The 25 Best Package Forwarding Services From U.S. to Canada

Package forwarding services
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    Thankfully, package-forwarding services deliver the global economy to your front door. We all appreciate this even more when those U.S.-only sales happen on Black Friday.

    Many Canadians face this common problem on a regular basis. After all, a large number of local U.S. stores offer exciting products, often at discounts. And shipping from overseas can cost surprisingly less than getting goods via the mail in Canada. However, they only ship within the U.S. Canadians used to be right out of luck, but not anymore!

    Thanks to package forwarding, Canadians can get anything they want from the U.S. via companies that service Canadians and Americans. Let’s take a look at 25 of the best package-forwarding services so you can shop abroad like a boss. 

    What is a package-forwarding service

    In short, package-forwarding service gives you a U.S. address. When you shop online at American stores, you simply give them the U.S. address and have your packages shipped there. Then, the company will collect the parcels on your behalf and send them to your Canadian address. Some even offer shopping assistance in situations where your method of payment doesn’t work.

    Do I need a package-forwarding service?

    If you love certain American stores that don’t ship to Canada, then you need a package-forwarding service. You can even use one to shop in other countries. Some Canadians have even used a package-forwarding service to help them get an American credit card.  This type of service comes with several perks including:

    Access to U.S.-only stores

    You found that perfect thing you’ve been hunting for, online and at the right price. Add to cart. But during the checkout process, you get hit with that error message: “Invalid shipping address.” They don’t ship to Canada, bummer. It happens to the best of us. With a package-forwarding service by your side, you can still buy from any U.S. store without worrying that your Canadian shipping address getting denied. Yet, some US stores don’t ship abroad and some don’t even sell to Canadians.

    With a U.S. address, you can order whatever you need. Your items will get delivered to your U.S. address then the package-forwarding company will send them to you in Canada. Crisis averted! 

    Helps you save money

    Believe it or not, some U.S. stores charge Canadian buyers a higher fee. Rude, I know. However, you can avoid inflated prices by using a package-forwarding service. Simply snag those lower prices by posing as an American. Your treasures will get delivered to your U.S. address then the package-forwarding company will pick them up and send them to you. 

    Even when U.S. stores ship to Canada, they add on high shipping charges. You could reduce shipping costs by using a package-forwarding service. In some cases, you can take advantage of free domestic shipping within the U.S. to your American address. Next, only pay a fee when you forward your package to Canada. 

    Gives you a U.S. address

    A package-forwarding service will give you a U.S. address that you can use to receive all kinds of packages, including regular mail. Therefore, U.S. residents who move to Canada can also use these services to continue to receive their mail without interruption. A package-forwarding service will pick up your mail items and forward them to your Canadian address so you don’t end up with a backlog.

    These addresses can even receive physical copies of invoices and contracts. This is why a large number of businesses also sign up for mail-forwarding services. The possibilities are almost endless. 

    Helps you get an American credit card

    Interested in building your US credit history? What about some of those niche credit cards with incredible perks that you cannot get in Canada? Package-forwarding services can help. You use the address provided by your mail-forwarding firm to sign up for an American credit card.

    Subsequently, you can use the address provided by your mail-forwarding company and continue to receive correspondence and statements. However, if you apply for an American credit card, you’ll need to have an American residential address, not a post office box. 

    Top 25 Package-Forwarding Companies

    Now that we’ve blown your mind, let’s take a look at the top 25 package-forwarding companies.  While they all work great, not all might suit you. For example, consider factors like shipping costs, how long it takes to receive a parcel and customer support.  

    1. PostScan Mail

    PostScan Mail opeartes as a tech-savvy package forwarding service that you can use on your mobile device. It has a Capterra rating of 4.2 and some impressive customer reviews. Once a PostScan Mail location receives your mail, its staff will scan the contents and upload it to your PostScan Mail account. From there, you’ll read the details and decide if you want a paper copy or not.

    You can choose from three plans:

    • Starter: $10 USD per month and supports up to 30 items.
    • Standard: $20 USD per month and supports up to 60 items for two recipients. You’ll receive scanned copies of up to 10 items.
    • Premium: $30 USD per month and supports up to 120 items for six recipients along with scanned copies of up to 30 items.

    The company can handle oversized parcels and offers additional services, such as storage. However, they don’t deliver to your door. Instead, you’ll have to pick up from a local PostScan Mail warehouse. 

    2. MyUS

    MyUS has an excellent consumer rating of 4.38 on SiteJabber, reinforcing its strong reputation as a reliable package-forwarding company. And it only costs $13.99 to get one pound of goods shipped from the U.S. to Canada. 

