The 10 Best Free Online Marketing Courses on HubSpot Academy for 2022

By Sara Adnan | Published on 19 Apr 2023

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    Hubspot is a great way to upskill yourself for your current or future job, or to learn the fundamentals of digital marketing to launch your own business.

    The internet is filled with free and paid courses on all subjects, let alone marketing. However, not all of those courses are worth the investment of time or money. HubSpot Academy, on the other hand, is a well-reputed platform known to provide value to its users. Luckily enough, it offers a wide variety of online marketing courses free of charge.

    There are even paid options to help you grown your business. All you need is a credit card for the annual fees. We cover that at the end.

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    Why HubSpot Academy?

    HubSpot Academy is a globally recognized platform and a great learning resource. You can choose from a wide variety of free courses and lessons available on HubSpot Academy. These help you to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the world of marketing, sales, customer relations, and more.

    Furthermore, the certification courses available on HubSpot can be a great way to market your skills to potential employers. The courses and lessons on HubSpot Academy are taught by the best in the respective fields. The content is current best practices.

    How does the HubSpot Academy work?

    All you need to do to get started benefitting from the learning resources available on the HubSpot Academy is to create a free account. HubSpot will ask you to fill in a few details such as your profession and the size of your company, as part of the sign-up process. 

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    What does HubSpot Academy have to offer?

    Hubspot Academy offers courses and lessons related to marketing, sales, and customer service. You can also find courses specific to web design, operations, web development, and data privacy.

    The platform offers courses in six languages including French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, and English. However, most courses are available only in the English language. Some of the courses offered are certification courses, which also include some kind of assessment along with the learning material. The assessment can be an online exam or an exercise.

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    You can search for courses using keywords and apply different filters to refine your search. The filters include duration, learning level (beginner, intermediate, advanced), language, content type, and award type (certification or non-certification courses). 

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    Finding marketing courses on HubSpot Academy

    To find the right marketing course on HubSpot Academy, navigate to the dropdown menu “Catalog” and select “Marketing”. This will show you the sub-categories of Marketing, you can click on the one you want and the results will be displayed on the same page.

    You can navigate through the results to explore different options and find the right course for you.


    The 10 Best Free Marketing Courses on HubSpot Academy

    Following is a list of the 10 best free marketing courses available on HubSpot Academy. All of these courses vary in length. Some of these courses also offer certification, while others don’t.

    However, all of these courses are worth spending time on if you are looking to expand your marketing knowledge and upgrade your skills.

    Email Marketing

    Divided into 9 lessons, this course covers the fundamentals of email marketing. The course starts with an introduction to email marketing and goes on to explore the topic in detail.

    The different aspects of email marketing covered in this course include:

    • Contact management
    • Segmentation strategy
    • Creation of high-performance emails
    • Deliverability
    • Email design
    • Testing and analysis of emails. 

    The course concludes by giving the learners some insights on lead nurturing, thus providing the whole package for someone who wants to get started on email marketing.

    Overall, this course is a good way to get you started on the email marketing journey. Even though HubSpot offers its own marketing tools, this course is not specific to the use of a particular email marketing tool. Whether you are using Sendinblue to build your marketing campaigns or are a Mailchimp user, you can use the learning from this course to take your email marketing strategy to the next level.

    Social Media Marketing

    Whether you want to understand social media marketing better to grow your own business or you want to work as a social media marketeer, this course is a great resource. As it is a certification course, you can also add it to your LinkedIn to show off your skills to your employers or potential employers.

    The 5-hour course is divided into 10 lessons and starts with giving you an overview of social media channels and why you need to incorporate them into your marketing strategy. The course then goes on to explore and expand on topics like:

    • Social media listening & monitoring
    • Building a social media strategy
    • Extending your reach on social media
    • Developing one-on-one relationships
    • Measuring social return-on-investment.

    The course also teaches ways to organize social media advertising campaigns and strategies for continued success.

    Youtube Marketing

    This 3 hours-long course is divided into 6 lessons and is taught by five different instructors, three of them being very successful Youtube influencers. The course teaches learners ways to make the most of the Youtube algorithm and create an optimized Youtube channel.

    You will learn Youtube SEO and ways to create high-performing Youtube videos from people who have achieved remarkable success in the field. This is not a certification course and is available in only the English language.

