Air Miles Receipts: Your new way to collect miles at the grocery store

Like a phoenix, the Air Miles rewards program has been rising from its ashes in recent months. A new feature has just been introduced that lets you earn miles on products you buy at almost any grocery store. It will appeal to anyone who shops for food in several different places. Here’s an overview of this feature.

What are Air Miles Receipts?

Air Miles Receipts choice of offers

Air Miles Receipts is a new way to earn your miles. To take advantage of the program, you can check the offers in the app before you shop. It’s a feature designed to bring Air Miles back into grocery stores. However, even without checking the app’s offers, you can still shop and submit the receipt afterwards if you realize you’ve bought a listed product.

In my account, I can find many available products and see which grocery stores I can buy them from. For example, I’d get 10 bonus miles for buying a container of Astro yogurt, 10 for a jar of Nutella, 3 for hummus or cauliflower, 5 for frozen waffles, and so on.

There were a total of 15 products on my offer list at the time of writing. If I bought them all today, I’d get 89 miles. For 95 miles, I get a $10 reward. This means I can get an excellent return on my investment!

The variety of foods on offer is quite respectable. It includes vegetables, meats and dairy products in addition to processed products. On the other hand, the latter earn more miles. Once I click on the item I’m interested in, I see the maximum number of Astro yogurts (15) I can buy during the given period. I also find out which grocers carry it.

Where to shop?

Example of product details in Air Miles app

The good news is that the choice of grocery stores is vast, to say the least! That’s what sets Air Miles apart from other programs like Scene+ or moi.

In Canada, you’ll often find Sobeys, Walmart, Wholesale Club, Foodland, Giant Tiger, Metro, Costco, Dollarama and No Frills in the list of places where you can buy products to earn miles. You can check this information for each product in the application.

How to scan your invoice?

To scan your receipt, first click on this option at the bottom of the screen, then follow the instructions to send it to the Air Miles program. The receipt must show the store name, address, date, the products purchased and the total cost. You have 14 days to send it. You should see the miles appear in your account a few days later.

How to earn more miles?

If you’re interested in the Air Miles grocery receipts feature, you’ll be interested to know that it offers a much wider range of products. To take advantage of everything Air Miles has to offer, you need to open a free account. It will give you access to personalized offers. You can earn miles on the purchase of various products, including gasoline, and travel.

To earn miles faster, other options are available to you, such as BMO Air Miles credit cards, which offer generous accumulation rates. If you already have another Mastercard credit card, you can also link it to your account. This will save you the hassle of having to present your Air Miles card at the checkout to collect your miles.

Air Miles Receipts may just be the addition that this well-known loyalty program needs to regain its credentials!

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