    As a bonus, you can start with a free trial to see how the service works before you commit. With this company, you’ll be able to shop in U.S. stores sales-tax-free, while saving up to 7% on every purchase. The company has no hidden charges and gives users the option to save more by bundling items in shipments.

    Even better, it offers fast results and can get your goods to your doorstep in only 48 hours, although at a higher price. On the upside, many users have left reviews saying they are impressed with the company. Not only is MyUS affordable, but also professional with excellent customer support.

    3. Ship7

    Next, Ship7 has a four-star satisfaction score on Trustpilot. Overall, users seem to enjoy how affordable the services are. You can receive packages for free to your U.S. address, then only pay when you choose to ship them to Canada. Shipment charges depend on the weight and size of the package. The company gives the option to pick items up from dedicated locations or have them delivered to your preferred address.

    All plans come with up to 60 days of free storage with paid plans offering special discounts on shipping. In addition, you’ll enjoy free insurance, consolidation and three photos (of the shipping label, package exterior and package interior). You can choose to receive scanned copies of your mail for $2 per 20 pages. Repacking will cost between $2 and $5.

    4. Wantboard

    Wantboard hits the ball out of the park with a perfect rating of 5 on both Google and Facebook. Unlike other platforms, it doesn’t require you to store your goods. Go to the website, browse through available products, then pick what you need. They offer free returns for up to 14 days. On the downside, you cannot use this service to receive bank correspondence or letters.

    With no hidden charges, its quotes include shipping fees. The company sends items from its U.S. warehouse to Canadian warehouses. Next, they dispatch your packages from the Canadian warehouse to the address you provide.

    It charges $12 for a packaging and fulfillment fee, then transport, import, processing and markups based on the item’s value. To start your shopping, check out its guide for new products.

    5. Shipito

    Shipito serves as the go-to option for Canadians who want help shopping for hard-to-find items. It has 3.52 stars on Sitejabber and 2.5 stars on Consumer Affairs. It offers assisted shopping, bundling of multiple items and fast delivery.

    Users can choose from two plans:

    • Free: Pay a $3.25 processing fee and get 7 days of free storage.
    • Paid: Pay a $2.25 processing fee and receive up to 90 days of free storage. First, you pay $10 a month or $60 for the year.

    Both items come with the option to have goods delivered to your doorstep.  Other services such as insurance and customs declaration forms are also available.

    6. Shippn

    Shippn‘s reliable parcel-forwarding service earns a rating of four stars on Trustpilot. However, unlike other names on this list, it has a community of members helping each other. Shippn’s peer-to-peer shipping service allows shoppers to connect with hosts willing to receive packages. Someone with a real physical address will receive your package then forward it on to you. Therefore, the quality of service can rely on the host’s level of customer service.

    Prices often differ from user to user for host-related services, but shipping remains standard. You can use code ‘HARDBACON05’ when signing up. Next, try out its shipping costs calculator so you learn what to expect in fees.

    7. Planet Express

    Planet Express stands out as one of the cheapest mail-forwarding companies with no hidden fees. The company has earned trusted by thousands of users, generating 65 percent of its Trustpilot reviews at five stars.

    You can choose from two options:

    • Free: $0 account fee and mail handling only costs $2 per package. You will, however, have to pay sales tax with no consolidation option or shipping discounts. Storage comes free for only 10 days with this option. 
    • Standard: $10 account fee per month or $50 per year. Mail handling only costs $2 per package. Plus, you will get access to a sales-tax-free warehouse and shipping discounts. Storage is free for up to 45 days with the option, yet 90 days in Florida. 

    Further, the company can shop on your behalf for a $5 service fee and 7% of the total purchase price, which covers fees for banking, PayPal or credit cards. Its staff will send content photos as well. Additionally, it works with most popular shipping firms, making it reliable. With this service, you can get parcels at your preferred address including Army Post Office, Fleet Post Office and Diplomatic Post Office addresses.

    Each plan comes with free storage for up to 30 days. Moreover, the company also offers inspection and insurance.

    8. AmForward

    AmForward is one of the best mail-forwarding companies. It ships all around the world and uses top service providers like UPS, FedEx, DHL and USPS. The company has a rating of 4.4 on Google with most reviews praising its customer support and timely services. 

    You can choose from three packages:

    • Pay-per-use plan: $10.45 per package with no monthly or annual charges. The company will keep your parcels for 30 days for free.
    • Standard plan: $5.25 processing fee per package plus $11.85 per month or $65.90 per year registration charges. The company will keep your parcels for 45 days for free.
    • Premium plan: $3 processing fee per package and $229 in annual charges. The company will keep your parcels for 60 days for free.

