How Many Scene+ Points Do I Need To Get A Free Movie?

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    Many people look for travel rewards from their loyalty program, but the Scene+ program offers some great rewards that can also be redeemed at home, like free movies. In this article, we’ll cover how many Scene+ points are needed for a movie, plus go over our favourite Scotiabank credit cards that can help you redeem a free movie faster.

    What Is The Scene+ Program?

    Cineplex’s SCENE Program and Scotiabank’s Scotia Rewards merged to create Scene+ in December 2021. It is a fairly flexible program that lets members redeem their points for travel rewards, cash back, statement credits, movies and shopping and is free to join on its own. Members can collect Scene+ points by shopping at several retailers across Canada, but the program has much better earning potential with a Scotiabank Scene+ credit card.

    The Scene+ Program is a step up from the SCENE program by Cineplex and Scotiabank, which was introduced in 2007. At that time, the SCENE Program was exclusively for moviegoers and points were redeemed for free movie tickets and concession discounts at over 160 Cineplex Entertainment venues across the country. Recent changes as a result of the merger have greatly enhanced the program. Scene+ rewards points can now be redeemed for travel, statement credits and free movies.

    To redeem your points for movie rewards, first log into your Scene+ account on the website or via the app. From there, you can browse the reward categories. To browse movie rewards, click ‘movies’.

    From here, you can choose to browse rewards available at Cineplex theatres or in the Cineplex store. You can also browse the selection of gift cards available.

    Choose how to spend your rewards from the list of available options. Underneath the reward will be information on how to redeem, online or in person. The app can also tell you how far the nearest theatre is for in-person rewards.

    How Many Scene+ Points For A Free Movie?

    Prior to August 11, 2022, Scene+ operated on a flat-rate redemption strategy, where members could redeem free movie tickets for a set number of Scene points. Now, the Scene+ program works by letting members redeem 100 points for $1 off the total purchase price for Cineplex products, including movie tickets at Cineplex theatres and movie rentals or purchases at the Cineplex store, and 500 points for $5 off food and drinks, excluding alcohol.

    Scene+ points are difficult to value due to the price differences between movie tickets and tax rates across Canada, but here is a rough estimate of how many Scene+ points you’ll need for a free movie:

    • For standard 2D adult movie tickets, roughly 1300 Scene+ points are required
    • For an Enhanced Movie Experience, such as 3D or IMAX, between 1500 – 2200 Scene+ points are needed
    • For a VIP experience, you’ll need at least 2000 Scene+ points

    Additionally, Scene+ point collectors will receive an additional 10% off the cost of movie tickets on Tuesdays when Cineplex tickets are already up to 40% cheaper, but this offer can’t be used in conjunction with any Scene+ point redemption.

    How To Collect Scene+ Points

    There are lots of ways for members to collect Scene+ points for a free movie, and even more when you shop with a Scotiabank Scene+ credit or debit card.

    Booking Through The Scene+ Travel Portal

    Members who make travel arrangements through the Scene+ Travel Portal will earn 3 points for every $1 spent on hotels and car rentals.

    Shopping at Participating Partner Stores

    Scene+ is expanding, and Scene+ is partnered with more retailers than ever before. The biggest shift came last year when Scene+ replaced Air Miles as the loyalty card at major grocery stores IGA, Sobeys and Safeway. You can find a full list of their partner locations, which includes grocery stores, restaurants, pharmacies, entertainment venues like Cineplex and more, on their website.

    Watching Movies

    The Scene+ program was created out of a partnership with Cineplex Entertainment, Canada’s largest theatre chain, and Scotiabank. Scene+ members will earn 5 points from every $1 spent on movie tickets at Cineplex theatres, food & drinks (excluding alcohol) and purchases made in the Cineplex store, including movie rentals.

    Banking with Scotiabank Products

    Scene+ members with Scotiabank Scene+ credit or debit cards can earn points faster with generous welcome offers and up to 6x the point-earning potential than with the Scene+ card alone.

    Joining CineClub

    CineClub is Cineplex’s monthly movie membership club. Scene+ members can join CineClub for free and earn 50 points by redeeming their monthly movie tickets, plus 5 points for every $1 spent on movie purchases and rentals.

    Earn Scene+ Rewards Faster With These Scotiabank Scene+ Products

    Compare credit cards to find the one that works best for your spending habits and discover how you can earn points for a free movie faster with Scotiabank credit cards.

    Scotiabank Scene+ Visa Card

    The Scotiabank Scene+ Visa card is a free credit card that earns cardholders 2x the Scene+ points at participating retailers and you’ll earn 1 Scene+ point for every $1 spent on other qualifying purchases. Right now until October 31, 2023, new cardholders can earn up to 5000 bonus points by making a minimum of $750 in eligible purchases within the first 3 months.

