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The RBC® Visa Business Platinum Avion®

Welcome offer
20 000Points
19.99% Purchase
22.99% Cash advance
$120 Main cardholer
$0 Additional card


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Net annual rewards the 1st year
This amount is the net value of the rewards that this card will earn in the first year, based on your spending. Our calculation takes into account the welcome offer (if any) and deducts the annual fee (if any).
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This amount is the annual net value of the rewards this card will earn after the first year, based on your spending. If there is an annual fee associated with this card, it is deducted from the total annual rewards.

Welcome offer

Get 20,000 bonus Avion Points

Earn 20,000 welcome Avion bonus points when your application is approved.

Special features

Turn every purchase into premium rewards and VIP perks.

This business rewards card is the perfect choice for business owners who want to earn premium travel rewards. The card comes with travel insurance protections and exclusive access to luxury travel experiences.





Travel accident

Up to $500,000 insurance coverage for travel accidents.


Auto Rental coverage

Auto rental collision and loss damage up to the cash value of the vehicle.

Trip cancellation

Up to $1,500 for trip cancellations, and an overall maximum of $5,000.


Trip interruption

Trip interruption coverage is up to $5,000 per covered person and an overall maximum of $25,000.


Lost or Stolen Baggage Insurance

Coverage for emergency purchases due to lost or stolen baggage of $500 per covered person to a maximum of $2,500 per occurrence.

Flight delay

Flight delay insurance up to $250 per day for a covered person to an overall maximum of $500.


Purchase Security

Purchase security for lost or damaged items 90 days from the date of purchase.


Extended Warranty

Extended warranty insurance up to a one-year extension of the manufacturer's warranty.


Hotel or motel burglary

Up to $2,500 in burglary insurance for all covered persons.


Exclusive discounts with my favorite brands

Save $0.03/L on fuel from Petro-Canada and receive 20% more Petro-Points. Free deliveries with a 12-month DashPass subscription.


Worldwide customer service

You can contact customer services 24/7 from any location in the world.


More rewards with additional card

Combine points earned on supplementary cards as well as from your eligible personal credit card. Add supplementary cardholders to earn more rewards, faster.


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