    All plans come with a U.S. address. You will be notified via email whenever you receive a parcel. All plans come with unlimited incoming packages and online monitoring tools, plus 80 cents per item per day of extra storage. You can choose your preferred delivery company and upgrade your plan anytime.

    9. BorderLinx

    BorderLinx has a SiteJabber rating of just 1.86 and 1.5 stars from the Better Business Bureau. Unfortunatelyly, reviews appear to criticize the company for poor customer service, inadequate live chat and problems with tracking number. However, that trend seems to have improved in recent years.

    Shipping options include DHL and some budget carriers. According to users, BorderLinx is one of the cheapest mail forwarding services. With no monthly plans, you simply go to the website to calculate those costs yourself.

    The company suits people who wish to buy from U.S. stores. Moreover, BorderLinx has a special concierge service for people who cannot use their credit cards. They will shop on your behalf so you can get what you want, need and love without the headache. 

    10. Boxinus

    The opinion on Boxinus appears to be divided. While it hasn’t garnered many Google reviews, it has a score of 4.5 on SiteJabber and 2.4 on Trustpilot.

    The business is mainly designed for people who want to shop online. It might not be the best choice if you’re looking to get a credit card. While cost depends on factors such as weight and dimensions, expect to pay around $37.21/lb for shipping to Canada. This is around 80 percent cheaper than UPS and FedEx, which will cost you above $90 each according to the company.

    11. CrossBorder Pickups

    CrossBorder Pickups has a strong presence in both countries. Consequently, it enjoys a score of 2.6 on Yelp with people pointing out slow shipping times and surprising extra fees. Typically, you’ll have to pay a three-percent transaction fee while the company takes care of import duties and taxes. However, they tack on charges for storage and other services. 

    Here are the available plans:

    • One pound or less: $7.50 pick-up fees per package for individual items and $5 for consolidated packages. Expect to pay $7 per shipment for consolidated packages (3 or more).
    • Up to 10 lbs: $10 pick-up fees per package for individual items and $7 for consolidated packages. The shipment fee for consolidated packages remains the same for this level and the next two.
    • 11 to 30 lbs: $15 pick up fees per package for individual items and $12 for consolidated packages.
    • Up to 100 lbs: $18 pick up fees per package for individual items and $15 for consolidated packages.

    Its website requires you to create an account before you can browse its prices and services, which other sites don’t do. Yet, reviewers did speak well of its customer service.

    12. ForwardingMe

    ForwardingMe is a great company that comes with a special 30-day trial. Further, the brand offers excellent support, has no hidden charges, and comes with a variety of plans to choose from:

    • Basic: $5 monthly fee, 7 days free storage, $5 monthly fee plus $5 per package for consolidation, $5 monthly fee plus $1 per page for mail scans
    • Standard: $10 monthly fee, 30 days free storage, $5 monthly fee plus $3 per package for consolidation, $5 monthly fee plus $1 per page for mail scans (first three pages free)
    • Premium: $20 monthly fee, 30 days free storage, $5 monthly fee plus $3 per package for consolidation, $5 monthly fee plus $1 per page for mail scans (first three pages free)

    If you go to its website, you will find that it offers mail forwarding, order fulfillment, virtual mailboxes for a more professional image, personal shopping and shipping for small businesses. So, when you find that perfect designer wingback chair for your office, you can avoid the heartache of an “invalid shipping address” error.

    13. Global Shopaholics

    Global Shopaholics is a freight forwarding company with a 3.7 rating on Google. All plans come with a tax-free US address, repackaging option, photo of package contents, invoice and shoe box removal.

    Choose from three levels of subscription:

    • Basic: Free U.S. address, 30 days storage and package bundling, $5 per shipment plus other fees for insurance, extra padding, photos, etc.
    • Premium: $9.99/mo, with two-percent cashback, 90 days storage, free insurance on items up to $100, and slashed fees on padding and other services
    • Business: $14.99/mo for high-volume shipments, with three-percent cashback, 210 days storage, free insurance on items up to $500 and lower or no fees other services

    First, register to get your tax-free U.S. address then shop for your favourite products from your favourite retailers. Finally, request shipping to get your parcel delivered to your doorstep. The company offers several shipping options including DHL, USPS, Aramex, FedEx Express and AirbnEx. 