    LinkedIn Marketing for Business

    LinkedIn is one of the top social media platforms used for lead generation. This course teaches how to build a successful LinkedIn strategy and grow your following organically. Along with the basics of setting yourself up for success on LinkedIn, this course will teach you all about LinkedIn ads and ways to drive leads and engagement.

    The course is divided into four lessons and can be completed in two hours. Overall, it is a good course to equip you to market your business through LinkedIn but it is not a certification course.

    Introduction to Ecommerce Marketing

    This 1-hour ecommerce marketing course is created by Groove Commerce which is a full-service ecommerce agency and can be a great resource for small business startups. The course is taught by Ethan Giffin, the founder of Groove Commerce himself, and Anni Kim, a former inbound professor at Hubspot Academy.

    You will learn everything from creating an effective buyer persona to creating a completed ecommerce inbound marketing plan. You will learn ways to attract and retain customers to your ecommerce store.

    The last of the four lessons are somewhat specific to HubSpot and focuses on how you can benefit from the HubSpot-built Shopify integration.

    Video Marketing Strategy

    This is a 3-hour long video marketing course, divided into 6 lessons that teach you how to create a successful video marketing strategy. In this course, you will see examples of the best type of video content available online and learn to create videos that will help your business grow. The course covers all three stages of video production including pre-production, production, and post-production.

    You will also learn about the video metrics that you need to track to measure the performance of your videos and the ways to analyze those metrics. 

    Facebook Marketing 

    This Facebook marketing course is focused on helping learners develop a successful Facebook marketing strategy. The course teaches the most effective ways to create and manage Facebook content and grow your organic reach on Facebook. It will also equip you with the knowledge required to create a winning Facebook Ads Strategy.

    Advanced Twitter Strategy

    In the spirit of leaving no social media channel behind that is also a good marketing platform, here is a course on creating an advanced Twitter strategy. This is a 3-hour course divided into 5 lessons and focuses on ways to build and grow your Twitter audience.

    This course emphasizes the power of networking and direct engagement with existing and prospective customers. And, it teaches you ways to leverage that power to generate leads.


    Inbound is a 3 hours long course divided into 7 lessons. It is a certification course and is available in six languages including English. Here you learn the fundamentals of inbound methodology. You also learn to grow your business with a Flywheel model.

    In this course, students create buyer personas, set business goals, create a company purpose, and develop a buyer’s journey to strengthen your inbound marketing strategy. The content focuses on a marketing approach that can be used on several different platforms.

    Content Strategy

    This is an all-encompassing extensive content strategy course divided into 8 lessons. Whether you want to learn how to create a great content strategy to maximize growth for your own business or you just want to become a content strategist, this course is a good point to start. 

    Along with learning the power of storytelling and planning a long-term strategy, you will learn how to effectively create, promote, measure, and analyze your content with a growth-focused marketing mentality.

    What else does HubSpot Academy have to offer?

    All of the courses discussed above are designed to benefit marketers regardless of the marketing tools they are using. However, HubSpot Academy also offers courses that are designed to familiarize you with the tools offered by HubSpot and to show you ways to improve your marketing strategy using those tools.

    HubSpot Marketing Hub is a great tool to engage customers and convert leads and comes with a flexible pricing plan. The Starter package of the Marketing Hub starts at only $18/month, which you can choose to pay monthly or make an annual payment upfront with your business credit card.

    If you choose to do the latter, you will save 10%. As your business scales, you can increase the number of marketing contacts allowed in the plan or upgrade to the Professional or Enterprise plan. Some of the other tools offered by HubSpot include Sales Hub, Customer Service Hub, and Content Management System (CMS).

    Frequently asked questions about Hubspot Academy

    How to sign up for Hubspot Academy without a company?

    HubSpot does not verify the company name or URL. When signing up you can enter any company name or URL to get started.

    Is Hubspot Academy free?

    Yes, HubSpot Academy offers hundreds of free courses on topics related to marketing, service, web development, sales, etc.

    Is Hubspot Academy legit?

    Yes, HubSpot Academy is a well-reputed platform and learning resource with international recognition.

    Is Hubspot Academy accredited?

    Hubspot certifications are internationally acknowledged and many reputable institutes like Northern University accept its certifications as a credit for the Master’s program.

    Sara is a content marketing and copywriting professional.