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You could save hundreds of dollars a year by getting multiple scooter insurance quotes

Get up to three scooter insurance quotes by answering a few questions

How to shop for your next scooter insurance policy on Hardbacon

Comparing prices from multiple insurers before buying a scooter insurance policy can generally save you hundreds of dollars a year. Follow these 4 steps to do so.

Tell us where you're located

The first step is to enter your province of residence in the box on the left, and click on the “Compare prices” button. Your province will help us redirect you to the appropriate partner.

Tell us more about yourself

The second step is to complete our partner’s form, which will ask you for your contact details and other personal information required to obtain scooter insurance quotes.

Tell us more about the type of driver you are

The third step is to answer questions about your driving record, and about other drivers who’ll be using the scooter you wish to insure. This is where you’ll provide details of any tickets you’ve received in the past as well as your previous accidents and claims.

Tell us more about the scooter you wish to insure

The fourth and final step before you can submit your request is to answer questions about the scooter you wish to insure. Here you’ll indicate the vehicle’s make, model, year and mileage.

Some tips to help you save on your next scooter insurance policy

Increase your deductibles

The deductible is the amount you’ll need to pay before you can make a claim to your insurer. By choosing a higher deductible, you’ll reduce the amount of your scooter insurance premiums. However, do not forget that in the event of a claim, you will have to pay a larger amount.

Combine your insurance products

Most insurers provide discounts for insuring both your residence and your vehicle(s) with them. If the scooter is for a child living at home, check with your broker that this is ok. Family members who live under the same roof as you can generally take out insurance with you, unless the vehicle is registered in their name only. In this case, they’ll need their own policy.

Tailor coverage to your needs

This type of vehicle isn’t usually expensive, so it might be worth not taking full coverage. Liability insurance is mandatory, so you must at least purchase that type of insurance. Additional coverages are optional. Be sure to compare the cost of repair or replacement to the amount of insurance you’ll pay annually for these optional coverages.

Drive safely

When you insure your vehicle, your driving experience will be taken into consideration. By avoiding tickets and claims, you could save money. Because younger drivers often use these vehicles, it’s even more important to be aware of this, especially in terms of safety.

Frequently asked questions about scooter insurance

How much does scooter insurance cost?

Because the insurer will calculate the premium by considering several factors, it’s difficult to determine an approximate premium without having studied your file. Here are some variables that will affect your premium: your age, your driving experience, the type of scooter and how it’s used, the coverages chosen, and the coverages chosen.

How much does it cost to insure a 50cc scooter?

The insurer will take into account the type of scooter you have in order to establish the pricing. However, this isn’t the only factor that will be taken into account. A variety of factors can influence your premium, so your situation will need to be assessed before you can establish the cost of your insurance.

How do you insure a scooter?

Just like a motorcycle or a vehicle, you must have liability insurance. Then the insurer will offer you various coverages to protect your vehicle in the event it becomes damaged. It’s up to you to decide whether or not it’s beneficial for you to protect your scooter with the optional coverages. You are required by law to specify who will be the principal driver of the vehicle, especially if it’s a young driver.

Do you need insurance for a scooter?

It’s mandatory to have liability insurance on all vehicles traveling on public roads. However, you’re not required to have damage insurance on your scooter. It’s up to you to decide whether or not it’s advantageous to fully insure your scooter.

Do you need insurance for an electric scooter?

E-scooters are generally ridden like e-bikes. Since the latter isn’t considered a motorized vehicle, it cannot be driven on public roads as such, so insurance isn’t compulsory. You should check with your insurer about coverage in the event of theft since this type of vehicle is attractive to thieves.

Do you need insurance to drive a scooter in Canada?

There must be liability insurance on the scooter, but anyone can drive it. You must still notify the insurer of any driver who uses it frequently. Any insurable damage can be claimed with your insurer.

How does scooter insurance compare to auto insurance?

How does scooter insurance compare to motorcycle insurance?

Who provides scooter insurance in Canada?

Companies that offer auto insurance will also be able to insure a scooter. Here are a few: Aviva, Beneva, Desjardins, Industrielle Alliance, Intact, and Promutuel.

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Compare Scooter Insurance

Get up to three scooter insurance quotes by answering a few questions