    14. In Out Parcel

    In Out Parcel has proven to be a reliable package-forwarding service with an impressive 4.8 rating on Google. Its Facebook rating is also worth writing about, knocking it out of the park with 4.9 stars. 

    Customers prefer this company because of its low rates, excellent customer support and the additional services it provides. After all, you can use In Out Parcel to receive all kinds of items, including letters.

    Parcels under 20 pounds cost $4.25 each, yet letters are cheaper, starting at $1.50 each.  However, you will have to book a private box for at least three months to be able to receive these. On the plus side, you can use the mailbox to receive bank correspondence. 

    It mainly focuses on convenience, with quick dropoffs, after-hour boxes, email notifications and online tracking. For this, you pay no monthly fees, just when you use the service.

    15. MyUSaddress

    MyUSaddress has a special “Push it North” plan for Canadians who want items shipped from the U.S. With this service, you’ll pick up your packages from the company’s Prescott, Ontario location for as little as $29. Or you can have parcels delivered to your home or business address for $5.25.

    The company can ship your items to Canada in as little as three days. You can get a U.S. address for free and keep an eye on your parcels online. MyUSaddress has a Google review score of 3.7, but reviews seem to be divided. Some users love how easy it is to use and compliment the friendly staff. Meanwhile, others point out mixed up packages and complain about unexpectedly customs duties.

    On the plus side, prices are quite affordable. Each shipment comes with a $9.95 handing charge. You can reduce the fee by getting multiple items shipped at once. Unlike other companies, MyUSaddress offers up to 365 days of free storage, which is among the best in the business.

    16. NYBox

    Looking for a reliable U.S.-to-Canada package delivery firm? NYBox is a great pick. It boasts a 3.8 Google star rating among users. 

    The standard plan is free, and the most popular. This option comes with a free New Jersey or Delaware address with free storage for up to 30 days. Moreover, the company prides itself on having no hidden fees. In addition to this, you can enjoy up to a 40-percent discount on shipping costs, $5 per package parcel consolidation charges, and 15-percent fee on the Buy For Me service. 

    Those who want more can opt for Premium services at $15 per month. With this plan, you will enjoy up to 60-percent discounts on shipping and a 10-percent fee on the Buy for Me service. Additionally, you’ll be able to enjoy the scan-and-email feature. The platform works with a number of companies including Aramex, DHL, USPS and FedEx. With NYBox, you’ll get your goods at your doorstep.

    17. OPAS

    OPAS has quickly become a popular and reliable package-forwarding company. It has a TrustPilot score of 3.2 and a Facebook rating of 4.5. The company has been featured on major media outlets Bloomberg TV and Worldwide Business. OPAS is known for offering a variety of services including package forwarding, mail forwarding, personal shopper, package consolidation, business solutions, package inspection and package photos.

    It works with top carriers including UPS, FedEx, DHL and USPS while helping you save around seven percent on taxes. You can choose the mail-forwarding service if you are interested in getting an American credit card. Similarly, shoppers can choose package forwarding. If you’re in a hurry to get your stuff, OPAS offers express delivery. You can get your packages in 24 to 48 hours at your doorstep. Available plans include:

    • Free: This option is free with no shared members or shipping discounts. However, you pay $10 for bundling package contents.
    • Standard: Costs $15 per month or $100 per year with the option to choose a shared member for only $8 per month or $30 per year. Moreover, you’ll get to enjoy discounted rates.
    • Distributor Plan: This plan is designed specifically for businesses. It costs $20 per year with the option to choose a shared member and enjoy discounted rates.

    18. Qwintry

    Qwintry has earned a 4.7-star rating on TrustPilot due to its reliability and fair pricing. You can even download the mobile app for ease of use. Over the past 13 years, it has grown into one of the biggest companies in this type of business.

    However, this service does not deliver to your door. Instead, you will need to pick up your parcels from a dedicated delivery point within a specified time. 

    While the company has a basic plan, the paid plan called Qwintry Plus comes with more perks and costs $77 for 6 months, or $109 for a year. You get up to a 15-percent discount on shipping, alias for your account, priority service, commission-free shopping help and free storage for up to 90 days. In addition, you may be eligible for special shipping and insurance discounts. 

    19. comGateway

    comGateway has a score of 3.1 on Facebook. Most weak reviews cited the staff’s lack of communication about delays or missing packages. However, others found it reliable and trustworthy. The company charges a small fuel charge that adds to the cost. Also, shipping can take up to 8 days. 

    On the positive side, there are no surprises when it comes to cost and items are delivered to your home or office address. Also, it is one of the few companies that take special care of fragile items.

