Save Money Thanks to Facebook’s Ad Library

I love seeing the Holos ads (for healthy breakfasts) offering 20% discounts on Facebook – it makes me hungry! – but I prefer Evive smoothies for breakfast. Am I doomed to pay the full price for my breakfast? No! There’s a way to get the best discounts and promotional codes on Facebook – even those you wouldn’t normally see in your feed. You could save hundreds of dollars using the strategy explained in this article, and not just on food!

How To Find The Ads of Your Favorite Brands?

On Facebook, companies choose who they target with their ads. For example, for a variety of reasons, a company may want to promote its smoothies to 24- to 30-year-olds who live in a specific city and not another. If you don’t fit their criteria, you won’t see the ad. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use its promo code!

Even if you’re not part of the target audience, you can still see all the ads of a Facebook page (or Instagram). To begin, go to the page of the company from which you hope to buy a low-priced item. In the tabs, click on About. Then, in the left-hand menu, you’ll see Page Transparency. Click, scroll down and select Go to Ad Library, at the very bottom. You’ll see the ads the page is currently displaying in your country. If you’re curious, you can also change the country to see what is advertised elsewhere.

Examples of Savings

In the case of Evive smoothies, I only found a 40% discount for a starter kit, which I don’t need. But there are surprising discounts elsewhere.


Since there’s a lot of competition in the food box world, I thought I’d see what discounts I could get from these companies. I was surprised to find discounts higher than what I usually receive in the mail. HelloFresh offered 55% off. There was no code, but by simply clicking on a library ad, I was taken to the order page. Plus, I could have gotten the free breakfasts, too.


If you live in or visit a city served by Lyft, consider searching the Lyft Facebook page for promo codes. The company, similar to Uber, is currently offering new users a 20% discount on two rides. Please note that Lyft is only available in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia. And if you want to travel but don’t know where to go, Air Transat was releasing its best prices for Paris and London at the time of writing. Search the advertising libraries of your favourite airlines to find something that suits you!


I searched many company pages that manage rental condos hoping to find discounts. In today’s market, landlords have no shortage of tenants. But my research was… fruitful!

Westisle condos offer 2 months’ free rent. However, their condos are quite expensive. You may save even more by simply finding a cheaper apartment. In addition, the release date indicated is May 8, but the text states that the promotion ended on April 30, so this will have to be clarified by potential tenants.

I also found another building (Aroma condos) that offers to pay your Hydro-Québec bills for a year. Future tenants could save about $1,000.

Using this strategy takes time. Companies have dozens, if not hundreds, of active ads, but not all of them offer mind-blowing discounts. Even so, it’s well worth the effort, and you will become a very well informed consumer!

Maude Gauthier is a journalist for Hardbacon. Since completing her Ph.D. in communications at University of Montreal, she has been writing about finance, insurance and credit cards for companies like Fonds FMOQ and Code F. As a responsible user of credit cards, she can spend hours reading the fine print to fully understand their benefits. Because of their simplicity, she developed a preference for cash back cards. After suffering steep increases with her former insurer, she can now proudly say that she saved hundreds of dollars by shopping around for her auto and home insurance. In her free time, she reads novels and enjoys streaming popular shows (and possibly less popular shows, like animal documentaries).