The 5 Best Food Subscription Boxes in Canada

By Maude Gauthier | Published on 11 Apr 2024

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Are you looking to eat healthy and to save time on shopping and meal preparation? If so, consider subscribing to a food box in Canada. These boxes deliver a variety of delicious foods straight to your doorstep, allowing you to skip crowded grocery store aisles, try new products and recipes without leaving your house, and (potentially) save money on groceries.

Food Box
Best For
People who don't like to cook

HelloFresh – The Sustainable Option

HelloFresh is one of the largest meal kit subscription services in Canada. They offer a variety of plans tailored to different dietary needs and preferences, including vegetarian, carb-smart, and low-calorie options. With fresh, pre-portioned ingredients and delicious recipes, HelloFresh makes meal preparation a breeze.

What sets HelloFresh apart is its commitment to sustainability. They have been working with local suppliers to source their ingredients for many years, and all of their packaging is made from recyclable materials. HelloFresh also offers a mobile app that allows you to easily manage your subscription and access exclusive recipes.

Weekly subscriptions are $9.99-12.99 per meal, with the cheapest being an order for four meals five days a week and the most expensive two meals three times a week. HelloFresh currently delivers to addresses in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, Québec, Newfoundland, and the Maritimes. As a worldwide company, HelloFresh operates in 18 countries.

Goodfood – For Freebies

Goodfood offers a wide range of meal kits and food boxes designed to meet different dietary needs and preferences. You can order from the website or the app. The company was created by Canadians and it is publicly traded.

Their ingredients are sourced from local suppliers, ensuring the freshest and highest-quality products possible. Goodfood also offers a variety of add-ons, including snacks, desserts, and beverages. One of the unique features of Goodfood is the freebies you’ll find in your box once in a while.

Goodfood has three pricing plans depending on recipe preference (Easy Prep, Classic, or Family), ranging from $11.24 for four recipes, four portions (Family) to $15.99 for three recipes, two portions (Easy Prep). Delivery is available in Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, and the Maritimes.

Chefs Plate – The Most Affordable Box

Chefs Plate provides easy-to-follow recipes and pre-portioned ingredients for delicious meals in under 30 minutes. It belongs to the HelloFresh Group, but targets a slightly different clientele. They offer a lot of family-friendly options and low-cost meals. Chefs Plate also has a variety of options for those with dietary restrictions.

What sets Chefs Plate apart is their agressive discounts to get new customers. You could get meals for as low as $2.99 each, although that won’t last very long. I personally tested Chefs Plate and it lives up to its promise but you have to expect a lot of ground meat. That’s one way they keep the costs low. There is no minimum term and you can cancel any time.

Chef’s Plate delivers to all Canadian provinces, excluding Yukon and the Northwest Territories. Pricing per portion varies from $9.99 for two people and two recipes to $8.99 for four people and four recipes. You can select your preference between Meat & Vegetables, Vegetarian or Family Friendly boxes, but it won’t impact the price.

Plant Prepped – The Best Vegan Box

Plant Prepped is a Canadian weekly meal kit delivery service for plant-based meals. Gluten and soy-free options are available. The company has committed to being environmentally sustainable – eating plant-based lowers your ecological footprint – and their packaging is made from recycled materials that are 100% curbside recyclable. Each week, they offer a small selection of gourmet-style recipes for you to choose from. All ingredients are included in the subscription box except oil, salt, and pepper, and meal prep times range from 25-40 minutes. 

Plant Prepped delivers to most of Ontario and Quebec. Meal plans cost $14.66 per serving for the two-person plan to $12.66 per serving for the four-person plan. Both plans provide three dinner recipes per week.  

Factor – No Prep Needed

Logo of Factor, one of the best food subscription boxes

You don’t like cooking, and despite your best efforts your meals don’t taste as good as you’d like? Factor Meals might be for you. They have chefs that cook the food for you and then have your meals delivered to your doorstep. You can enjoy nutritious, restaurant-quality meals at home, without the mess. Factor is also unique because they offer a free consultation with a dietician. Ask them your nutrition questions and get help creating personalized dietary goals.

You can select your preference between chef’s choice, keto, protein plus or calorie smart. Prices range from $11.99 per serving for 18 meals per week to $14.99 for 6 meals per week.

Can I save money with food subscription boxes? 

When ordering food subscription boxes, there are fewer leftovers and less waste. Some of the food prep is already done for you, and you won’t have to drive to the grocery store or order from a grocery delivery service. Taking this into consideration, food subscription boxes can save you a bit of time, energy, and money, but only when used for a few meals a week. Using food subscription boxes for every meal is not cost-effective.

For example, let’s take the cheapest: Chefs Plate. If you buy their meals for 2 people, 5 days a week, you’ll pay over $100. This represents 5 dinners, but you’ll have to buy your own food for breakfast and lunch, which will likely be another $100. If you already spend more than $200 in groceries and are left with food waste at the end of the week, switching to a food box might be right for your wallet. Otherwise, there are plenty of good reasons to use this type of subscription, but they won’t save you money.

If you would like to try a food subscription box service, the chart below compares the cost of leading Canadian food subscription companies. We’ll go into detail about these companies in the next section.  

CompanyCost per serving based on 3 meals/week for 2 peopleShipping
GoodfoodEasy Prep Basket: $12.54 -15.99 
Classic Basket: $11.74-14.99
Family Basket: $11.24-13.49
Free on orders over $80.00
$10.99 on orders under $50.00
Chefs Plate$8.99-$9.99$4.99
Plant Prepped$12.66-$14.66Free

Whether you’re a busy professional, a health enthusiast, or a foodie, there’s a food subscription box out there for you. Consider trying out one of these top subscription services to make meal preparation easier and more exciting.

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