EQ Bank Card

Welcome offer
2.5% of interest rate
0% Purchase
0% Cash advance
$0 Main cardholer
$0 Additional card

Welcome offer

2.5%* interest rate on your prepaid card balance.

Enjoy a 2.5%* interest rate on the funds you load onto the EQ card for an unlimited time.

Benefit from 0.5% cash back on purchases

Receive up to 0.5% cash back on all your purchases regardless of category and obligations.

Special features

A free prepaid card with cash back on purchases and interest on deposits

This card is ideal for any user who wants to take advantage of a card that is both free and rewarding, with no added complexity. It's also perfect for users who want to avoid going into debt while shopping but would still like to enjoy a no-obligation reward system.

No conversion fees

The EQ card is one of the few cards that do not charge conversion fees. Shop in other currencies without worrying about additional fees.

No credit check

Since the EQ card is a prepaid account, there is no credit check required.

No annual fee

This card is completely free to use, with no annual fee, no ATM withdrawal fee and no other hidden fees.





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