on your chosen purchase. Then, tap on “Pay with Points”. 

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