    It offers tax-free addresses, “Buy for me” services, OneBox bundling, a shipping calculator and online tracking of packages. Rest assured, your goods will make it to you unscathed. Plus, you can choose to insure your package for added peace of mind. 

    20. Stackry

    Stackry has a score of 4.4 from Google reviewers and 28,000 reviews from loyal fans who enjoy its great customer support, transparent fees, low prices and ease-of-use. The company can send goods to your home address.

    It offers free storage up to 45 days, no monthly fee or membership charges and only $2 for consolidating a package. There are, however, special handling fees such as $25 for editing invoices and $7.50 for returns.

    It works with DHL, Fedex, Aramex, USPS and other shippers to get the job done. Clients can also earn rewards from their favourite U.S. retailers or ‘Stackry Credit’ toward international shipping costs.

    21. Usa2Me

    Usa2Me is the often first pick for many users because they offer both parcel forwarding and mail forwarding with the option to receive goods at your doorstep. This company has a score of 4.2 on Facebook and 4 on Google. It also responds promptly to Facebook reviews to resolve any outstanding issues.

    The company offers a 30-day free trial with the option to manage your account online. Unlike other providers, it even allows Canadians to sell in the US. You can use its warehouse to store products and send them to your buyers. In addition, there are optional services such as scanning, fax reception, insurance and repacking. Users can choose from four plans:

    • Basic: Pay a $23 setup fee, with no on-going monthly charges. You will get a US address with 30 days of free storage.
    • Standard: Pay a $15 setup fee, plus $10 monthly . You will get a US address, the option to discard junk mail for free, and 45 days of free storage.
    • Premium: Pay a $15 setup fee plus $35 monthly. You will get a US address, the option to discard junk mail for free, and 60 days of free storage. Plus, all users enjoy one free shipment per month, up to $30.
    • Ultimate: Pay a $15 setup fee plus $60 monthly. You will get a US address, the option to discard junk mail for free, and 90 days of free storage. Plus, all users enjoy one free shipment per month, up to $60.

    22. Viabox

    Viabox enjoys a score of 3.2 on Sitejabber. This new platform appears to perform quite well with more than 350,000 users already. The best thing about this company is the long list of free services it offers including consolidation, repackaging, assisted purchase, photos, and storage for up to 90 days. 

    You only pay for shipping, such as around $18 for one pound of goods or $105 to $112 for 10 pounds. It can be used to get all kinds of parcels, including documents. The company offers home shipping via UPS, FEDEX, DHL and the USPS. Expect some restrictions on computers and other items, usually due to the carriers and not the parent company.

    23. USGoBuy

    Over the years, USGoBuy has helped thousands of customers gain access to thousands of U.S. online stores. It provides other services to satisfy shoppers’ personalized requirements.
    Register for a U.S. shipping address in seconds, then start shopping at Victoria Secret, Ann Taylor, Tiffany and Co., plus so many other stores. Its handy shipping calculator also helps you estimate the price before you commit.
    Most of its services come free, such as 60 days of storage and getting your address in the first place. However, you pay $10 for returns and $5 for five photos. If you don’t claim your goods within 60 days, they will discard it, so don’t linger.

    24. FishisFast

    Go fish! Set up a locker with FishisFast then order start shopping from the best online stores in the United States. Its fans have given the company 4.6 stars in Google reviews. This low-cost provider features the word ‘free’ all over its website for:

    • U.S. address
    • locker in its warehouse
    • 6 months storage
    • photos and weight of every box
    • combined shipping

    When it’s time to ship things north, you decide which carrier will deliver your parcel. Now, you pay extra for a few things. For example, spend $2 to $5 more to get photos of each individual item in a shipment. Also, expect to pay $10 for priority packing and shipping in its FastLane and $3 per $100 of insurance if you request it. On the upside, you can manage your items via an app on your phone.

    25. Vyking Ship

    Using Vyking Ship makes it easy to stay apprised of your package’s status via live chat, email, phone and Facebook. That level of customer service earns the final spot on our list on a high note – and 4.82 stars on Sitejabber.
    It offers free photos of packages and shipping labels for all incoming boxes and mail, returns and storage for 180 days. Next, compare shipping speed, insurance, cost, and tracking options to choose the right ones for you. Use its shipping calculator then follow your package’s progress with an outbound tracking number.
    It requests a series of fees — all less than $5 — to remove price tags and invoices, take three photos of contents, fill in customs declaration form, repackage, add security tape or expedite shipping.
    However, fees go up to $30 for an electronic export information form or $40 if you need a pallet.

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