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Scotia Momentum® for business Visa* Card

Welcome Offer
2.9899999999999998% of cash back
Interest Rates
19.99 %Purchase
22.99 %Cash Advance
Special Feature(s)
Longer interest free period
Annual Fees
$79Main Cardholer
$29Additional Card


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Office Supplies


Bills & Utilities







Net annual rewards the 1st year


Net annual rewards in subsequent years

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Welcome Offer

2.99% introductory interest rate for the first 6 months

Take advantage of an introductory interest rate of only 2.99% for the first 6 months on balance transfers.

Special Feature(s)


Business cash back credit card

Business cash back Visa giving business owners to opportunity to earn extra money back on their business expenses.


Longer interest free period

Extended interest-free grace period of 25 days for new purchases.





Auto rental coverage

Rental car collision/loss damage insurance covers the cost of theft or damages for a rental period of up to 48 consecutive days.


Medical emergency

Receive travel emergency medical coverage up to $1,000,000 for up to 8 consecutive days (3 days if you're over 65).


Purchase protection

Purchase protection covering damaged, lost or stolen items for 90 days after purchase.


Extended warranty

Double the manufacturer's warranty for up to one year with extended warranty coverage.


Exclusive discounts with my favorite brands

Get discounts on qualifying business purchases with Visa SavingsEdge. Earn 3% cash back on qualifying gas, office supply store, restaurants, and recurring bill payments. Plus earn 1% cash back on all other purchases.


More rewards with additional card

Add supplementary cards to earn more rewards, faster.

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