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Low interest

Desjardins Visa Purchasing card

18.4% Purchase
Prime + Prime rate + 5.00 % Cash advance
$20 Main cardholer
$20 Additional card

Special features

Low-interest business credit card for medium and large businesses

This business credit card has a low interest rate on cash advances, so you can easily access your funds when needed. Plus, there is travel insurance coverage that offers confidence when traveling for business.





Auto Rental coverage

The car rental collision and loss damage insurance covers up to $85,000 in damage and theft for rental vehicles.

Flight delay

If your flight is delayed, you are covered for $500 for all covered persons combined.


Travel accident

Your Desjardins Visa Business Advantage Card comes with travel accident insurance, which can help protect you and your family while traveling.



Worldwide customer service

No matter where you are in the world, you can easily get help from 24/7 customer service.



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