    Scotiabank® Scene+ᵀᴹ Visa* Card
    Scotiabank® Scene+ᵀᴹ Visa* Card
    Annual Fee:
    Purchase Interest Rate:
    Reward Rate:
    2 SCENE points per $1 : Cineplex theatres;
    1 SCENE point per $1 : Other purchases

    Earn 5,000 bonus Scene+ points

    Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite Card

    On top of saving you money on foreign transaction fees, both online and abroad, the Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite Card earns Scene+ members up to 3x the points on eligible grocery, dining and entertainment purchases. Plus, 2 Scene+ points are awarded for every $1 spent on transit and rideshares, and new cardholders can earn up to 25,000 points by spending $1000 on qualifying purchases within the first 3 months.

    Scotiabank Passportᵀᴹ️ Visa Infinite Card
    Scotiabank Passportᵀᴹ️ Visa Infinite Card
    Annual Fee:
    Purchase Interest Rate:
    Cash Advance:
    Earn your first 25,000 Scene+ points ($250 value) when you make $1,000 in eligible purchases in the first three months. The welcome offer also includes an annual fee waiver for the first year ($150 value). Offer ends October 31, 2023. Conditions apply.

    Get up to 25,000 Scene+ points

    Scotiabank American Express Card

    The Scotiabank American Express card comes with no annual fee and earns 3x the points on eligible grocery purchases, 2x the points on eligible streaming services, transit and rideshares, and on dining. Spend at least $5000 on eligible purchases in your first year and earn up to 7000 bonus Scene+ points.

    Scotiabank American Express® Card
    Scotiabank American Express® Card
    Annual Fee:
    Purchase Interest Rate:
    Earn up to 7,000 bonus Scene+ points within your first year (that’s up to $70 towards travel). Des conditions s'appliquent.

    Earn up to 7,000 bonus Scene+™ points

    FAQs About Scene+ Points & Free Movies

    How many Scene+ points do I need to get a free movie ticket?

    The Scene+ program no longer uses a flat-rate redemption strategy. Instead, members can use 100 Scene+ points to deduct $1 from the total cost of purchase. So, a standard adult movie ticket regularly priced at $13 will require 1300 Scene+ points.

    How many Scene+ points do I need to go to the movies on Tuesday?

    Scene+ members can use their membership to get an additional 10% off the purchase of admission on Tuesdays when movie tickets are already cheaper. However, this offer cannot be used in conjunction with Scene+ point redemptions.

    How to redeem Scene+ points for movies?

    You can present your card in-person to pay for movie tickets at Cineplex theatres or enter your member number for movie rentals and purchases in the Cineplex store. You can also use your points to rent movies in the Scene+ app. 

    Can I buy movie tickets online with Scene+ points?

    No, but you can buy movie tickets online with the Cineplex app or use your Scene+ points to pay for tickets in person. 

    Can I use my Scene+ points to rent movies?

    Yes, you can use Scene+ points to rent movies in the Cineplex store or through CineClub, or in the Scene+ app.

    Can you buy movies with Scene+ points?

    Yes, you can use your Scene+ points to purchase movies in the Cineplex store or through CineClub.

    How to add my Scene card to my Cineplex account?

    You can add your Scene+ card to your Cineplex account by selecting ‘Manage Account’ under your Cineplex profile. On the left side of the screen, click SCENE and enter your Scene+ number.

    How to use my Scene+ points on the Cineplex app?

    Yes, but you can’t pay the $1 booking fee with Scene+ points. 

    Does Scotiabank own Cineplex? 

    No. The Scotiabank Cinema in downtown Montreal is so-named due to the sponsorship of Scotiabank by Cineplex, but Cineplex is the owner. The Scene+ program is the result of a partnership between Cineplex and Scotiabank.

    Can you buy Cineplex gift cards with scene points? –

    Yes, you can purchase gift cards at the same point exchange rate in the Scene+ app. 

    About The Author: Meagen Seatter
    Meagen Seatter is a journalist at Hardbacon. After her first backpacking trip at the age of 25, she fell in love with travelling and started to devote every spare cent to her next trip. To fund her travels, she learned how to use rewards credit cards offered by Canada's major financial institutions to her advantage, and she’s been helping Canadians do the same ever since. Scotiabank's no-fee on foreign transactions policy saves her money overseas, and she loves the Scene+ rewards program to save money on flights and hotels. Throughout her writing career, she’s covered a variety of topics including health and fitness, psychology, finance, travel reviews and mental health.

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